The Energy Personality

The establishing of communication with the Energy Personality is the main focus of my next series of blogs. As Beings of Light we will Be Light and we will lighten up the blog reader as we do so.

This series concerns mainly two broad subjects: the Energy Personality and the Fourth Dimension or the Unity of Consciousness Dimension. Therefore it will be somewhat easy to ferry back and forth from one topic to the other, without having to explain myself to a great degree. I will often refer to my classic blogs that reside in, if you should prefer more illumination than I provide.

Now for those of you who are new to the material, I simply hope in this series of blogs to keep your interest long enough for you to try out the experiments on your own. As humans we learn by doing. This seems to be a hard and fast rule in our physical reality.

The subject matter of this series of blogs concerns our place in the non-physical reality. Another way to express this is that we will be discussing the evolution of the human Soul. This is critical information that we will need to take the next step in human development.

Currently we are at a culmination of countless years of evolution. The transition to the fourth Dimension is at hand. The mass consciousness has created a highly probable potential for humanity to shed the bonds of ego and allow the Soul Self of each of us to shine through.

As we can imagine, metaphors are clumsy substitutes for what is truly about to occur. In the words of our religious manuscripts, we might say that the people of Earth are about to be enlightened: brought into the light of higher Consciousness. Whatever the terminology we wish to use – and I do not mean to spite any spiritual path or religion by not including their terminology in this explanation – we are all, my beloved blog readers, in for a dramatic transformation that will alter us fundamentally. Indeed, it will transform us down to the core elements of which we are composed.

These blogs are many of techniques and experiments we may use to contact our Energy Personality and explore the Fourth Dimension. The message here and the message we will be attempting to convey to the blog readers in future blogs, is quite simple: we are awakening to our greater self in this lifetime. The recommendations we offer here are for our greater learning in the evolution of our Soul.

Now, in this moment, as you are reading this blog, you can begin your private journey by acknowledging that the words have meaning for you. Listen to the variety of responses that come from within when you do so. Feel the loving acceptance that supports you on this journey. Recognize the countless other beings who are accompanying you. Some of them have been with you since the inception of consciousness into your world. We are not alone. We have never been alone.

The experiments in these blogs are designed to give some familiarity with the Unity of Consciousness Dimension, so that we will not become disoriented when the shift occurs. The methods for conducting our experiments are given in as simple a way as possible. Everyone should be able to get beneficial results through consistency and a positive attitude. Instructions for creating a personalized Ritual of Sanctuary are provided, to secure your voyage through these unknown waters, and a return to our Third Dimension reality.

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