THE SOUL’S EVOLUTION – “We are all one”

All souls when not incarnated work harmoniously towards the evolution of all. There is no such thing as racial prejudice. When making the transition to our home dimension, in between lives where a body is not needed, many souls take on a persona that they are comfortable with whether it is male or female, dark or light, it makes no difference. Many will pick from an assortment of looks and mesh them together as a reminder of certain lives that they have incarnated into as a fond memory of those lives. Others will take on no special looks at all and simply radiate their love light. On this plane between lives we all recognize each other no matter what the current look is. We are able to change these looks at will and often do so. Our essences are well recognized by all that we know and always acknowledged by others that we do not know in a peaceful and harmonious manner. Our thoughts are read telepathically there. We are just coming into an awareness of this ability while incarnated in this phase of our evolution.

What I am getting at here is that this is the way we should learn to view others that are not of the same race or beliefs as oneself. We are all sprung from the same energy source and we are all connected as brothers and sisters in the Universe. It is our decision and ours alone to choose to incarnate into the type of body and belief system we choose, to further our soul’s growth and experience every kind of possible existence, whether it be male or female or a variety of skin colors available to us. We have all been members of the same races that we now hold prejudice against. Since we are living all our lives simultaneously, the thoughts that we have in this life will affect the others. Taking this to heart, it would appear to be that if mankind/womankind would get his/her act together the future would indeed look quite bright.

There is a plan and a purpose with regards to the evolution of races. Now I am using the word race here because it is our term and I will stay within the framework of those ideas. What we consider to be races are not races at all, but variations on the same theme, themes that we have created. It was a combination of many factors much in the same way the planet was formed. The physical body types were created by The Creator to survive within the different climatic zones of the planet. That is it. Darker pigments were given to man/woman when he/she was exposed to higher levels of sun. Lighter pigments were used where the sun shone less frequently. The darker pigments were there to protect the skin. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone and if we look at our hemispheres we will see the logic. We don’t see a bunch of pasty white people living in South America. That was the intention.

Now, some beings were brought here from other solar systems as well. They were transplanted for the greater diversity of mankind/womankind. We did not evolve from the apes or gorillas and even ancient man/woman were also transplanted here from other star systems. The physical bodies that we currently identify with in this solar system have all come from other star systems before being seeded onto Earth. Most of us now come from the Atlantean civilization and are intimately tied to beings of Sirius. Therefore it will be impossible for our scientists to trace the evolution of mankind/womankind until they open their eyes to the other dimensions of our experience.

We have been able to experience our lives, at least most of us, in one race or another, simultaneously learning as we go, one need fulfilling the other, and so on. Our preoccupation with good and evil has led us to believe that white is right and dark is bad. However this is such a distorted view of the real reason behind the different physical characteristics of mankind/womankind, that to us viewing these ideas it appears as insanity. As we observe our logic, it is most sad to see how we have distorted the beauty of this creation with our own ideas and fears. Again, taking something of great beauty and turning it into something ugly in our minds. We then are afraid of face the reality that we have manifested with our thoughts. We have let ourselves get carried away with our fear of other beings and our fear of good vs. evil. It is time for us to change the thinking that white is good and dark is bad. The same can be said for the dark races. It is time for us to change our thinking that white is evil and dark is good because we are all in this together, growing and evolving as one. It only hinders our soul’s evolution when we place these kinds of barriers on it.

Because of these distorted ideas, we have essentially locked ourselves into little boxes and thrown away the keys. Living in our separate societies, barricading behind our iron gates, fearful that someone of the wrong color night come in and see who we really are, or take some precious part of us away from us. We need only face our fears to end this perceived reality, for it truly does not even exist. Our perceived reality is only a manifestation of our mind. Our true reality is a manifestation of God’s mind. All else is an illusion. We have been quite astute at creating for ourselves roadblocks to our own evolution. As we begin to expand our awareness we will be able to learn to trust oneself and our own intuition and stop playing into the forces of negativity that wish to keep us locked in our box. It is time to unite as brothers/sisters and start living in harmony with each other. Without each other, we would not be, because we are all connected to each other from the same divine energy source.

It is time for us to start realizing the importance of our relationships with each other. Many of us do not like to think that the events of 9/11 were a wake-up call but I urge us to examine our feeling after the event. Did we not for a short while, (short because we see us waning away again) feel a sense of bonding with our fellow man/woman? Did we not feel the love and compassion for others that we have so long ignored? Look into the eyes of a stranger. We may just see ourselves. After the events of 9/11, we were seeing mankind/womankind take the necessary steps to move forward in the spiritual evolution of his/her soul. We were caring about each other. We were taking notice of our fellow man/woman and offering bits of our own wisdom and encouragement. Continue to do so. Just because it seems to be in the past, do not forget the revelations that we have experienced from this event. This event is part of our evolution and if we use the experience to grow and change our world, then those who perished will not have given up their lives in vain. We do not have to play into the hands of insatiable appetite for power and control of our world. Realign our energies to create a new and wonderful reality for our world, a world of peace and goodwill towards others. This is not hard to do. It just takes a sincere desire to do so. Below is another exercise designed to help us break down the barriers of fear towards our fellow man/woman.

Go out today and speak to a stranger. Do something kind and look into their eyes. You may recognize them, you may not, but remember you are connected. You are both part of the same essence of God’s divine energy. Try to speak to someone whom you would normally not even give a thought to. This will be the hard part, to see if you can break through the barriers of prejudice and fear. If you would try to do this on a daily basis, you will see how much joy it brings to your soul and you will then get a tiny glimpse as to what the true nature of your being is all about. You all may wear different packaging but that is only by choice. Just remember, you create your own fears. This exercise, if practiced daily, will enable you to remove those barriers.

Let us talk about the cultures of our planet, for this seems to be another area of disillusionment for us. When humans created the various cultures on our planet we were delighted in the creations of our consciousness, the creation of various self-identities. Experiencing this creative ability gave us much freedom to express ourselves in ways that set us apart from everyone else. Many subscribed to those ideas and thus cultures were born. One sprung from the other and so on, each with its own certain characteristics that were uniquely its own. There was much diversity as different people decided to try variations on other’s beliefs as well as inventing their own. It became a territorial expression eventually as humanity migrated to different areas of the planet. They took with them their cultural ideas and added a few of their own, thus setting up entire civilizations that were then subscribing to different belief systems and cultural practices. It is an ever-evolving thing and we see it today in our societies. Many civilizations are now living in and sharing the the territories and belief systems are changing and expanding. Bits and pieces of each culture will remain, some will be tossed and others saved as humanity moves further in its evolution. It was all designed to be part of our learning experience on our planet, to give us diversity, a variety of experiences from which to choose.

Unfortunately, we also see the conflicts arising all over our planet as these cultures try to meld into each other. There are strong territorial and cultural beliefs that various nations wish to hang onto. Societies are strained to the brink of war in some cases as they are seemingly being forced to accept the belief systems and cultures of others within their territorial domain. The United States, being the melting pot of all nations, has seen its share of racial and cultural wars. It is to soon to tell as to whether this experiment will fail or succeed. It will be determined by the choices we make and whether our enlightenment is swift or slow. It is all part of The Creator’s plan. The North American continent was to be an experiment to see if humanity would be able to live together as one. When entering into this experiment, oftentimes one is searching outside oneself for happiness. Happiness does not lie within the borders of another country, it lies within the borders of our mind. When entering into a nation that is comprised of multicultural belief systems, one will be faced with the challenge of learning from the experience of living together as one nation. Now in the melting pot these cultures are experiencing great difficulties as they perceive themselves to be under attack by others. But as man/woman moves further in his/her evolution, he/she will come to realize with the awakening of his/her soul that he/she is not under attack by anything other than his/her own set of perceived beliefs. The only difference is our perceived reality of the experience.

In this section let us touch upon hate and anger, as anger is the precursor to hate. With the emergence of the events of 9/11, there are many of us who are in the hate and anger mode against the perpetrators of the event and rightfully so given out current set of beliefs. The mass evil that was planned and executed was indeed a horrible event. As we express our anger, understand where it came from and let it go. By turning it into hate we are then forced to deal with the pent-up energies related to hate. The hate will eventually turn on us and leave us with either an illness or some other form of retaliation within physical and mental framework.

Our being’s natural aggression and feelings towards this event should be expressed, but in a way that does not cause harm to others or put us in violation of Universal Law. Anger is a natural expression of our being and should not be shoved away into the recesses of our minds where it can come back and attack us later. Look behind our anger and we will see a cry for help, either from oneself or others. Now while it is OK to hate the actions of others, it is only OK if we understand the feelings and motivations behind that hate and release them after we have analyzed them. I am not suggesting we suppress our emotions, for that in itself is not healthy. But what I am suggesting is, take a look at our anger, analyze it, feel it, express it within our creature-hood and then remove it. Know that the feeling is there, but do not dwell on it, for anger then turns into hate.

Many of us have much to learn about this subject since we seem to dwell on the idea that hatred of individuals is perfectly OK because we have allowed ourselves to feel this way through the manifestation of our perceived fears. We are running from our own fears and illusions. What are illusions? Illusions are the barriers of our knowledge. They create our fears. They are beliefs that are meaningless. They have no truth. Realize our truth, be one with oneself and we will have no fear. Break free of our illusions, change our reality and our mind will not be able to produce fear. We have the power to remove the illusions and stand in the path of love. Out of the ashes of fear will rise up love, our hidden truth. For when we remove the illusions, truth is always found. When we attack others, we only increase both our fears and the other person’s fears. If we help others, we release other our fears and the other person’s fears. As we face our fears our anger will subside and our hate will not be manifest.

Now we may say, “How am I going to do this, because I have such intense rage over the events of 9/11?” Having intense rage over the events of 9/11 is not going to do anything but further fuel the fires of the negative energies. It is not going to solve the global problem of terrorism. The energy of our hatred would be better off turned into understanding, to create a peaceful loving solution to help the people of the many nations of the world regain their sovereignty and independence and unite us back together as one.

Look at the larger pictures as to why this happened and we will see that there were many global situations that led up to this event. I will be discussing them later in these blogs. No one can hurt us personally unless we empower them to do so. Allow oneself to express our own feelings but then move on. If we harbor anger and hate we will in turn set our body up for disease of disaster. If we wish to remain healthy emotionally, physically and mentally, do not allow oneself to rationalize to oneself that these thoughts and feelings are legitimate. Although they have a legitimate place within our being, they are not legitimate with respect to manifesting another set of beliefs with anger and hate. We will only experience the domino effect.

Consciously be aware of what we have thought about our perpetrators, but at the same time understand that this is not a personal issue slated to go against our very nature. It is an event that took place, an event that involved many. Some of us were directly involved and are experiencing a loss with the transition of the energy of our loved ones to their home dimension. However, to harbor the hate and the anger only stifles the growth and the evolution of our soul. If indeed we want to walk through life angry at the world and the perpetrators of this event and others, we will only find oneself culminating these thoughts and events into a mass of frustration. It will only serve to confuse and alienate our being from itself. It is imperative for us to acknowledge what has transpired. If we cannot understand why it happened, do not dwell on the knowledge that we have not yet received and understanding of the events. Carry if forth as a memory to learn from and leave it as a memory.

Many good things will transpire from this event. Even though it does not seem to us that any good can come out of this, we will see humans waking up to the needs of each other. It will happen. I am not suggesting to the perpetrators that they have free rein to perpetrate their evil acts upon mankind/womankind. I am not suggesting that at all, for we have dealt and will deal with them separately. They are not free to run amok through society and create havoc on innocent beings who truly are trying to go to the light whether the are aware of it or not. The perpetrators will be put in check. They may try again and again. However we will not let them succeed with destroying our planet. It will not happen. They will be removed. Following is another exercise designed to assist us in evaluating the source of our anger and thus eliminating it.


I suggest to you that you examine one of those thoughts that produce your anger. Work the thought backwards and find out what actually transpired within your consciousness to allow the anger to manifest itself. Oftentimes you will find that you were expecting others to live up to your idealized goals. It is important to understand that others are experiencing their lives just as you are living yours. You are not all on the same level in your soul’s evolution. Therefore a situation that you may find offensive may appear to another to be the right thing. It is important to acknowledge those experiences without letting them turn into hate, anger and rage. There are many questions you could ask yourselves as to why you have stood firmly in your beliefs, but the object of this lesson is to find out if those thoughts are in alignment with the divine energies of The Creator. Ask yourself if you-the-soul will be able to evolve yourself towards the light with these beliefs. If not, then they should be abandoned and a more positive approach adopted. In breaking down old beliefs and barriers you will be able to receive new energies from the Hierarchy and move forward.

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