Atlantean Healing

I might add that the people of Atlantis had a unique healing system that utilized color and sound. Prismatic colors and natural as well as “synthesized” sounds and colors, were used by members of the healing caste to effect cures of various diseases.

Environmental or ambient sounds may be “captured” by one’s consciousness and brought into the problem area to heal the body through “resonance.”

The healers of Atlantis were actually facilitators of the healing process within individuals. These techniques were similar to our modern hypnosis methods. The subject was led through prescribed visualization journeys to access “the healer within.” The power of healing was thought to lie within the Great Power: The Divine or Sacred Energy of Life.

Members of the healing caste were in touch with what we are referring to in these writings as the Energy Personality. They were experts in facilitating contact and communication with the Energy Personalities of these they were assisting. The work was very similar to what we are attempting in this current project Blog.

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