As I promised you in an earlier blog, I will speak of matters related to control and submission. We have already discussed our tendency as humans to cede control – our very powerful energies of creation – to other humans, to those in power. This is a natural thing for us to do my friend, so you need not feel embarrassed. “The authorities,” meaning parents, teachers, employers, religious leaders, politicians, scientists and even movie actors, have encouraged us to give up our power, what we may also refer to as “personal power.” There is your dynamic – the authority pledges to provide us with protection, usually from “the other,” or to provide us with subtle gifts, in exchange for our allegiance. In this contract, we give up our rights as an empowered human. We pretend that we are without power and need the security of the family group, or the scholastic group, or the employment group etc. etc. etc.

It is always the same scenario: the authority usurps the power of the common one over time, usually at first with these promises of safety, of sanctuary. Do you see why we create The Ritual Sanctuary at the beginning of this series of blogs. This we do to remind that it is within YOU that you will find your security, your sanctuary. Within you is where it has always been. We have the power to create this state of sanctuary with our powerful thoughts and emotions.

And now it is necessary to create another ritual. This one will be a ritual of taking power – taking back you power that has been ceded, perhaps too hastily, to authorities.

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