Now for example… let us say that you are currently experiencing fear in its most basic form, perhaps dreading something that is to occur in your future, or perhaps fearing what has already occurred, perhaps fearing that the dreaded subject or object will continue to exist in our reality. As I have stated in previous blogs, if you are experiencing fear, you are under the influence of Negative EntitiesEnergy Bodies that thrive on the emotions of fear and anxiety. So perhaps a simple antidote to these energies would be for you to trivialize and make fun of these influences. By creating a state of simple Good Humor in your consciousness in this way, you are creating a comedy out of a fearful drama.

In the transformation, you are also creating Courage our of fear. Without getting into details, we could say that the natural abilities of human consciousness create this transformation of fear into Courage. You are, from the inception into human body on Earth, created out of Love. Your consciousness may easily return to this positive state, then, with merely the least amount of effort on your part.

This is easy to do. Making fun of the fear-producing ideas or images may be an enjoyable and creative act unto itself. You are using your imagination to turn down the fearful intensity of the ideas and images, and perhaps replacing them with humorous images and ideas.

Do you see how you are much better prepared to create positive realities when you are in this self-created state of Good Humor? Certainly it is important to continue creating this positive state as you attempt to create a positive reality. It is the extension of the current moment of Good Humor into the future that creates the positive future.

So let us assume that you have gained some mastery over the creation of Good Humor within your own apparatus. You may notice that, over time, as you get good at creating Good Humor, the quality of your daily existence improves. This is the creation of positive realities in itself, as even modest improvements in an otherwise fearful and anxious Reality Construction may have profound effects on your daily life. You create your world from the beliefs you hold about what is possible. As you embody the state of Good Humor consistently, it becomes possible for you to believe in the continuation of this positive state.

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