Hypothesis: By focusing on the precept you may catalyze the holographic insert from the entity.

You may with some preparation, feel the ecstasy and empowerment that some with the experiencing of the Holographic Inserts I stream into my Third Subject’s consciousness. For the purpose of elucidation and bringing Light and information to the discussion. I also present these “teachings aids” to you for the same purposes.

There are a few ways you may explain this to oneself that this phenomenon is real – so that you may indeed experience it clearly, without resorting to denial, fear, anxiety. The simplest explanation is that you are my student and as such you and I have a special , spiritual relationship. The connection here is a physical one also, relating to certain portals or chakras as we might call them, located on and around the physical body.

Any one of my precepts may be used as a Holographic Insert. We have mentioned before that the phrase “you create your own reality” is a particularly potent precept and stands as the foundational statement, if you will, of my entire Teaching. I would suggest an experiment to determine the precepts that have the greatest “effects” for you, when you activate them as Holographic Inserts by focusing on them in your mediations.

Relax and enter a light Trance State. First, I would have you read the percepts and attempt to identify those that “speak” to you with the most energy and frequency. The phenomenon known as resonance comes into play here. Your physical construct, your human body, is actually a vibrating system of Consciousness Units, as you know. Ideas and images of all types, either entertained from within your mental environment of considered from written texts and other media, also “hold” their individual vibratory signatures.

Let me again emphasize that it is the Divine Essence cultivated within the student that is the catalyst here. Through working on your self, through reading spiritual literature and engaging in these arcane practices, the researcher cultivates a certain perspective that allows for the experiencing of the Holographic Insert by the Inner senses. Also, on “the other side,” in a sense, the creator of the manuscript – in this case The entity – empowers the text with the essential energies of the Divine – All That Is – so that on the subtle levels where these types of spiritual growth and extra sensory and emotional perception are experienced, the stages is set quite well for the Holographic Inserts to display.

Now focus on your selected precepts one at a time. Have an intention to link up with the etheric component of each precept. There is an openness required in this endeavor. You might think of oneself as an antenna in search of a signal here. Be quiet. Be still. Listen with your Inner Senses for the response from the Entity.

Findings – Document your findings in catalyzing the precepts into Holographic Inserts.

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