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You limit yourself if you believe you have limitations...

We limit ourselves if we believe we have limitations. In truth, there are no limits to what we may create. You may see this for yourself by observing what surrounds you in your personal reality. A true appreciation of your surroundings would convince you, that, as the creator of your world, you have great talents and energies at your disposal.

Of course it is also true that there may be for you the absence of what you truly desire within your self-created world. We call this Lack in the Blogs. If you are seeing the founding beliefs of that Lack?

Your beliefs create your reality. If you are seeing the absence of what you desire in front of you, you may trace that back to your own creative consciousness. It is there that you may receive an intuition of what is holding you back from creating abundance. The beliefs that you are using as a blueprint for the creation of your reality may be self-limiting. Look for where you limit yourself. Move beyond those self-imposed limitations and see the infinite creativity that is your birthright.



This is our concept for discussion at this time. Now there exists a barrier to understanding for some of you that prevents your intellect from accepting the fantastic premise that you cooperate with All That Is in the literal creation of our physical world. This barrier is one of the last to fall as you approach your wakening. Let me set the stage, If I may…

You are in nature, in a forest, writing in your journal, and you are approached by a deer. You are motionless and quiet as the deer comes closer and closer to you, so close in fact that you could reach out and touch it. As you quietly contemplate this miracle of nature, a pair of quail walk onto the scene. They too are oblivious of you as they stroll past, again, within arm’s reach.

Then, as if to further impress you, Dear Blog Reader, the birds in the trees fly quickly past you to perch on nearby branches and to feed directly next to you. You are still here. You are quiet. You are ONE with nature. This is the perfect state for experiencing the Divine. The ego/intellect is off to the side, out of the way of your perception, as the Soul Self observers/creates your Personal Reality.

Ah, but then you make an abrupt motion with your hand to write down what you are experiencing. The ego/intellect has taken charge. The animals disperse in alarm. The fragile moment of appreciation has passed.

Now moments later the animals have again taken their places within nature, in that timeless moment beyond ego, beyond the intellect, beyond the rational mind. However, as you take your notes in your journal you are merely a reporter commenting on the preceding events. Your ego/intellect has taken you out of the moment. Whereas the “dumb” animals as you call them, for they lack your rationality, continue their precisely focused existences in the moment – the divine moment of creation.



Everything means something. Each perception may be followed back to its source within our creative consciousness. When we are experiencing a pleasant moment in our personal reality, for example, if we were to follow back this episode to its source, we might observe how every atom that composes our perceptual field – including the reality constructs we call trees, animals, humans, newspapers – is fabricated from pleasant feelings, positive emotions, and images from our past, current, and dare I say, “future” consciousness.

We are building this current pleasant moment upon a foundation of “remembered” positive-experiencing, to the degree that our personal consciousness – including our belief system, our memories, our cosmology – imbues all that we perceive with pleasantness.

Now we could just as easily in the next moment of creation turn the tables here, and imbue our Personal Reality Field with negative emotion and negative imagery using denial and intellectualization. It is up to you. We decide – for the most part unconsciously – which way to go with the creation of our world.

Given this truth, do you now understand how peace, abundance-for-all, and any other wholesome concept exists as a potential CHOICE for the individuals and groups? Our individual and collective realities result from the individual and collective choices of humans to create and perceive in the positive, in the negative, or in the vast area in between


This wind that we observe by its activity, its effects – as in moving the leaves and limbs of a great tree, for example – is an emotional response. Let me explain: You already know that everything in your world is conscious, as All That IS – of which you and your Personal Reality Field are composed – presents itself. All That Is – evolutionary consciousness – may be considered, then, in its totality as a sensing, emoting being. Each Consciousness Unit is also an emotional, sensing being unto itself.

We could compare the emotional life of, let us say, a bird, to that of a rock, or any other Reality Construct within your system, including the emoting human. If we were to do so we would find that EVERYTHING experiences emotion, the same basic emotion, in quite similar ways. This foundational emotion expressed by all within our world, we could call the Loving creative thrust of All That Is.

Again, we are presenting this material in fairly mechanical terms. I repeat: You are not a machine! Yet this metaphor of the student “pushing” the Reality Construct from the potential into the actual with their Intent, may once again assist us in our explanations.

Everything is composed of consciousness and everything is a reality creator. Each reality Construct expresses itself in the medium of divine energy some of us call God – The Spirit. The thrust is Love with a capital L. The energy for creation is Love.

The wind has been called “the breath of God.” You could also call it the “wake” of Spirit, as in the turbulence created by a vessel or airplane. The wind is the reciprocal emotional expression of the natural world. It is a response to the Loving creation of realities out of Consciousness Units.

Now this Love with a capital L is not evident until the moment of creation. When that moment occurs and All that Is expresses itself as whatever varied construct, Love becomes evident. You can see it.


As The Shift unfolds in the coming years, our system will witness many more “opportunities” for negative manifestation. Thus, we may well see an acceleration in the manifestation of Earth Changes, such as natural disasters. There also exists at this time the potential for the creation of the Positive Manifestation in our reality. It seems as though it could go either way here, with the collective manifestation on our Earth. This is precisely why it is now more important than ever to attend to our positive thought-creation in our waking reality and also in our meditation practices.

In the final experiment for The Blog Trilogy, we will take a page from the practices of the New Agers on our Internet in the Social Media collectives.

EXPERIMENT – Heal the Earth and Humanity

Hypothesis: Through ritual meditation with people around the world the positive manifestation is strengthened.

This is a very simple experiment that you may conduct as part of your regular meditation practice or as a special adjunct to your practice. You may wish to conduct this meditation at a special time of day or on a particular day of the week, to keep in synch with the millions of other humans who are observing similar practices around the Earth. Your input into the collective stream of manifestation energy in these Ritual observances helps to empower and direct this flow of energy. Your individual contribution is felt in a very specific way within the collective manifestation of the ideal, the focus of the meditation, in this case, the healing of Earth and humanity. Through these energy transfers from the individual to the collective, you are directly influencing the Entity Mother Earth and the human species.


Conduct the experiment for 10 to 15 minutes at same time of day each week, perhaps on a Sunday at Noon or on another day of relaxation.

As in our other experiments… achieve your relaxed and focused Trance State as you usually do. By now you will have discovered ways to regulate the depth of your Trance, so that you may quickly achieve the desired state of consciousness.

Your focus here is on the collective of humanity as you exist on our Earth. You have many challenges facing you as a human in this era. Our Earth is under stress from development, from abuse. Your task is to embody a state of Loving peacefulness. This is an appreciation for all that is good in your human life and in your world. You are appreciating the good and you are potentiating that good with your Intent. Feed your positive Loving images, feelings, and sensations toward the healing of yourself, humanity and your world. Imagine all of humanity rising up in peaceful Loving cooperation for the highest good for everyone. See our Mother Earth returning to her natural state of peace and Loving Light. See the cessation of the tragic Earth Changes. Feel the healing vibration of Loving Understanding as it permeates all consciousness. Direct this thought-form to your fellow human beings and into the Earth herself. Slowly return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings.


Dear Blog Reader, you are ONE with all of humanity. Therefore, take care of one another. This is our best hope for continued survive as a species. There is a positive trend that I would like to note for you, in regard, as I have been witnessing it for several years as we promote our Blog work. Our internet and our various Social Media represent the exteriorization of the Telepathic Network we speak of in our Blogs.

This is to be expected, as the “interior” of consciousness expresses itself in the “exterior” as All That Is during The Shift in consciousness. The Social Media networks are proliferating as humans of like-mind and Spirit connect and make plans for the future. This global effort – in part by the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our era – represents the forces of healing, of conscious co-creation.

I am delights to see the efforts of the lightworkers and others combining forces in the millions to heal the planet and humanity. These movements are having positive effects on our world. The strategies for healing extolled in these varied groups hold the promise for the continuation of our species on Earth.


It is a fact of life that many of us postpone addressing our Issues until the moment of our Death. Often it is too late then, of course, and so we may be required to return to physical life to learn the avoided Lessons. Here we will help you avoid that possibility.

We will have more to say about Death in our forthcoming Blog on the Transition and the Afterlife. Now, however, we offer you an experiment in experiencing your own eventual Death imaginatively. This will not be morbid in the least, but a cathartic and indeed healing exercise for you.

The ongoing awareness of Death brings with it an ongoing awareness of what it is you need to do in each moment. The question, “What would you do now if you knew you were to die tonight?” enters here. What would you do, Dear Blog Reader? In our material in this Blog and others, we suggest that Loving Understanding and Courage are what you may do to best help create a positive reality for yourself and others.

Specifically here, if your Death is imminent, you would be in a perfect position to practice forgiveness: forgiving all perceived wrongs throughout your life. This is a two-way street here, then: forgiving others and yourself. Loving Understanding becomes complete forgiveness, powered by the relentless Courage that comes with this perspective


The realization, here, is that Love is all that is required in all circumstances. The fear of Death fades into the background when you realize this basic truth of our existence. Now it is easy to say this when you are experiencing it. When you are in Love, in a romantic way, let us say, it is easy to see the truth in this statement. It is easy to agree that Love makes the world go around, as they say. Yet what is required here, I believe, for the awakening student, is the recognition that Loving Understanding, for ourselves and our Earthly colleagues, is all that is required, despite whether we are in a romantic Loving relationship or not.

Certainly, the Soul Mate relationship is important to the developing human at this time in our evolution. However, your “embrace,” you might say, of everyone you meet with this Loving Understanding and Courage we have discussed here, is what is needed at this time to break the barrier, to tip the scale, to initiate the healing of humanity and the planet.

As you do engage in these Loving activities, Death takes a less prominent role in your Reincarnational Dramas. Fear of death is replaced by a Loving anticipation on your journey. From this perspective, Death is only difficult for the living, those who are left behind. For the Soul, however, it is the ultimate accomplishment: a celebration of the continuity of Loving consciousness


For example: as you focus on the Entity, through reading and conducting the experiments in our Blogs, you ally with this vast collection of Souls. You are nourished as the Entity is nourished, you see. What began as an affinity of ideas and feelings becomes a true collaboration. It is the same principle at work in spiritual literature of all types. You are inspired, moved, transformed by the ideas in the text. We have spoken of this before.

Now this intense identification with the famous deceased, can be quite productive and life-enriching if the time is taken to truly study and honor these lives. The information is out there in the Collective Consciousness for you to examine at any time. Anyone with the proper preparation and motivation can access and explore this material. And as I said, the more you research with respect and Love these Gestalts of Consciousness of the transitioned humans, the more your consciousness becomes a part of the greater Gestalt we call the Entity.


Hypothesis: Suggestions given in the Uncommon Trance can help you improve your reality.

We have presented this experiment to you in different forms in our new Blog Series. Here we shall present the same strategy to you with a focus on the Soul Mate encounter. However, you could also make the focus one of Business Soul Family Members, Spiritual Practice Soul Family Members, and so on.


Enter your Trance State as you usually do in these experiments. Relax. Go deeper and deeper into your state of relaxation. By now you have no doubt discovered the level of Trance that is most effective for you to achieve your goals. Please adjust your consciousness to enter into that state now. You may have a gesture or empowered thought that triggers the state of consciousness instantaneously. If so, use that trigger now.

The goal here is to focus on a stream of Inner Dialogue, such that the words become internalized. This means you carry this empowered statement with you throughout your waking day, and indeed, into the dream state at the end of your day.

Keeping it quite simple, you might consider the phrase, “I am looking forward to meeting my divine partner. It is inevitable. It is exciting. It is happening NOW!” Repeat this phrase or a phrase of your own making, in the Trance State until it is committed to memory, until it becomes a circular thought that is habitually repeated without much effort.

After about 15 minutes of this, gradually come up to the surface awareness. You may find that your mood is elevated, empowered, romantically inclined.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings Immediately after coming out of trance and after you notice effects in the field.


HYPOTHESIS: You may enrich your auric display with positive attributes

Let us try this experiment. Briefly, you track the changes in the Auric Display as you intentionally feed it with positive images, emotions, and so on, relative to the desired Soul Mate.


First, you note the benchmark of Auric expression when you begin the exercise, as you did in the preceding Blog experiment. Then you would watch for beneficial changes as you feed the positive messages into your consciousness. These suggestions are built with affirmative statements that you energize with your self-generated positive emotions.

Thus, you might create a personalized mantra:

I anticipate an encounter with my Loving mate within the next two weeks time. I am filled with Loving Understanding and personal power…

As you turn over this mantra in your mind, open your eyes, if that is appropriate, and look in the mirror. You may notice with your physical eyes that your Auric Display brightens. Your energy expands.

Or if you would prefer to keep your eyes closed… get a sense of your Emotional Body, as we have described in Blogs, and look for changes on the perimeter of this image with your Inner Senses. You may also sense the improvements with your other Inner Senses, as in feeling a sensuous, even erotic intensification. You may hear voices of one kind or another. Aromas may come to you, suggesting romantic encounters, and so on.

Please notice how this Arua of yours brightens, and perhaps changes color with the thoughts of healing. This is the edge of manifestation we speak of in the blog. When you first notice improvements you duly noted these changes without cynical denial, without self-deprecation. In this way, you firm-up your creation, your effects. Then, in the next few moments of creation you push this altered state of perception into the future by keeping cynicism at bay.

The next step is to emerge from your Trance and into your waking world. You will be taking this improved Essential Identity into your Personal Reality for experimental purposes. Follow-up equals noting Findings on Soul Mate Encounters that happen in the field.

FINDINGS- Document your findings, perhaps noting the personalized triggers we described earlier.