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Our universe is experienced by us, through us; through the physical body, the physical senses; and so we feel as though we are “taking in” our experience through our perceptions, from the outside in. Yet we know by now that it is just the opposite, in truth.

The Universe, All That Is, the entire creation of physical reality exists within us in the collaborative moment. In each moment we project our personalized “take” on the state of the Universe outward into the Third Dimension. So we could truly say that everything that exists on the Earth at any one time, first exists within our consciousness “before” it is projected out onto our world.

We have limited perception in the Third Dimension, however, and we do not see everything within our cozy little Personal Reality. Depending on our Issues or Lessons, we may see very little at all in this personalized world view. Yet the potential is there to use our Inner Senses to discover within our world, the answers to any questions we may have on any subject whatsoever.

The whole is found within the part. The world is found within the individual. We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.


She is composed of Consciousness Units of the same generic type…

You are a part of everything. We continue to affirm this fact for you-the-Blog-reader, not to give you an elevated sense of your own worth, but to simply state for you the facts of existence.

What is reality? What is the truth of the matter? These are philosophical questions that drive the enquiring mind. Here we are making our case that you are both the creator and the experience of your reality.

An illustration is in order… My colleague Dorian has taken to riding the bus rather than driving her own car. She has found that it frees her up to do writing and to commune with other humans; something she both desires and needs, as in the basic human needs. As she was, moments ago as we write this, observing two large pine trees that stand at the entrance to the casino at which she was waiting for the bus, a huge beautiful hawk burst out of one tree, and effortlessly, silently, flew of to the surrounding countryside.

She did indeed marvel at this exhibition of beautiful Mother Nature, and she asked herself, as she often does now, “What does that mean?” It occurred to her that there was meaning in this event on many levels. However, there were two primary meanings or Lessons in this evocative scene:

First: She was reminded that she is a part of everything and everything is a part of her, for she briefly projected her consciousness into that of the hawk’s, and accompanied the animal for a short distance. She was able to do this for she is composed of Consciousness Units of the same generic type that the hawk is composed. So this was an endorsement from Spirit All That Is – to her, of her current trajectory of Soul Evolution.

Second: She had a deja vu experience. She seemed to remember a conversation with a local Native American, in which the subject of the sacred hawk that lives in the Sheep Mountain area arose. It seemed to Dorian at the time that the fellow was quite urgent in his telling this tale of the hawk. Perhaps, thought Dorian, the fellow was setting the stage for her “future” experiencing of this hawk, the guardian of the Sheep Mountain. It did seem to Dorian that the experience was perceived “out-of-time,” in s dream-like encounter with the natural world.



Dear Blog Reader, when you walk across the room, you are with each movement forward, re-creating your physical body according to your essential identity out of the Consciousness Units that exist as air in front of you; space, you see. It is not a matter of “bringing” your body across the room; it’s more a case of re-creating your body in its totality within this field – within this medium, if you prefer – of holographic units of awarized energy: The Consciousness Units.

Step-by-step, then, your sacred identity – this Soul Self – assembles the physical body of you-the-Blog-reader from the Consciousness Units “in front of it.” The Consciousness Units – identified as atoms, or molecules, or Consciousness Units of blood, flesh, and bone.

Now… in the same precise fashion, the birds as they swoop down to feed, are creating from the Consciousness Units of air before them, their bird bodies.

But what of the tree, the mountain, you might ask? As the tree sways in the wind, it recreate itself out of Consciousness Units of earth and air surrounding it. As the mountain endures the weathering forces of rain and wind, it retains its mountain identity and re-creates itself with minute or catastrophic alterations, according to the weathering over time.


Dear Blog Reader, you are ONE with all of humanity. Therefore, take care of one another. This is our best hope for continued survive as a species. There is a positive trend that I would like to note for you, in regard, as I have been witnessing it for several years as we promote our Blog work. Our internet and our various Social Media represent the exteriorization of the Telepathic Network we speak of in our Blogs.

This is to be expected, as the “interior” of consciousness expresses itself in the “exterior” as All That Is during The Shift in consciousness. The Social Media networks are proliferating as humans of like-mind and Spirit connect and make plans for the future. This global effort – in part by the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our era – represents the forces of healing, of conscious co-creation.

I am delights to see the efforts of the lightworkers and others combining forces in the millions to heal the planet and humanity. These movements are having positive effects on our world. The strategies for healing extolled in these varied groups hold the promise for the continuation of our species on Earth.



The Westerner

These ideas that I bring to the table here are Westernized for your understanding. I have spoken, at least in our generation, primarily through English-speaking channels. This is because it is the Westerner who must now be convinced of the value of these spiritual ideas. The westerner, in the broad sense, is what is wrong with the Earth at this time.

If we were to look at humanity as the extended Soul Family of the peoples of Earth, you could very well make a case for this group of humans – Westerners in the industrialized nations – as creating the conditions for the utter downfall and demise of the entire Soul Family.

We are all connected one to each other. The behaviors, ideas, and images enacted and entertained by each of us are shared on some level by all of us. So please imagine what occurs when a belligerent nation of Reality Creators – one that wishes to bully other nations, wage war against them and take their resources – does so with impunity within our current timeframe. Let me say that, particularly when this warlike nation maintains a nuclear arsenal and threatens to use it against other nations, the stakes are very much higher here, of course, than if we were speaking of tribal nations waging battles with spears and other elementary weapons.


It is a fact of life that many of us postpone addressing our Issues until the moment of our Death. Often it is too late then, of course, and so we may be required to return to physical life to learn the avoided Lessons. Here we will help you avoid that possibility.

We will have more to say about Death in our forthcoming Blog on the Transition and the Afterlife. Now, however, we offer you an experiment in experiencing your own eventual Death imaginatively. This will not be morbid in the least, but a cathartic and indeed healing exercise for you.

The ongoing awareness of Death brings with it an ongoing awareness of what it is you need to do in each moment. The question, “What would you do now if you knew you were to die tonight?” enters here. What would you do, Dear Blog Reader? In our material in this Blog and others, we suggest that Loving Understanding and Courage are what you may do to best help create a positive reality for yourself and others.

Specifically here, if your Death is imminent, you would be in a perfect position to practice forgiveness: forgiving all perceived wrongs throughout your life. This is a two-way street here, then: forgiving others and yourself. Loving Understanding becomes complete forgiveness, powered by the relentless Courage that comes with this perspective


The realization, here, is that Love is all that is required in all circumstances. The fear of Death fades into the background when you realize this basic truth of our existence. Now it is easy to say this when you are experiencing it. When you are in Love, in a romantic way, let us say, it is easy to see the truth in this statement. It is easy to agree that Love makes the world go around, as they say. Yet what is required here, I believe, for the awakening student, is the recognition that Loving Understanding, for ourselves and our Earthly colleagues, is all that is required, despite whether we are in a romantic Loving relationship or not.

Certainly, the Soul Mate relationship is important to the developing human at this time in our evolution. However, your “embrace,” you might say, of everyone you meet with this Loving Understanding and Courage we have discussed here, is what is needed at this time to break the barrier, to tip the scale, to initiate the healing of humanity and the planet.

As you do engage in these Loving activities, Death takes a less prominent role in your Reincarnational Dramas. Fear of death is replaced by a Loving anticipation on your journey. From this perspective, Death is only difficult for the living, those who are left behind. For the Soul, however, it is the ultimate accomplishment: a celebration of the continuity of Loving consciousness


For example: as you focus on the Entity, through reading and conducting the experiments in our Blogs, you ally with this vast collection of Souls. You are nourished as the Entity is nourished, you see. What began as an affinity of ideas and feelings becomes a true collaboration. It is the same principle at work in spiritual literature of all types. You are inspired, moved, transformed by the ideas in the text. We have spoken of this before.

Now this intense identification with the famous deceased, can be quite productive and life-enriching if the time is taken to truly study and honor these lives. The information is out there in the Collective Consciousness for you to examine at any time. Anyone with the proper preparation and motivation can access and explore this material. And as I said, the more you research with respect and Love these Gestalts of Consciousness of the transitioned humans, the more your consciousness becomes a part of the greater Gestalt we call the Entity.


However, perhaps the explorer in focusing on the famous contacts forgets about the contacts with less-famous personalities. These would be the numerous lives lived as slaves, factory workers, tribal peoples, and so on. The majority of lives lived are not exceptional, by any means. The majority are normal, average, human lives, lived to varying degrees of Value Fulfillment for the further education of the Entity, the Soul Self, and All That Is.

But where is the romance in that? And so the glamour-seeking aspect of the human consciousness seeks out those experiences of Soul that have this high dramatic impact. This may indeed have positive results, as we shall explain in the next Blog.


This Soul Family concept is another of my essential metaphors, nothingmore. We are attempting to teach you-the-student how to make sense of consciousness manifestation. Without these systems of thought and analysis, you may become quite overwhelmed with data, even on investigation of a single current existence only. And so we are again simplifying here, even as we delve more deeply into the subject matter.

As you attend to your studies and bring into conscious awareness the activities of your other lives, a detailed description of your greater Soul Self emerges. You will discover, for example, whether you have lived predominantly male or female lives. You will get a grasp of your Primary and Secondary challenges in those lives. You will witness the victories and defeats within those existences, and in so doing, increase the scope of your belief system. As your view of self becomes more comprehensive, there is often a corresponding growth in the ability to practice Loving Understanding and Courage towards yourself and others.


Now let us attempt to achieve some practical value out of this information, by charting the associations between these lives, in so far as Lessons are concerned.

Earlier in this blog series, we asked you to make lists of possible Soul Family members that you identify through experimentation and through the existence we offer you. In the last chapter we asked you to consider your Simultaneous Existences past and future. Please gather those Findings for their part of the project, whether they are extensive or quite minimal. Next we shall attempt to “connect the dots,” with regards to your greater Soul Family gestalt.


  • ISOLATION VS ENGAGEMENTWhat is your general relationship to the Other?
  • IDENTITY What is your Essential Identity? What is your Negative Persona?
  • YOUR LESSONSPrimary and Secondary, Re: Love relationship, Re: Your Current Soul Family Gestalt, Re: Your Interdimensional Soul Family
  • LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING AND COURAGEHow are your skills in these practices?
  • HUBRIS AND HUMILITYWhere are you on the continuum?


Hypothesis: You can receive advice from a future probable self who is succeeding in this project.

You exist within a Matrix of probability and potential. Every thought of yours attempts to prove itself in physical reality. Because all values are explored by consciousness in all cases, there exists for you personally a best-case-scenario with regards to your Soul Mate encounter. This ideal exists within the consciousness of a future probable self of yours that you may contact in the Trance State.


Achieve your Trance State as you usually do. Relax and enjoy this process of going deeper within. With your Intention as your guide, imagine your consciousness travelling, free, as in the Spirit Body, or perhaps within a visualized transport of some kind to the place where future probable realities exist for you personally.

When you sense that you have arrived, again use your Intention to tune-in on the Best-Case-Scenario probable life with regards to this Soul Mate project. You may notice it, in that, there is a pleasant aroma, image, sound, or tactile sensation associated with it.

Now conduct a brief interview with this future probable self of yours, to gather the information you require to replicate the behaviors, ideas, images and so on, upon which this ideal outcome is based. You will have total recall of this information you are receiving from this future probable self. Gradually return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings immediately.


As you master the Techniques and you gain your personally Findings from Experimentation, you will experience the confidence that comes from co-creating your existence with the Divine. In time you will find your own success in this project: success as YOU define it. Keep at it with Loving Understanding, Courage and with faith in a positive outcome.