Other Civilizations have gone our route

We call this our universe and our reality cause we form it. Within us also is the knowledge of other great experiments we are involved with. Some civilizations have failed, but the inhabitants of some earths have succeeded very well.

As we think of it, our future is not set. We can follow any road we choose, but–until we realize that as individuals we each form our own personal life, and have a part in the mass creation of reality–there is much learning ahead for us. This is a lesson we are meant to fully understand within physical reality.


We are meant to judge physical reality. We are meant to realize that it is a materialization of our thoughts and feelings and images, the the inner self forms that world. In our terms, we cannot be allowed to go into other dimensions until we have learned the great power of our thoughts and subjective feelings. So even when we think we destroy, we destroy nothing. And when we think we kill, we kill nothing. When we imagine that we can annihilate a reality, we can only assault it as we know it. The reality itself will continue to exist.

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Because we cannot follow a thought, we wonder where it has gone; has it fallen off some invisible cliff in our mind? But because we can no longer hold that thought in consciousness does not mean it no longer exists, that it does not have a reality of its own, for it does indeed. And if a world escapes us–if we cannot follow it and think is has been destroyed–then the same thing applies to the world as to the thought. It continues to live.

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