We express very little of our entire personhood

This remark has nothing to do with our accepted concepts of the unconscious portions of the self. Our idea of the unconscious are so linked to our limited ideas of personhood as to be meaningless in this discussion. It is as if we used only one finger of one hand, and then said: “This is the proper expression of my personhood.” It is not just that there are other functions of the mind, unused, but that in those terms we have other minds. We have one brain, it is true, but we allow it to use only one station, or to identify itself only one mind of many.


It seems evident to us that one person has one mind. We identify with the mind we use. If we had another, then it would seem as if we must be someone else. A mind is a psychic pattern through which we interpret and form reality. We have physical limbs that we can see. We have minds that are invisible. Each one can organize reality in a different fashion. Each one deals with its own kind of knowledge.


These minds all work together to keep us alive through the physical structure of the brain. When we use all of these minds, then and only then do we become fully aware of our surroundings. We perceive reality more clearly than we do now, more sharply, brilliantly, and concisely. At the same time, however, we comprehend it directly. We comprehend what it is apart from our physical perception of it. We accept as ourselves those other states of consciousness native to our other minds. We achieve true personhood.


In terms of history, some ancient races achieved such goals, but in our terms, so long ago that we cannot find evidence of their knowledge.

Through the centuries various individuals have come close, yet had no vehicle of expression that would have enabled the members of the species to understand. They possessed ,methods, but the methods presupposed or necessitated a knowledge the others did not possess.


The dream and painting, are aspects of another kind of perception. A nonverbal comprehension that will, on another level, reorganize some of our beliefs. We can accelerate mentally to a certain degree, and find an additional energy source. Activate certain portions of the brain that connect it to another mind, that people do not as yet realize they possess.

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