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Another Technique that has helped is The Box. This is an exercise from our Blog Series on Nine Eleven. Simply visualize a Box suspended around your neck. Now take all of the negative material you have discovered in your belief assessment and put it in The Box. The material is automatically transformed into its opposite. What does not support your heart’s desire, you see, is transformed into supportive energies for the creation of your heart’s desire. When you open up The Box at a later time you may be pleasantly surprised to see what you have created. No energy is lost, here, it simply takes another form.

Issues and Lessons come into play, also. As you change your beliefs, as you face your Issues and learn your Lessons, energy is released for creative purposes. The energy you once used to deny and intellectualized and repress Issues and avoid your Lessons becomes available for growth: spiritual growth.


Now the Path of Awakening we offer is initially concerned with two very powerful perspectives: Loving Understanding and Courage. It is quite simple…

As you live your life, you go about your day confronting your Issues head-on, without denial and without intellectualization. If an associate tells you something negative about yourself, for example, you consider it, you muse upon it and wonder if this might be an Issue. Courageously you move forward with this information, asking the Universe, in a sense, “Is this true? Does this apply to me?” If the negative material is true, you begin learning your Lesson by taking responsibility for this Issue and the harm you have caused to yourself and others, perhaps. You are understanding your Issue in a Loving way, with humility, you see. So it is also quite profound, here, and let me tell you why…

BECAUSE YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. When you Embody these Precepts, when you learn your Lessons, it sets you up for creating Loving and Courageous realities. This becomes Intentional Reality Creation. You are transformed on this simple path.

Referring to the previous example… If you have taken to heart the criticism of your associate and you are working on yourself to clear this up, you will, after a length of time, experience the amelioration of the negative trait. You may then expect the associate to comment on it, having noticed the change.



For now, please read these Precepts and ask yourself which of them may be of the most help in your life. This is a beginning exercise in Resonance Dynamics. You simply achieve a light Trance, a relaxed inner-directed mental state. You are looking for a subdued state of consciousness that allows you to read this Blog material and internalize it – be affected by it – without falling asleep. Stretch your body, close your eyes, relax into a comfortable position. Do what you do when you meditate, Dear Blog Reader. Now read on….

You create your own reality.

Please take me literally. For you ARE the literal fabricator of your existence. With the energy of the cosmos – of All That Is – you co-create all that you see before you, as well as all that you indeed ARE in this moment, including your physical body. Does this remind you of something?

You are connected to everything in your world.

In this collaborative moment, within your Personal Reality Field, you are supported by, and, you do indeed support EVERYTHING around you. These energetic supports are observable to the nth degree. In other words, you could follow with your Inner Senses the strands of connective energy between you and everything in your world and find a part of you in everything else.

You can change the Consensus Reality from your Personal Reality Field.

Your individual consciousness energy goes out from your Personal Reality Field into the Consensus Reality Field to influence the manifestation of collective realities. In a sense, you could say that you vote within the collective with your thoughts, your images, and your emotions. They have effects on the global manifestation.

Emotion is the creative energy of All That Is in action.

Your thoughts and images are actualized according to the frequency of the emotion you give to them. Please note the suggestion of the Resonance activity in this definition.

Human consciousness is founded in Love.

Your primal condition at all times and in all lives is Love. We affirm the keynote of our world religions and most spiritual practices. Again, we are speaking literally, here.

Diversions from Love through Negative Emotions create Negative Realities.

By habitually diverting your attention to Negative Emotion from Love you begin to habitually create Lack, illness, and other Negative Realities.

All imbalances may be corrected through Love and Courage.

With Loving Understanding and Courage you can transform Negative Realities into Positive Realities. This is the primary practice of this Teaching.

You are the sum of your Simultaneous Lives within your current Moment Point.

Your essential Identity in this moment is created from the consciousness material within the mental environments of all of your Simultaneous Lives. Within the identified Moment Point, you have access to any and all of these Reincarnational Existences. Try it.

Your Inner Senses may be used to examine and change anything past, present or future.

In the Trance state, within your current Moment Point you can transform events from your past, present or future.

You are in telepathic rapport with everything in your world.

The Consciousness Units of which you are composed Resonate with the Consciousness Units of which everything else is made.

Reality Constructs are composed of Consciousness Untis of awarized energy.

Everything in our system is created out of Consciousness Units of awarized energy that are telepathic and holographic.

Coordinate Points permeate matter and space and modulate the activity of the Consciousness Units.

Coordinate Points in space and time hold the form of Reality Constructs created by consciousness.

Your intention, Emotions and Beliefs provide the energy and direction for Reality Creation.

By changing you focus, your emotions, and your beliefs, you change your reality. You will realize this as you complete the exercises in this Blog Series.

Everything exists initially as Gestalts of Consciousness, the non-physical “templates” of creation.

Thoughts, images, and emotions assemble in arrays of potentiality in the pe-manifestation domain. These assemblages act as the blueprints for Reality Constructs of all types.

I realize that I am being somewhat repetitive in these Precepts, “redundant,” as we say. I do this because repetition is the key to teaching, and it is the key to learning also.

Can you sense how some of these statements lend themselves quite naturally to certain projects rather that others? Can you also sense the phenomenon we identify as resonance active in the Precepts.


This is a writing exercise, primarily. Without thinking about it too much, choose those few Precepts that speak to you, that you feel may be true or useful to you. The personalize each of them by placing yourself at the center of the idea. You will be putting your personal energy into the Precepts as you do this, just in working with the Blog material. You will have the opportunity of using this Blog material later in this Blog Series.


These concepts were first presented in our Blog Series Thought Reality. They represent some of my interpretations of the Ancient Wisdom Blog material. Once activated, they have the potential to assist you in the creation of what you Love. You may think of these statements as the foundational elements of your Practice and of the Regimens to follow.

Useful metaphors are those that effectively convey complex ideas or emotions in a relatable and understandable way. Here are some examples:

  1. Life is a journey: This metaphor implies that life is a passage from one point to another, with various experiences and challenges along the way. It helps people understand that life is not just about reaching a destination but also about the experiences gained during the journey.
  2. Time is money: This metaphor suggests that time, like money, is a valuable resource that should be spent wisely. It emphasizes the importance of time management and prioritization.
  3. Love is a battlefield: This metaphor compares the ups and downs of romantic relationships to the challenges and conflicts of a battlefield. It conveys the idea that love can be tumultuous and requires effort and perseverance to overcome obstacles.
  4. The mind is a garden: This metaphor likens the mind to a garden that requires cultivation and care. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing positive thoughts and ideas while weeding out negativity.
  5. Knowledge is a treasure: This metaphor implies that knowledge, like treasure, is valuable and worth seeking. It suggests that acquiring knowledge can enrich and enhance one’s life.
  6. Life is like a box of chocolates: This famous metaphor from the movie “Forrest Gump” suggests that life is full of surprises and uncertainties, much like the assortment of chocolates in a box. It conveys the idea that you never know what you’re going to get.
  7. The internet is a vast ocean: This metaphor compares the vastness and interconnectedness of the internet to an ocean. It conveys the idea that the internet contains a wealth of information and resources, but navigating it requires caution and skill.
  8. Time is a river: This metaphor suggests that time flows continuously, much like a river. It conveys the idea that time is constantly moving forward and cannot be stopped or reversed.
  9. Hope is a light in the darkness: This metaphor compares hope to a guiding light that shines through difficult times. It conveys the idea that hope can provide comfort and motivation even in the darkest of circumstances.
  10. Friendship is a sheltering tree: This metaphor suggests that friendships provide support and protection, much like a sheltering tree. It conveys the idea that friends are there to offer comfort and refuge during challenging times.


We are in our systems to learn how to use energy to create what we want…

The New Age Canon

” I am on Earth to be happy.” “It all works out for the best.” “There are no accidents.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “Each cloud has a silver lining.” ” There is an inner world that gives birth to the outer.” “You create your own reality.” These are some of our modern sayings from the New Age, metaphysical, and spiritual genres of literature. They each have sense of magic about them, do they not? The very notion that, “You create your own reality” holds within it the presumption of power, of fertile creative energy.

Now I have some good news for you. If you subscribe to these magical Precepts you are certainly on the right track in your evolution. For you ARE on Earth to be happy, Dear Blog Reader. This is quite true. And we do create our own reality, what we now call the Personal Reality Field in my Blogs. Specifically, we are in our system to learn how to use energy to create what we want, what we desire.

I speak to you from a particular perspective, one that is outside of our much theorized space/time continuum. I see that some may doubt this statement. Some will fear that you are in your dimension to suffer and experience pain and disappointment – at least for the better part of the journey – on the way to another highly theorized locale you call “heaven.” This limited perception is a gift from our ancestors and others who have taught us through religious conditioning the “benefits” and perhaps “Spirituality” of Lack.

We could say that these New Age concepts answer the question, “Why am I on Earth?” in a very affirmative fashion. This movement, indeed, is a response to the naysayers, those who have controlled us for many hundreds of years. The New Age emphasize the Virtues of Humanity, the experiencing of Love and pleasure by everyone, healthy self-esteem with an absence of shame, guilt, and the other detrimental states of consciousness. I think that we can immediately sense how this perspective – we shall call it the Visionary Perspective – challenges the status quo espoused by our governments, our mainstream religions, our military establishments, our Negative Media, and other authorities.


We have a saying:”There is a reason for everything.” This statement is quite close in meaning to another of my favorites: “There are no accidents.” Indeed, there ARE reasons for everything. There are spiritual reasons for each and every behavior, emotion, and thought created by the human being. Dear Blog Reader, this series, as well as all of the other Blog Series I have written since 2014, is a Blog on spirituality.

I hope I have not frightened you away with my revelation. I am quite aware that the term may bring up uncomfortable images and emotions for some of my Blog Readers. However, because there are no accidents, we simply assume that you are reading this Blog for very good reasons. Perhaps you were prompted by “impulse” to pick this particular Blog and read it online. Perhaps you were drawn to the image of this Blog in some search engine on the Internet or elsewhere. Perhaps you are a longtime Blog Reader of the current Blog material. Whatever the case with you, I realize that it is my job, as the host here, to catch your attention in the moment, and then hopefully keep your mental awareness focused in my direction long enough to get the message I am attempting to convey to you. I take my job quite seriously. The message is, also, of a serious nature.

Now whether you are just beginning to explore the non-physical world or whether you are an old hand at these adventures, I will know I am successful when you make the Courageous and Loving gesture toward learning the Lessons of physical reality in a conscious and deliberate fashion. Spirituality is just that, you see. It is really quite simple. That is why we call it waking up. We are waking up to our true reality: a reality of the moment-to-moment learning of Lessons.


HYPOTHESIS: We may explore Sumari consciousness in the Trance State.

Currently this is a highly-energized Idea construct within our collective awareness. These values of the Sumari Love, courage, compassion, altruistic public service – resonate with the overall collective of humanity at this time, for the ideals of the Sumari are quite necessary for the healing of our Earth and the peoples that live upon Her. On the subtle levels, all of us are aware of this.

Additionally, by identifying with, by allying with, by embodying the Sumari code, so to speak, we become Sumari. What we focus on within our consciousness strengthens and develops in our reality. What may have begun as a simple interest in New Age practices, for example, representing a fragment of Sumari consciousness within our mental environment, and expand as the Sumari aspect strengthens.

Now the language of Sumari is the language of the post-Transition environment. As an etheric being, after our physical death, we use Sumari to communicate with others who have made the Transition and are considering their options as to what lives to explore next. Sumari is the language of the non-physical world. All of us are well-versed in this language, for we have all experienced many deaths, many Transitions, many opportunities to use this language. With this in mind…..


As in our explorations in this Blog Series, use our Intent to tune-in to that aspect of our consciousness we identify as Sumari. There is an assumption here that you are reading this Blog for a reason. It may be that you are keeping appointments that you have made in other lives. Consider what it would feel like to keep an appointment with an aspect of your greater consciousness, this Sumari. In essence, you are using your Intent to remember something here. When you feel you have experienced noteworthy Findings, come up to surface awareness. Document your experiences.



However, specifically for our project here, we shall discuss the Sumari briefly. Because this group is primarily composed of the Vanguard we describe in the new Blog material – the Magicians, Shamans, Witches and Healers – I feel that we can once again speak of this group. It is germane to this discussion of the awakening of humanity, of The Shift in consciousness, of the remembering of the Ancient Wisdom, and other subjects we focus on in my new Blogs.

What has been called the New Age movement in literature, in the arts, in the social, political, and spiritual arenas, is being driven by the Sumari family of consciousness. We are always instigators of the beneficial and ENLIGHTENING movements of humankind. And so we are again gathering forces in our modern time frame to remember the Ancient Wisdom together.

Of course it is not enough to simply remember this material and reinforce it among ourselves in the Sumari collective. In order to be effective we must , as individuals and as a collective of do-gooders, see to it that our systems are transformed fo the highest good of all concerned. Simply: it is our duty to use Love with a capital in all of our behaviors to humanize all of the domains of human interaction and development. This is what we do, you see, this is our modus operandi, so to speak.

To this end, some of us will carry out our duties overtly, as in the practice of the New Agers. We will act in public under the flag, so to speak, of the Sumari: the Lovers of humanity. Others of us that are indeed the reincarnation of this Sumari family, will act covertly, undercover, without fanfare, without notice, really, yet certainly with the same precise agendas as our colleagues: to co-create a Loving world for ourselves, our families, and for all humanity.



We maintain that this Mystery Civilization is one that exists as a “proving ground,” so to speak, for the mythological concepts and personalities of our world’s cultures. It does exist in the same sense that ALL, supposed, theorized, or visualized societies exist, in so far as they are given consistent thought energy by humans and other forms. This disclaimer applies to all of the theorized collectives we discuss in this Blog Series. The civilizations exist first in the imagination, and then “fleshed out” with the manifesting energies of people everywhere.

We also referred to Lemuria as the “place” where the seekers of visions and meetings with the non physical beings go in their ritual journeys. The shamans, visionaries, and other seekers throughout our perceived past, journey to these uncharted territories of consciousness. Each journey to this underground of the imagination by human visionaries, adds to the storyline and the character development, you might say, of the Lemuria Legend.


May we now return to the Hunza to complete this essay? Certainly at about the same time – two thousand years ago in the Himalayas – the residents gave out a call to All That Is requesting a different system of thought, a different essence, you see, that would assist them in guiding their people down a more progressive avenue of creation.

Another aside here… In previous Blogs, I spoke of the Tibetan Buddhism concepts as being the nearest description to the way reality is created by consciousness. The emissaries of The Christ incarnating within these collectives of the mountain peoples were successful, in that the concepts of Reality Creation were taken in as truth and embodied by the human practitioners “whole,” so to speak, without embellishments by priests and others. Because the people practiced in isolation, for the most part, from their colleagues in other parts of Asia, they were able to keep the teaching intact. You could say that the Tibetan Buddhist concepts are closer to the truth of the matter, therefore, than the practices of the mainland Buddhists. It was true then and it is true now.

Certainly the student may explore the Tibetan Buddhist path and see for themselves the obvious correlations between my theory over several decades and the concepts and practices espoused by this group, and kept without alteration over the centuries. That is as much as I will say on this matter for now.


Of course the reason we are not as familiar with these other Masters, is that we are a product of our Western Civilization. We take as fact what we have learned in our Western schools. We have perhaps been brought up within a mainstream religion, such as Catholicism, and have not thought of what other just-as-powerful and valid demonstrations of the Divine there have been elsewhere, in other countries. We have tunnel vision here. I will attempt to rectify that somewhat.

For your information, at about the same time two thousand years ago, Masters and Teachers related to what we are calling The Christ in these Blogs, entered into the bodies of humans within our dimension. Their stories are the stories of the magic ancestors that we have documented in this Blog. Their stories are the legends of our gods and goddesses as well as Gods and Goddesses with a capital G. All of these beings began their lives around the same time, for they were observing great cycles of incarnation and development.

Again, without lapsing into the metaphysical and etheric too much here, let me just say that these beings were/are Light Bodies, essentially. They did and do now exist as the repository, in a sense, of the spiritual, arcane practices and potentials of humans throughout our perceived past.