The Inner Senses

First the word “inner” may be somewhat confusing, as there is no inner or outer in the true reality of our world, but we use the term to distinguish the Inner Senses from what we call our outer, physical senses. Perhaps “Non-Physical Senses” would be a better term.

The answer is, we are already, to a vastly greater degree than most, using our Non-Physical Senses – intuition if you prefer. When we ask a question and we “go and get”, we are using these senses. We are navigating our inner world when we do these activities and in the world we will find different environments, signs and symbols, than we will find in our exterior world.

Each person is different in how they use these Non-Physical senses and the results they get through these perceptive means are also unique to the individual. Now this is good, this creative use of perception, in that All That Is may experience the greatest articulation of emotion, memory, behavior and the like.

Perhaps I am taking the long way around this answer, but this is simply a prelude to a deeper investigation that we will embark upon as we create the new blog material.

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