Some people seem to thrive and prosper within very challenging “negative” conditions.

We are reminding my blog readers – those that are experiencing these harsh conditons – that they have chosen these lives. Also, we are reminding them that they may be on the end of their incarnational trajectories, and may be headed for the higher realms. Thsi may be a good motivation for some tobegin using our techniques to transform the negativity they are experiecning into Courage and Loving Understanding. This Soul work is necessary before one may progress to the higher-dimensional realms.

The Energy Personality

The Energy Personality, which is related to the soul, will be the etheric teacher to Those of us who are to experience the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension with our “eyes wide open.” Many, without recognizing the fact, have already been given instruction on the use of our Inner Senses, what to expect in the Fourth Dimension, how to move beyond fear and anger and into love and confidence and other subjects of great importance.

In the dream state we are being “brought up to speed” by those of us who teach on the subtle levels. And so now we are reading this blog and perhaps having a singular sense of familiarity, Deja vu, as though we have done this before, with accompanying feelings of pleasure, “elementary ecstasy”. Our world is larger and more complex than we know – our world meaning our created reality.

We have physical teachers and we have “metaphysical” teachers, all of us, and now it is time to introduce the metaphysical Guides who have been with us since our birth into our dimension.

When we ask for our Energy Personality to come forth into our awareness, we may feel that sense of familiarity. For even though we have been pretending that ghosts do not exist ever since our childhood ended – adults do not have imaginary friends, after all – on a deeper level we will recognize these connections. Now we may not be willing to admit there relationships to the world because of fear of being exposed.

However, and to illustrate my point, currently a cycle in human consciousness is coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning. We are gradually becoming aware of our connections to our Guides, our Simultaneous Lives, and other energy forms within our Gestalt of Awareness.

We need only look at the headlines in our daily newspapers to notice how many changes are upon us in our Third-Dimensional reality. With the ending of an era comes dramatic change amid much clinging, by some, to outmoded belief systems. Yet know this: the more we cling to the past, the more likely we will be relegated to the past when the transition is complete.

The new world for humanity is being created in the dream state by all of us as we participate in the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

In our dream state, we freely collaborate with our Energy Personality and other Guides in the creation of incipient Reality Constructs that are manifested on awakening. This is how we create our reality with All That Is. Naturally, this phenomenon is much more complicated than described, but that does not mean that we cannot grasp it experientially. Please see experiments in previous blogs.

Inter-Dimensional Travel

To go “back in time” even further in our description of our origins, we are presented with the creative source for all that we describe – All That Is. It is this divine source which spins off – literally and figuratively – parts of itself, that become these incipient humans we are describing – these evolving Souls – we and our fellow inhabitants of Third Dimensional reality on our Earth.

So we are spun, almost as on a great loom, from the fertile essence of All That Is, and we are spun-off from All That Is into our forthcoming life. In a sense, our beginnings are in waiting, biding time for years, perhaps even centuries within these star systems, until the opportunity for birth arises.

In terms of linear timelines, most of you who are reading this blog, have resided in a few systems within the galaxies: Arcturus, Sirius and another complex our scientists have not yet discovered and named, and so does not yet exist, in our terms. Inter-dimensional travel is, as I said, instantaneous.

One is at one moment existing in a dimensional plane in a star system far from Earth, and in the next moment one enters the physical body of a Soul – a baby being born on Earth. This is how it works, my friend. This is how it has always been done.

Now to repeat myself here, for I believe it bears repeating, our Soul Self chooses the life it wishes to be born into – the particular human baby born into its unique circumstances of our Earth. We are born to live a life of lessons, for our own education and Value Fulfillment and for the greater experience of All That Is.

Among The Stars

Our beginnings are among the stars. Do we not each of us look to the stars with longing as we observe our great Milky Way Galaxy? There are our origins. There in the stars are the origins of our races on our Earth. From our ancient tales of star gods seeding the Earth with human beings, to our “science fiction” tales of extra-terrestrial visitations, all of these so-called myths and so-called fictions hold elements of the truth about our TRUE beginnings.

Now the ancient tales are often literal interpretations of what our human ancestors perceived. Literal. And our science fiction interpretations originate from our collective unconscious – that store of memory that contains all of Earthly experience past, present and future. Our authors and artists – visionaries – use this great store of symbolic truths to create their artistic works.

Those of us who appreciate the truth in those works – just as the aboriginal and ancient proto-humans appreciated the tribal stories – are experiencing our connection to the sacred via this collective Soul network.

When I suggest that our origins are among the stars, I am saying that within what our scientists describe as intensely hot gaseous spheres of energy – our so-called “stars” – are the “seeds” of humanity. But how, you might ask, can living cells exist in such an environment? The answer is, inter-dimensionally.

Many interesting and productive life forms – some of which we might term humanoid and others we would surely not – exist and develop in dimensions within and upon stars and planetary bodies throughout the Universe. This is a fact.

They are singularly perfectly suited to their dimensional existences. therefore, I trust the reader may understand that travel from stars and planets and other more distant systems, to Earth or any other dimension in the Universe, for that matter IS a matter of inter-dimensional travel, and inter-dimensional travel is instantaneous.

Now previously in my blog writings I spoke of the origins of humanity. I said that we were indeed of extra-terrestrial origins, and this is quite true. Our Earth was seeded with human life forms from other planetary and star systems to populate the planet and to allow these life forms to learn from their experiences.

As we absorb this revelatory material – that our race has been seeded onto Earth from other galaxies, other star systems – we may shake our head in disbelief. It is a great deal to comprehend. AS I have said, not only do we take on individual lives in material form for learning purposes, and certainly not sequentially within the same family “lineage,” but definitely within different family organizations, of different races, in different sexual roles.

Now there is a great “forgetting,” the amnesia I spoke of earlier, that masks or memories of past lives and Home Dimension experiences. This forgetting explains why we can speak quite honestly and ardently about our “heritage,” and those in or family tree who have suffered, or perhaps triumphed in their loves, thus “preparing” the future for our accomplishments of failings. Again, this is our limited perception. As our Inner Senses become more acute during our awakening, we will see that we are enacting our reincarnational dramas within the Earth experience for spiritual purposes. And as an addendum – even though we may not “believe” in matters SPIRITUAL.

Created Histories

Yes, it has certainly been a fantastic voyage from where and when humanity has “begun” until now, our current Moment Point in this time-frame. Let us focus on the history of humanity I hinted at in previous blogs. Of course, this history I am describing is merely one of literally millions of probable realities one can create by focusing on them. The consensus reality then – the reality that becomes the agreed upon mass-created reality and thus the history of consensus reality – is that most of humanity agrees to create.

Majority rules here in other words. As a collective of humans, we create in the dream state the essential frame-works for our Personal Realities that we will “cover” with our camouflage Reality Constructs upon awakening. Each of us develop from our personal reservoirs of memory and imagination, the evocative reincarnational environments and events that we experience upon awakening. It has always been thus. As I have said, beginnings and endings have relevance only in discussions of linear timelines. In truth, our lives are lived simultaneously, at once within the present moment. However, since time and space are useful theories to us.

Atlantis Bleed-throughs

Bleed-throughs can come from what we call our past or our future and also from contemporary existences – from all of our Simultaneous Lives. And our other point regarding crystals: some of my blog readers are infatuated with crystals and ascribe great powers to them.

These will be the ones who will incarnate or simply transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension and become the leaders in the new technology of crystals I spoke of in earlier blogs. These are truly “crystal people” who may incarnate multiple times, in similar occupations, to consolidate their experience and knowledge.

We are born into physical form to experience a life of lessons. This means that although we have free will to choose from an infinite supply of probable actions, we will choose those actions that support a particular context – a dramatic background, if you will – upon which we shall project our reicarnational dramas, comedies and the like.

Now we must pretend that we do not have such a stake in this production. We are, therefore, surprised when great blessings or tragedies occur on the stage of our life. But currently my blog readers, many of us are waking up to discover ourselves as actors on the stage, and we are acknowledging to ourselves that we are also the producers and directors of these enlighten stories.

To illustrate my point here, consider the tales of our leaders, our heroes and heroines from our historical past, as portrayed in our literature and our motion pictures. We can see the symbolism and meanings in the lives of these great leaders, can we not? Yet can we also see the meaning and lessons in our own ongoing lives?

The heroic struggles of our ancestors are often embellished in larger-than-life terms through dramatization, this is true. Yet the symbolic lessons characterized in books or on the screen are of no greater importance in terms of the Soul, than the heroic acts performed by any of us in our daily lives. We are all heroic. We are all born into Earthly existence to learn our symbolic lessons.

Early Humans

Now let us discuss the origins of what is currently the six-billion plus humans on our planet Earth. Where did we all come from? There have been many explanations from our religions and from our scientific community on our origins. And in the same way that our religious leaders anoint themselves as the only purveyors of spiritual knowledge – including the story of the emergence of humans from the world of spirit – scientists, in their quest for power “over” the material world, have established themselves as the tellers of the “true” story, the “scientific” explanation for humanity’s origins.

Yet what our scientists refer to as the “beginning” of humankind is simply not accurate. Humans have developed from inception onto our planet into highly technological societies countless times, over countless ages, billions and billions of years if we are speaking of linear timelines. Until our scientists can conceptualize within these broader frameworks, the debate will continue to center on theories of early man, use of primitive tools etc, etc, etc.

The “early man” that I am describing, began life on our planet Earth with a highly advanced intellect and a capacity for creating technologies that eventually far surpassed our current efforts. Now these capacities or potentialities were invoked via telepathic conversations between these “early” humans and their higher selves – Spirit Guides or Energy Personalities. In this way, the current expansion of consciousness we are experiencing in our timeframe, is a repetition of other invocations of inherent capacities our race has experienced in a cyclical fashion over the ,millennia.


HYPOTHESIS: You can learn to connect with the divine energies in a purposeful way.

Now, our form of meditation is quite simple. The goal is to connect with the stream of divine information, purposefully. You are already accessing divine information as you sleep. This experiment may assist you in creating rituals of contact and communication with the divine source through what we broadly define as meditation. First let me remind you that you will be encountering ecstatic states of consciousness. Your relaxed position in your chair, on your couch or pillow, will appear to others as though you are in an ecstatic state, and indeed you shall be.

To get a feel for this sitting posture, sit down in your comfortable chair or other structure with your feet flat on the floor. If the chair has armrests, rest your forearms upon the armrests or simply rest your arms and hands in your lap. Now the torso should be balance comfortably on the hips, pelvis and seat.

The most important aspect of this meditation position is this: the head should be resting on the neck slightly to either the left or right-side. The head should be tilted back slightly, again, as though you were experiencing ecstatic states. To others, it would appear as though you were profoundly relaxed and content though not asleep, not unconscious. You have one foot in the physical and one foot in the metaphysical domains.

Now your intent is very important here. Simultaneously, as you create the relaxed body posture for meditation, you are focusing on creating the connection to the divine. This will be unique to the individual. I have described this as “embodying” the divine in this present blog.

With your imagination you will use your powers of creativity to establish the “divine connection.” You will know it when you sense it. The loving emotions will be quite noticeable – the wave of ecstasy just below the surface. As you notice this pleasant feeling, the divine information will no doubt begin to stream into your Etheric Body through the physical channel between your eyes. By keeping free from distractions, you may continue to “drink in” these energies for as long as you wish, though fifteen minutes to an hour per session is adequate.

Now this stream may cease on its own and you will come to Third-Dimensional consciousness soon afterward. Or you may simply have the intention to come out after a specific amount of time and you shall. Simply suggest to yourself that you will come out at a specific time, before you begin the meditation.

It also a good practice to not attempt an intellectual analysis of the meditation session immediately afterward. Give yourself some time. The energies will play out within your Etheric Body over time, and you really needn’t try to investigate how you are doing. The positive changes that will occur in your life as you meditate regularly shall in all probability be enough proof that your behaviors in this matter are worth the time and effort.

This is primarily a receptive exercise or experiment, in other words. You are allowing the divine energies of All That Is to wash over you, to cleanse and to heal.

FINDINGS – Document the results of your experiments with mediation. After you have gained some proficiency, verify for future reference, what you feel and think during and after the sessions.

Creating Ritual Sanctuary

HYPOTHESIS: Enacted sanctuary ritual seals off negative energies.

Building on the exercises from previous blogs, this experiment will explore the means for creating a unique protection ritual for the reader to enact prior to psychic investigations.

Each blog reader may for themselves list their beliefs and images of security and peace and then distill them down into a potent image or statement that virtually resonates with the energies we are discussing. Agian, each individual will create a distinct image or written statement with accompanying emotional content.

This is the ritual of Sanctuary that the reader may perform before each experiment. It is a good idea for the reader to write down and draw pictures of the images and content they are experiencing for future reference. The ritual may include body movements or gestures, the cultivation of emotional states, visualizations of various types ad so on.

The reader may wish to try out the ritual a number of times until it elicits the desired state of Sanctuary, that is, a feeling of support as if one were a beloved child in the arms of one’s adoring mother. Naturally, the reader may have different criteria for sensing ultimate protection.

One note here… the descriptive terms Emotional Body, Home Dimension etc. are simply for the convenience of the reader. Our reality obviously unfolds seamlessly for our perception. There are no distinctions between dimensions and our physical form, for example. All of our terminology is presented for our use in our Third-Dimensional reality so that we can make sense of this new information being presented. We are used to naming and so we will name in our material.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. This may mean that you will write down the results of your ongoing efforts in creating a Ritual Sanctuary that works. This is a personal matter. Only you will know when you have fine-tuned your ritual to the point that it assists you in creating the sacred space of Sanctuary.

Clearing the Emotional Body

HYPOTHESIS: Raising the focus from the emotional to the mental center clears emotional turmoil.

This experiment concerns the creation of a personal perspective through which you may create and perceive your world with greater clarity. As a human, you are most likely in the habit of creating and perceiving your personal Reality through the Emotional Center of the heart region. For our purposes, we will raise that focus of awareness up to the Mental Center, which has its physical counterpart in the head directly between the eyes.

Sensing where the energies might be in your heart region, see what image or emotion comes from it. If you have an image of churning, as of emotions strengthening and dying out, you are on the right track. Now, using your intention or will, bring this churning energy up from the lower centers of the throat and head. As you do you may notice that the churning emotionality ceases. It may be replaced with a cool clarity and a feeling of relaxation. Keep with this feeling of clarity, purpose and un-emotionality for a few moments. Embody it, my friend.

FINDINGS _ Document your findings. This may simply be your observations, personal meanings, drawings etc.

The Personal Field of Manifestation

HYPOTHESIS: You can sense the creation of your personal reality field.

Let us attempt to help you get a feel for your own personal field of manifestation with an experiment. I would ask you to quiet your mind using any relaxation technique you may have gathered in your lifetime. Deep breathing, visualizing a restful scene and gently stretching the body are some ways to accomplish this relaxation. When you are relaxed, please look out in front of you and establish where in the distance your 55-foot limit might be.

For these purposes it would help if you were doing the experiment outside. If you are indoors, you may be able to sense it intuitively. Now sense how this boundary surrounds and supports you. Sense also how the perceptive reality within this perimeter seems to be subject to your intentions.

Now remember, you are collaborating with All That Is in this creation of physical reality. Can you sense how the creative power of the veritable Universes flows into your Reality Constructs and creates a seamless impression of “bedrock” reality for your physical senses to perceive and experience?

Can you sense the connectedness between you and everything else? Every cell, each molecule, every atom is connected to every other cell, molecule and atom. This is a literal fact. Feel it, imagine it, act on it. In this way, you Dear Blog Reader are connected to everything, everywhere in your Universe.

As you sense this power, can you see that all of your created forms in your perception have their own energy fields? Every atom has its own aura – the electromagnetic corona. Every self-created physical object has its collective aura. Again, here you are asked to out aside feelings of low self-worth, guilt and fear and experience the true nature of your being – as co-creator of your physical world.

Now this witnessing of the true nature of your Personal Reality can co-exist with your ideas and images from your religious and spiritual teachings. One need not exclude the other. Indeed, the most beneficial products or findings that may come from this experiment are the experienced moments of holding divergent views of reality. For it is these glimpses of other truths that may eventually, when you are prepared, convince you to discard beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve You-the-Soul.

FINDINGS – Write down or in some other way document your findings for future reference.