The visionary state to which we aspire is always available to us. This state of consciousness exists probability at all times, for the time is right for this ascension of human consciousness. In our popular media we can see this. The 2012 phenomenon is exhibited for us in our books and other media, as a potentially horrendous affair entailing the destruction of the planet and humanity. These are actually the collective fears of humans being given life by authors, directors, and other artists. Their vision is a dark one, you see. They are going for the sensationalist expression of the potential inherent in this great change that lies before us.

Yet, the opposite is also true here. The change that we will experience in the coming years have just as much potential to express in positive ways as in the negative. Indeed,we could say that our visionary exercises are specifically tuned to allow a perception of this positive outcome, what we call the Positive Collective Manifestation. In my blogs I presented an exercise for the researcher that wishes to explore this collective manifestation as it creates itself out of the positive thoughts, emotions, images, and beliefs of humanity.

Here I will present an exercise that you may carry with you so that you may become an advocate: an ongoing contributor to the Positive Manifestation.

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