Human Beings Have The Blessed Creative Capacity to Do Much Better

Women do most things as well as men — they actually outperform men in many areas, both intellectually and intuitively.

For example, women test as equal to men in sensitivity to sounds; clear, logical, and rational thinking: accurate reading and writing; memory for design in areas like drafting and illustration; number memory; tweezer dexterity, foresight, as in the flow of ideas; subjective personality links to specialized work.

Women exceed men in such areas as finger dexterity; accounting aptitudes; rate of idea flow, as in sales, writing, and teaching; observing small changes in physical detail; non-tangible ideas requiring complex vocabulary, as in medicine and law; the ability to visualize three-dimensional relationships, as in engineering.

According to these tests, us poor guys exceed women in only two categories: structural visualization, as in engineering, mechanics and building; and measures of simple muscular strength.

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