The Chakras and DNA

We have not developed our use of telepathic communication on a grand scale. Stimulation of thought in reading books does allow for the opening of chakras.

The more information or knowledge we obtain, the more knowledge that is given to us. The more aware that we become of our spiritual being, the more of our own knowledge we become aware of. It’s an evolutionary thing. As our spiritual knowledge becomes more integrated into our being, our soul evolves. The evolution of our DNA is directly associated with Divine knowledge being given to us. DNA holds within it the coding and information of our history and the blueprint of our Universe. As we accept the knowledge that is being given to us our DNA will evolve and release to us our multidimensional history.

The chakras are the energy information centers directly associated with the evolving DNA. As the DNA evolves and moves through our central nervous system it will stimulate the chakras. When our own twelve chakras are stimulated we then will be able to plug into other etheric energy discs in alignment with many sets of twelve centers outside the body. With this evolution the vibrational hum of the species will be elevated. This will propel us into the fourth dimension.

Everyone experiences grace all the time. We are a state of grace we are just unaware of it. I don’t know if I would use grace per se however let me see if I can put this into terms that the reader of this blog would be able to understand. The knowledge starts to flow forth and brings a clearer perception to our soul’s being. We just become more intuitive and clear about the purpose of our life and our existence as these chakras open. We are experiencing knowledge that we have already had for millions of years. The reality of our multidimensional self comes to the forefront and we are aware of it and we are able to feel it, all of it good and bad.

Our soul always carries with it in our DNA and the very molecular structure of our being all of our memories and knowledge. As this evolution takes place it will be easy for us to access it. Our brain is a virtual computer warehouse of information that we have only very slightly began to use its full capacity to process all of its simultaneous experiences and access Universal Knowledge. The knowledge is all there in the DNA. Our scientists cannot see the functions of our brain or our so-called junk DNA, because to them they have to see it to believe it. Much of this cannot be detected by our primitive scientific measures.

There are twelve chakras . Some of them we are not aware of at this time. The first seven are points within the human body and the etheric body, access portals if we prefer to use that, where information can be released or obtained. With the evolution of mankind/womankind into the unity of consciousness dimension all twelve will be available and as man/woman raises his/her vibration the DNA is being restructured to the twelve strands from the double helix. If we wish to activate these chakras it is important to meditate and release ourselves from our emotional baggage. We may also opt for hypnosis which for some who find it difficult to mediate can be of much help. We will need to be able to handle the multitude of experience that will be released to us without judgment or fear.

The body chakras are as follows: Survival, Sexuality, Emotion, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and the Crown Chakra. The spiritual chakras outside the body are as follows: number eight it twelve inches above our crown chakra, number nine is three feet above the crown chakra, number ten is the link to the solar system, number eleven is the link to the galactic system and number twelve is the multi-universal link to galactic beyond our own. It will be anchored in our sun system. As we further evolve as a species more will be added but at this time in our evolution this is all that will be needed.

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