Atom’s Core Sound

The slow thing, represented by drawn-out sounds, is in the center of the atom. That’s surrounded by faster-than-light particles, represented by the real fast sounds. The center of this thing–whatever it is–is massive in terms of mass. I don’t know whether this means it’s heavy or not, but it’s tremendous in terms of mass–though it may be very small in size.


Everything is conscious, of course. Atoms and molecules, the whole thing. The massive part is the core. This core is, I believe, not discovered yet [by physicists], and it’s so slow to us that no motions is apparent. I don’t know whether this is an atom or not. We can call it a dead hole. Its motion in our terms is so slow as not to be observable, but in terms of time it’s backward motion.


This core is always surrounded by these faster-than-light particles. This is a structure, but it does cause a pulling-in or wrinkling effect where it appears. There are many of these, I think, in our galaxy as well as others. Nothing can be drawn through the dead hole, though, as things can be drawn through the black hole, because of [the dead hole’s] literally impenetrable mass. Now as with atoms alone, and all other such structures, these also exist as sound. Black holes and white holes do also. The sounds are actually characteristics that act as cohesive, characteristics automatically given off. The slower center portions of the dead holes themselves move backward into beginnings becoming heavier and heavier.


In a way of speaking we could say these centers fall through space, but they really fall through the space of themselves. As they fall backward through themselves–the faster-than-light particles collapse in on top. The dead hole seems to swallow itself, with the real fast particles like a lid that gradually diminishes. From our point of view the hole is closed, say, once the faster-than-light particles follow the slower core backward into beginnings.


As the core goes backward–“in time,” however, it begins to accelerate. I don’t know how to put this. When it emerges in another universe, the faster-than-light particles have slowed down, and the core becomes faster than light. The dead hole is repeated in microscopic size. Before the emergence of the atom, as an analogy, we could say that the dead hole we’ve been talking about emerges as an atom in another universe. But it’s the stage before the appearance, or the stage from which an atom comes.



Speaking of the dead hole in a galaxy, say ours, it emerges in what would be to us an atom of fantastic size, but the same thing happens on a different scale as far as the creation of matter is concerned within our own system.


Sound is connected here also, and each one of these phenomena has consciousness that does express itself, and is aware of the stages through which it passes. In certain terms, dead holes connect past, present; also future. In practical terms they have to do with the seeming permanence of an object. They are the invisible portions of the atom. There are giant-sized atoms, as well as the ones we are familiar with.

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Dead holes turn into live holes, where the motion and impetus, in our terms, would be toward the future. The core appears as matter-to-be.

Long sound

The moment point, the present, is the point of intersection between all existences and reality. All probabilities flow through it, though one of our moments may be experienced as centuries, or as a breath, in other probable realities of which we are part. There are systems in which a moment, from our standpoint, is made to endure for the life of a universe.
These are “side pools” of consciousness.
All consciousness has as-pects that are act-i-va-ted and ex-pressed in all idi-oms or real-i-ties.

The truth of dreaming is a science long forgotten.

Such an art, pursued, trains the mind in a new kind of consciousness–one that is equally at home in either [exterior or interior], well grounded and secure in each.


The Dream-Art Scientist, The True Mental Physicist, The Complete Physician–such designations represent the kind of training that could allow us to understand the unknown, and therefore the known reality, and so become aware of the blueprints that exist beyond the physical universe.



The inner atmospheric ‘waves’ have a certain regularity. They are more intense at certain times than others.

We are ‘reincarnated’ many times during one accepted lifetime.

There are often great challenges to which we respond. We pick these for our own reasons. In doing so we often change affiliations.


Consciousness forms patterns of identities. They move faster than the speed of light. They can be in more than one place at one time. They can operate in a free wheeling fashion as identities in themselves, or as ‘psychological particles.’ They can also operate in a wavelike fashion, flowing through other such particles. They can form together into endless, infinite combinations, forming psychological gestalts. Certain portions of these gestalts can then operate as ‘psychological particles’ in time and space, while other portions operate in a wavelike manner outside of time and space. These represent the unconscious elements of the species, which become ‘particleized’ in physical existence.


As long as we think in terms off [subatomic] particles, and WAVES we are basically of track .

The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, of course, yet even here we are simply changing one kind of term for one like it, only slightly different. In all of these cases we are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formation and materialization. Until we perceive the innate consciousness behind any ‘visible’ or ‘invisible’ manifestations, then, we put a definite barrier to our own knowledge.

There is now real different between the concepts of fields and wave/particles.

My words I hope will not be used to begin a new dogma

My dogma is the sacrilegious one–that each of us is a good individual. There is nothing wrong with our emotions, or feelings, or being. When we know ourselves that we are joyfully–responsive, and being joyfully responsive, we can carry our society to the furthest reaches of its creativity.


The slightest perception alters every atom within the body

There are changes in the positive and negative atomic charges, alterations of movement inside the atoms in the smaller particles, a change in pulsation rate. The activity of atoms is actually caused by perceptive qualities. To begin with, atoms do not just move with themselves because they are atoms. The constant motion within them is caused by the unending perceptive nature of any consciousness, however minute in our terms.



Each of the particles within the atom is perceptively aware of all the other particles within that same atom. They move in response to stimuli that come from other atoms. Each atom within a cell, for example, is aware of the activity of each of the other atoms there, and to some extent of the stimuli that come to the cell itself from outside of it.


Perceptions in general physical terms usually seem to involve information picked up from an arbitrarily structure, of an event seemingly occurring in another structure outside of itself. In the entire act of perception, however, there is a oneness and a unity between the seemingly objectively perceived event and the perceiver.


The entire act has its own electromagnetic reality, and the event is actually electromagnetic motion. The movement within the atoms, is therefore basically a part of the entire perceived event.


Egotistically, we make arbitrary designations of necessity, perceiving only portions of any given action, the ego attempting to separate itself from overall action, and to see itself as an entirely independent structure.


To go into modern knowledge of the components of the atom can be a very complicated task, note that such particles are regarded as actually being packets of energy, or “probability patterns”, that can also manifest themselves as waves, both the particle and the wave aspects are legitimate in space-time. An atom, then, is composed of a “heavy” positively charged nucleus orbited by “lighter” negatively charged electrons.


The electron is the lightest particle known to have mass and charge, and its internal structure – whatever it may be is unknown. The atomic nucleus is largely made up of more massive protons and neutrons, but investigation within the nucleus has either uncovered or produced many other subatomic particles as well – over 200 of these, some of them unstable, are presently known. All of the particles or probability patterns discussed here would be composed of the much , much smaller “units of consciousness”.


Clairvoyance (clear-seeing)

Is the paranormal perception of events or objects regardless of distance, and without the help from another mind. Telepathy is the communication of thoughts or emotions between minds, regardless of distance. In actuality, it’s often difficult to tell whether clairvoyance, telepathy, or both operate in any given instance.The use of these phenomena may be connected to the perception of the past or future.

The libido does not originate in the subconscious of personality.

It begins instead in the energy of the entity and inner self, and is directed by means of the inner senses–outward, so to speak, through the deepest layers of the individual subconscious mind, then through the outer or personal areas. Freud and Jung have probed into the personal subconscious. Jung saw glimpses of other depths, but that is all. There are rather unfortunate distortions occurring in his writings, as well as in Freud’s, since they did not understand the primary, cooperative nature of the libido. A friend was telling me that the Spanish Fly helps unlock a new libido level. They tell me its transcendent. They also add some horny goat weed powder to their diet to maintain this new level of libido.


The biological interdependence and cooperation among organism in our physical universe. The appearance of an individual into the physical realm is aided by the psychic collaboration of individuals on our plane. Almost at once the new libido takes up its adopted duty of maintaining the physical universe, along with all others. If it did not do so it would not exist for long. Cooperation on all levels is the necessary on all planes.


Jung seems to offer more than Freud, in some aspects he has attempted much and his distortions are fairly important: Seeming to delve further and offering many significant results, Jung nevertheless causes conclusions, all the more hampering because if his scope.


It is true that the outward manifestations of the libido are directed toward the physical world, but until its source is seen , not in the topmost subconscious layers of the individual, and not even in the racial subconscious but within the entity itself, then man will not know himself. Maybe he will try to discover himself through alluring content on television.


Basically, Jung feared such a journey because he felt it led only to the racial source, that anyone involved in such a study would end up in the bottleneck of a first womb – but there, there is an opening up into other realms, through which the libido also passed. Figuratively speaking, it squeezed itself through the bottleneck, and there is a lack of limitation on the other side.


Freud courageously probed into the individual topmost layers of the subconscious, and formed them deeper than even he suspected. These levels undifferentiated impulses acquired in the present life of an individual, but when these have been passed there are many discoveries still to be made. After that passage the diligent, consistent, intuitive, and flexible seeker-after-knowledge will find horizons of which Freud never dreamed. Freud merely touched the outer boundaries. Jung, with his eyes clouded by the turmoil set up by Freud, glimpsed some further regions, but poorly.

Anima and the Animus: Carl Jung (1875-1961)

The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, postulated that the unconscious of the male contains a female, archetypal (or typical, instinctive) figure called the “Anima”; the correlative male form in the unconscious of the female Jung called the “Animus.” I infer that the entity or whole self of each of us, regardless of our current , individual sexual orientation, contains its own counterbalancing male or female quality, whichever the case maybe. I suspect that an energy gestalt like the entity is much more aware than we can be of its “hidden” opposite-sex form or forms; for there may be many of them.


Ideas about the Anima and the Animus and other-sex qualities or personification within each of us actually represent memories of past lives. (Jung himself thought the questions of reincarnation, and of karma [or, roughly, destiny of fate], to be “obscure”–he couldn’t be sure of the existence of such phenomena.) The Anima and the Animus are highly charged psychically, and also appear in the dream state. They operate as compensations and reminders to prevent us from over-identifying oneself with our present physical body. The reality of the Anima and Animus is far deeper than Jung supposed. Symbolically speaking, the two together represent the whole self with its diverse abilities, desires, and characteristics. Personality as we know it cannot be understood unless the true meaning of the Anima and the Animus is taken into consideration.


The libido is regarded as the sexual urge or instinct-positive, loving, psychic energy that shows itself in changing ways as the individual matures.

Pretend that we are some creature with two faces.

One face looks out upon one world and one looks upon another. Imagine further, this poor creature having a brain to go with each face, and that each brain interprets reality in terms of the world it looks upon. Yet the worlds are different, and more, the creatures are Siamese twins.


At the same time imagine that these creatures are really one creature, but with definite parts equipped to handle two entirely different worlds. The subconscious, therefore, in this ludicrous analogy, would exist between the two brains, and would enable the creature to operate as a single unit.


At the same time–and this is the difficult part to explain–neither of the two faces would ever see the other world. They would not [usually] be aware of each other, and yet each would be fully self-conscious.