The world’s media – through television, movies and the printed word – all have some dark content to serve up to us on a daily basis. Most of the individuals presenting this information to us have no clue that they are being systematically controlled by negative energies. They merely think that they are providing a service of filling a need for the insatiable appetite of our society’s obsession with violence. The soul-you is not   this kind of stimuli when not in incarnation, where everything in our home dimension is in harmony. This kind of stimuli is shocking to the soul and in a way we are curious as to the affects of what watching violence does to our physical body as it increases our adrenaline output, a purely physical sensation that itself is a high for us. As adrenaline increases, the natural reaction afterwards is a calming effect. Our society seeks this stimuli in an effort to “experience,” for our natural impulses to experience our life have been put to a halt, so we must seek other forms of stimuli to experience. All too often this comes in the form of negative, violent media productions.

If we will stop and take notice, a heartfelt movie or an experience where we have done something kind for a stranger will produce the same effects, but we ignore it, considering it not fashionable. We have succumbed to the will of the negative influences and our ego. It is not healthy for the mind, body and spirit of mankind/womankind to indulge itself in this kind of programming. We set ourselves up to fall into the belief systems of the negative influences. Take for instance our news stations. They rarely give us any good news and if they do, it is some human-interest story as filler for their regular programming. The brunt of the programming of our minds is in the negative arena, supporting our fears and outright encouraging them. Our media have very effectively turned our societies into fear-based societies. It seems as though no news is good news unless it’s bad news. We can change this. We do not have to accept a steady diet of negativity and fear. It is most detrimental to our psyche and our being as a whole to indulge in this kind of stimulation. It robs us if the true fulfillment of our soul’s purpose and interaction with the rest of humanity. It sets us up to distrust and fear the beings that we have incarnated with to experience our planet.

Our media could be used as effective tools with the right intentions to fight our war on terrorism without having to kill anyone. Given the right kind of information, humanity could elevate its consciousness quite willingly. I am often perplexed as to why this valuable invention of ours (television) has not been used to its greatest potential for the good of humanity instead of promoting negativity and fear. It is one of our greatest sources of power, yet it is used unwisely to convey messages that do not further the evolution of the soul in any way.

Let us talk governments and man’s/woman’s god. Man’s/woman’s consciousness has always identified itself with the physical body first. Somewhere along the line, in developing the awareness of his being, the perception of time, birth and death became somewhat distorted. In the beginning of his/her evolution, he/she was less aware of a time/space constraint. His/her natural relationship with the earth and his/her original awareness of his/her creator were all he/she needed. Eventually though, that awareness was replaced with his/her newfound beliefs. He/she had created for oneself a god of man/woman that would be the prime director of his/she life. He/she had been fully aware that his/her consciousness and that of animals were working in harmony towards their own individual evolution. For both understood that their actions, whether prey or aggressor, were fulfilling the needs of each other’s species and guaranteeing their survival. Again, I am using “he” and “she” here only as a reference to encompass all humans within the framework of these blog writings, since the soul has no gender.

Mankind/womankind has always felt within his/her greater being he/she was to have some controls put upon him/her for whatever reasons. He/she was unable to accept the idea that his/her being would and could fully experience itself under its own power. His/her limitations set him/her apart from other creatures. Instinctively in the beginning of his/her soul’s evolution he/she was more aware of oneself. As time passed though, in his/her eyes he/she became frightened of himself/herself and his/her curious impulses. He/she felt the need to control his/her nature. Mainly through superstitious beliefs and then creation of his/her versions of god, he/she became further and further ensconced in the beliefs that there was some part of his/her nature that he/she could not control. He/she felt it was best to hand over the power to other authorities that would then oversess his/her life and ensure that he/she was keeping oneself in line with his/her ideals.

The religious organizations man/woman envisioned to feed his/her need for spiritual growth were unwilling to deal with society’s legal problems. It became easy for him/her to shift the blame onto a law and thus not have to deal with the issues personally. For it is the law and the law must be followed and so on it went, never realizing that he/she was systematically cutting himself/herself off from experiencing the nature of his/her being which is basically good. With all of his/her pent-up anger and frustration, he/she was starting to experience another side of oneself that he/she did not understand and became fearful. Of course even before his/her creation of a government, he/she had always aligned oneself with a God-force. The concepts of a God have always paralleled the ideals established within the governmental structures.

Mankind’s/womankind’s ego needed to feel that it was still in control of itself, so it imagined for itself a god of man/woman, a god that took on the characteristics of man/woman and would be a god of power. This concept was most important to mankind’s/womankind’s developing ego and ideals. Many nations have formed their own idealized version of god, and oftentimes the majority of their wars were fought in the name of God. With the emergence of this human-like god who was given the power to punish man/woman for his/her perceived good and evil, came various forms of religion, many using fear as a tool to gain control of mankind’s/womankind’s soul.

Governments also seized upon the moment and in an effort to control mankind/womankind began using similar tactics that man has willingly accepted enmasses. In the Western world and some other nations a democracy was formed that aligned itself with society’s religious beliefs. This was a cooperative effort in order to maintain an accepted equilibrium in society. For some time this system has worked for mankind/womankind, however with the awakening of his/her consciousness he/she is no longer able to accept the fables and fairy tales of his/her nature. With religion and its more intuitional knowledge and government with its more intellectual knowledge, mankind/womankind was now embarking on a journey of conflicting wills.

As our conscious knowledge became more and more available to us, our ego has had to grapple with the old system of beliefs. The realities that we have been ignoring, we can no longer pretend do not exist. As our governing institutions, scientists, medical establishments and reiglions all mount their efforts to suppress this knowledge, mankind will rise up and expose them one by one. Governing bodies in today’s civilizations are of a massive nature. For every infraction that humans have been able to perpetrate, a law has been put into place to stop it. There are always those acting out of their own frustrations that will look for ways to circumvent the system in order to try to regain their power. It has been a fruitless effort at best. However all that is about to change.

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