Atlantis the Technological Power

Atlantis is a society that lingers on the edges of our mass consciousness, almost as a dream. Our people’s attraction to the story of Atlantis has to do with the similarities between our cultures. Now without interfering in our evolution, I might say that the similarities revolve around issues of Power with a capital P, the ethical uses of mental technologies and the spirituality question: that is, how does a society protect the open manifestation of spiritual ideas? I trust we may intuit further “talking points” from my humble description.

The greatest technological achievement of the Atlantis civilization – the one that helped create great benefits for the people and advanced the growth of society – was the use of human bio-electric energy in series. The telepathic networks between individuals were used to transmit and magnify human cellular energy. This bio-electric power was then stored in crystals and some special structures made for this purpose. These “batteries” could then power the devices the people used in their daily existences.

Much as modern humans are dependent on electricity from power plants, the Atlanteans required a connection to the storage units that held the energy. This connection was a mental one. The psychic networks that we in our current timeframe are just now beginning to explore and validate, were used in Atlantis in very sophisticated ways. Ordinary human beings could connect to this network mentally and immediately receive the energy transmission, which they would then direct the energy to their devices. I am sorry that I cannot be more forth-coming with this information.

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