True Creativity Comes From Enjoying The Moments

True creativity comes from enjoying the moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity.

I want it understood that we are indeed dealing with two entirely different approaches to reality and to solving problems — methods we will here call the rational method and the magical one. The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements — but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather objective measurements or calculations.

Those methods work least of all for any art. It is a trite statement, perhaps, but the ruler’s measurements have absolutely nothing to do with the measurements made by the heart, and they can never be used to express the incalculable measurements that are made automatically by the smallest cell.

The rational mind alone, as it is presently used ( because it is a rather artificial construct, a function given prominence), can never understand the dream measurements that we undertake.

Keeping psychic activity in line, in our society this seems the only rational thing to do. Ironically, our problems have not been solved, then largely of course because we have taken the wrong approach, and that is because we are not convinced as yet. We still hold to those trained beliefs.

The old beliefs, of course, and the rational approach, are everywhere reinforced, and so it does indeed have a great weight. The magical approach has far greater weight, if we use it and allow ourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of our basic natural orientation. The rational approach is the superimposed one. I think my blog readers are ready to understand that.

Inner reality, contain the creative source from which we form all events, and  that by the proper focusing of attention we can draw from that vast subjective medium everything we need for a constructive, positive life in physical reality.

Any event, therefore, has an invisible thickness, a multidimensional basis. Our skies are filled with breezes, currents, clouds, sunlight, dust particles and so forth. The sky vaults above the entire planet. The invisible [vault of] inner reality contains endless patterns that change as, say, clouds do — that mix and merge to form our psychological climate. Thoughts have what we will for now term electromagnetic properties. In those terms our thoughts mix and match with others in inner reality, creating mass patterns that form the overall psychological basis behind world events. Again, however, inner reality is not neutral, but automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructive developments. It is a growth medium. Constructive or ‘positive’ feelings or thoughts are more easily materialized than ‘negative’ ones because they are in keeping with inner reality’s characteristics.

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