Changing the consciousness of mankind/womankind

Oneself The Creator

The probabilities now are present for us to quite literally propel ourselves into the harmonics of the higher dimensions by changing our individual and mass consciousness. A vast multidimensional experience awaits all of humanity. Mankind/womankind is starting to acknowledge that his/her consciousness is now beginning to become aware of its greater self. In allowing that expansion there lies the potential to experience the greater realities of our being. It is time for us to take off the blindfold and open oneself up to the full dimensions of our spiritual, physical and mental abilities. Opening up our consciousness to the impulses and messages that are inherently ours would allow our consciousness to fully experience itself. As our consciousness develops, our neurological and biological systems will evolve. Humans at this time are expanding their neurological connections within the brain. Latent areas often thought of as gray matter with no functional capabilities are being triggered into activity. As this happens our being will become more and more aware of the multidimensional nature of its existence.

As our consciousness evolves, so does our God image. It will move itself towards our idealized goals and probabilities, serving as psychic stimuli to effect change. We are creators of our reality. Our ‘soul-self’ had a hand in the creation of this planet and all of its living forms. Our ability to manipulate energy and create life forms is second nature to us when we are not focused in this physical Earth reality. Our abilities far exceed what we are bale to perceive in the limited third dimension. As our consciousness evolves, we will become a more conscious co-creator and be able to to tap into the vast realms of knowledge available to you. Mankind/womankind has an innate comprehension of past, present and future probabilities and a built in desire to cooperate with all living species for the greater good of the planet. We have consciously blocked much of this information from our being because of our dogmatic perceived sets of beliefs and our unwillingness to look inside ourselves for answers.

Always our ideas of good and evil stand in the way of our soul’s development. There are many forces within the world as we know it that are invisible to us. Yet if they were presented to us, we would run and hide, for they do not fit into our limited sets of beliefs. We have been so indoctrinated with beliefs of others that we have literally dammed up the evolution of our being. You cannot see the wind for example, but we know it is there. We cannot see God for example, but we know he/she is there, because these are our beliefs. Then why not believe that there is more to our being than our ego-perceptive materialized form. In changing our consciousness, one must acknowledge that there is more to life than what is right in front of our eyes. The total sum of the energy of self reaches far beyond the comprehension of even our most astute scientists. It is there, it is real, it is all of us and it is All That Is.

There are many energy entities around us although we cannot perceive them. Since they do not fit into the order of our perceived reality, we deny their existence. We have been subtly told about them in various sci-fi movie creations although we always portray other planetary beings as evil and scary and out to take over our bodies. I would assure that in this point in time in our world’s history that is not the case. Beings of LIght have no use for a dense physical body on the Earth plane. They have already moved through that phase of their evolution and are all part of the same energy source that is infinite. It would also behooved mankind/womankind to abandon the idea that his/her death is final. Energy cannot die. We do not die. Our energy is merely transformed, into another dimension.

It should be apparent to most of us with the introduction of some of our current movies and television shows, that what we have denied as real, is certainly very real. It is totally within the realms of our magnificent being to communicate with any or all departed loved ones. It is simply a matter of listening and not dismissing what we hear as our own babbling. Those of us who have made the transition of our energy to the higher dimensions, as well as those who are still waiting on the Astral levels, are very capable of communicating with us and us with them. As our communications with beings in other dimensions will be commonplace. If we would just listen, we would be amazed at what we might hear. Our conscious lives are so full of our present daily activities that we have not stopped to smell the roses, to coin a phrase that we use. Many of our departed loved ones are anxiously awaiting communications with us. All we have to do is tune in. Their energy is as real as ours and they are no more dead than we are right now as one read this blog. They love us and are watching out for us.

Beings of Light are very concerned with the entities on Earth, for our thoughts and actions in our present point of power affect the future of the planet. We have the capabilities of communicating with other selves to influence the life that we are living in different time frames in order to improve or avoid disasters in those chosen lives. We do this in the dream state on a regular basis. Some of us are now developing this ability in the waking state and are able to communicate with different portions of our energy in different lives and timeframes. That is happening for many of us now in our world.

We all communicate with other aspects of ourselves. Both of these entities are communicating with various aspects of the Self entity of which we all are part, for we are aspects of ourselves in another dimensional-timeframe. To further clarify, the Self who I am is also a part of another vaster entity as a whole. So I am only another portion of our total Self. We are all part of the same entity only in different dimensions and elements of time and space.

I would like to discuss our thoughts in relation to our health in the present awakening. In order to raise the consciousness of mankind/womankind, man/woman themselves must be aware of the human condition and the environmental changes going on around him/her. He/she can no longer be oblivious to current situations within his/her own ecosystem and his/her body. As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, we are fully capable of creating a harmonious state of health for ourselves and our planet by virtue of our thoughts. For those of us who are not familiar with this concept I will briefly explain and then refer the reader to some of my previous blogs for further clarification. Our thoughts create our very existence as we know it. We form our reality based on those thoughts. Our perception of the reality of our thoughts lies within our mind. Thoughts manifest into desires and then into actions. Every thought that we have that has been acted on, manifests itself into one of the probable realities within this life that we are currently focusing on.

Our thoughts are responsible for our state of health. Initiating thoughts that we are sick or will be sick will then set our biological system to receive the perceived illness. If we are told over and over again that we need certain drugs to make us feel and we believe this, then we are not allowing our own built in mechanisms that monitor our state of being to do their jobs. By believing this, the message is sent that we would rather give the power to someone or something else. We have then set up the atoms within our body to prepare for the invader. Our body is fully capable of healing itself. It is our own thoughts that interfere with the process by sending messages that interrupt the natural flow of things. The atoms of our being are joyously going about their business of creating a harmonious existence within our physical framework and with this thought process that we have engaged in, we essentially throw them a curve. They are now put into defensive mode and must prepare for the attack. The drug companies in our culture are at this time going out of their way to ensure that we are going to be tethered to their product wit their product with their psychological messages on our television sets and media advertisements. This very process is harmful to our evolution as a soul.

As the perpetrators of negativity that have been so cleverly keeping us in the dark for so long realize that the mass consciousness is starting to change, that souls are beginning to move into the light, they are terrified that they will no longer be able to keep us chained to the old system of beliefs. Negativity feeds off of negativity. What better way to do this than to drug the minds and bodies of mankind/womankind. Systematically feeding us ideas through our media that we are sick and need drugs to maintain a state of well-being. We then subscribe to these beliefs and send our body mechanisms into a state of confusion thus rendering our being useless in its quest for its own health and evolution. Our body and mind cannot function as they need to for spiritual evolution if they are in a constant state of chemical alteration. The chemical reactions needed to allow our chakras to open to the information cannot take place if we are in a drug-induced state.

With the evolution of humanity the current double helix DNA will start to change and move to twelve strands. Each time it evolves it will do so in a group of three until there are twelve. The evolution of our DNA from the double helix into the twelve strands will correspond to twelve chakras. There are presently seven chakras within our etheric and physical body. During the evolution of the DNA another five will be added outside the body. Those additional five will be the link to the next phase of our spiritual evolution. Much of the information that will be given to us for our evolution will come via these outside chakras and enter the pituitary gland where it will then be transferred into strands of our evolving DNA. As these new strands of DNA and areas of the brain are activated, brain mapping will be possible and past-life memories will be evoked. Our entire civilization will be based upon a psychic framework rather than a physical one. It is a natural process that every physical being goes through when evolving.

Most of us who experience this evolution will become quite aware of the feeling that we are much clearer about life and seem to know things that we previously weren’t aware of. Information will start coming to us in dreams and in states of relaxation, universal information about our being, who we are and what our purpose is and so on. Our consciousness is being raised. The fact that we are reading this material shows that we are searching for the answers and we are evolving.

I will give an exercise that will help us get started on our own personal path to recovery and our soul’s evolution, for we are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul, remember that. Our physical existence is only a temporary one in which ‘you-the-soul’ are physically incarnated on our planet to learn from our experiences and evolve. Consider it like going to school, Earth school, where the lessons are sometimes harder than on other planets but the amount of spiritual growth that one gains from incarnating here is much greater than it is on some of the other planets and solar systems available to us. If we will take the time to do this exercise once a day and stay focused, we will start the process of aligning ‘you-the-soul’ with our body as one.

Sit or lie down and relax your entire body starting from the top of your head to your toes. Breathe deep. Inhale positive energy. Exhale all negative energy and thoughts. Do this as slowly as you wish. The idea is to achieve the level of relaxation that will bring you to a place of being completely free of your body. As you begin to relax, feel all of the tensions fade away into the air as you take yourself deeper and deeper into this relaxed state. Just let all thoughts and negativity float away. You may use the box technique that I gave you in earlier blogs to get rid if unwanted thoughts and feelings. Visualize them going into the box or it can be any receptacle of your choice as long as it has a lid on it. Focus on you mental center. For most of you it will be somewhere just above or between your eyebrows, not the area of the pineal gland of the third eye, but just below. This is your mental vortex. Stay in this relaxed state for at least a half an hour. What you are doing by this exercise is learning to calm your thoughts and your body so that the Divine information may then start to flow into you through the pituitary gland thus opening up the chakras in that area. As you do this for a while you will start to raise your vibrations to a higher level and you will notice that your difficulties will start to ease as Divine knowledge is placed deep within your hearts. Some of you will be able to achieve results almost immediately while others may take longer. Do not despair as all of us will eventually open up the chakras to receive Divine information at the cellular and DNA levels.

In reading this material there will be many of us who will simply not want to hear. We will go about our old superstitious ways and cling to our familiar and comfortable belief systems. Fear of the unknown will keep us in the grips of the old ways. Light is information. Light is knowledge. If we feel that you do not want to hear you will not, but once we have obtained the light there is no turning back, for we now possess the knowledge. Some of us will want to stay with the negative influences because we will not want to give up our habits and materialistic desires. Whether or not we choose to accept or deny the information that is being given to us is predicated on our own free will. However, those of us who wish to evolve will do so. The rest of us will simply stay in a third dimensional reality with all of its negativity until we make the conscious decision to seek the light. The negative energies, as I mentioned previously, have spent eons trying to keep the light from humanity, controlling the consciousness of mankind/womankind for their own selfish purposes. Without negativity we cannot have negativity. The negative influences wished to keep Earth as its breeding ground for its source of energy. They are now out-numbered by Beings of Light on the planet and will soon be relinquished to their own dimension. These forces are part of the balance system of the planet, however they have been spiraling out of control for the last several thousand years. Their function was to balance the matter aspect of the planet. They became too powerful though and have overtaken the minds of much of mankind/womankind in the materialistic sense and thrown him/her off course in his/her evolution. Millions of the citizens of our planet are now deeply entrenched in materialistic possessions and will even go so far as to die for those possessions. This is absurd from a spiritual point of view as these things are only an illusion of our own mind/thought energy and mean nothing to the soul. The only thing that matters is our relationships with each other and whether or not we act on our thoughts and newfound knowledge to help all of humanity. We have been in our dense physical bodies for thousands of incarnations and it is now time to move on to our etheric bodies and interact with each other on a deeper level. Many individuals are now seeing that their evolution is not a physical but a spiritual, soul evolution and are moving towards the light. They are in the process of starting to reject the old controlling theories about the nature of their being and their evolution. They are beginning to realize that they have been controlled by their materialistic ego desires instead of their spiritual desires.

Whole nations are beginning to awaken to their greater reality and purpose in the Divine plan that The Creator has for our planet and are rebelling against the invasion of the old negative influences masquerading in the name of their gods. Corporate and political dominators have been the ruling negative forces in our world. The citizens and believers have been deceptively confused. They no longer know what to believe or whom to believe. They have been told one thing and witness another. The art of deception has been masterfully played by these materialistic forces. As we witness, many nations and their citizens rise up and fight back, it is imperative not to compete with one another but to unite together by cooperating as brothers and sisters in humanity. It is not imperative to kill however. I wish to make that very clear: Killing is a violation of Universal Law. There are other ways to bring the consciousness of humanity into the light of its soul’s existence.

There are many energy forces that are free to come and go throughout our world. They usually reside within the Astral levels of our planet. Their access is through the various vortexes throughout the world. The vortex around the Middle East has been an access point for the forces of dark. This is where the network of the perpetrators of our terrorist acts have hidden deep underground and within the recesses of the mountains in their bases of operation. Many of them are nearly impossible to find. Some of these manipulating energies straddle between dimensions in many cases and they are not accessible to the limited perception of the third dimension. However, many of these forces are still there. This is the last stronghold of these forces. They are losing momentum and energy and that will continue.

Nations of the world would benefit by joining forces to peacefully eradicate the restructuring of the belief systems of many cultures to the ways of the negative influences. With the emergence of new positive energies and utilization of the technology of the media, this can be done. Now some of the leaders of our nations of power are very deeply entrenched in the influences of the forces of dark and are going to have to abandon their old ways as well. These leaders will put up the most resistance for they are the ones who will perceive themselves as having the most to lose. They are so deeply entrenched in materialistic world power that this will be a great struggle for them to have to make do with less. However with the cooperation of all nations there will be peace for all. We cannot have peace until we have justice in our world. We cannot have justice unless we are willing to share the resources of the planet and care for all other nations and to stop the atrocities of a global corporate takeover of the planet and its resources. This is just a simplistic vie of some of the demographics as to how and why 9-11 and Corona(Covid19) and some other terrorist attacks have been able to find their way into our societies.

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