In a sense, we could truthfully say that the foundational tenets and energies of Christianity, and indeed of all of our World Religions, originated in the divine matriarchy. This makes sense, does it not? The cradle of civilization, then, including the religions of all of the world, was this matriarchy we are calling GA. It is the mother that gives birth to the child; it is the matriarchy the gives birth to society and the world’s civilizations as a whole. Period.

Quite naturally now, and conversely here if you follow my reasoning: within linear time, within the evolution of cultures, within this melting pot of GA, the patriarchy made itself known through the actions of humans who resisted the notion of the ascendancy of the feminine generally, but particularly in the religious and political domains.

Notice here that we are not ascribing competing values to the matriarchal and patriarchal concerns. Both occur within our system of reality. Both are valid expressions. However, if you remember our assertion that the human is born, quite literally, out of Love: the all encompassing Love of All That Is, you may also remember that the negative emotions and all emotions in between Love and hate are also experienced while living the life. In this same way, out of a desire to know itself to the nth degree – to the ultimate perimeters of consciousness, you see – All That Is sought to create “tension” within the creative domain of evolutionary consciousness manifestation, by embodying itself in the form of human behaving in ways different than Lovingly and Courageously. Thus, a different perspective was found within individual consciousness, within tribes, within the smallest most elementary forms of society. A choice was created. The choice was between Loving Understanding and Courage of fear, anger and everything else in between the two polarities. In the case of the GA civilization, it was quite abrupt, the transformation. There was a critical mass achieved within the population once a majority of patriarchal god worshippers was reached. Almost evernight, you might say, the change occurred, and it was experienced within the collective consciousness of the GA people that an era had ended. A paradise on Earth was no longer possible. I hope you sense my irony in this last statement.

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