Inter-Dimensional Travel

To go “back in time” even further in our description of our origins, we are presented with the creative source for all that we describe – All That Is. It is this divine source which spins off – literally and figuratively – parts of itself, that become these incipient humans we are describing – these evolving Souls – we and our fellow inhabitants of Third Dimensional reality on our Earth.

So we are spun, almost as on a great loom, from the fertile essence of All That Is, and we are spun-off from All That Is into our forthcoming life. In a sense, our beginnings are in waiting, biding time for years, perhaps even centuries within these star systems, until the opportunity for birth arises.

In terms of linear timelines, most of you who are reading this blog, have resided in a few systems within the galaxies: Arcturus, Sirius and another complex our scientists have not yet discovered and named, and so does not yet exist, in our terms. Inter-dimensional travel is, as I said, instantaneous.

One is at one moment existing in a dimensional plane in a star system far from Earth, and in the next moment one enters the physical body of a Soul – a baby being born on Earth. This is how it works, my friend. This is how it has always been done.

Now to repeat myself here, for I believe it bears repeating, our Soul Self chooses the life it wishes to be born into – the particular human baby born into its unique circumstances of our Earth. We are born to live a life of lessons, for our own education and Value Fulfillment and for the greater experience of All That Is.

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