Children of Atlantis

We are “children of Atlantis,” in a very literal sense: “children,” in that we have a tendency, as a species, to not want to learn our lessons. I am speaking of the spiritual lessons that we came to our planet to learn. And we are from Atlantis, that is true, a civilization that reached the highest station in technological achievement, only to destroy itself through misuse of these capabilities. This is of necessity a greatly over-simplified explanation, for Atlantis is as much in our future as our past, as I have said.

Now, as an aside, humanity is indeed headed down the wrong path with regards to the development and use of nuclear technologies. And this is the arena in which mankind, particularly in the industrialized nations of Earth, will either go the way of the Atlanteans and cut short their evolution in childhood, or begin to make the right decisions as a loving collective and mature into responsible stewards as co-creators with All That Is.

I do not wish to be like some scary monster storyteller with this information, but hear me now: the situation on Earth is very, very critical. It becomes more dangerous with each passing day as we create this blog. The nuclear question, however we must only look at some of our Earth’s spiritual traditions, to get an indication of what will inevitably befall us if we continue on our course.

The prophecies of these scriptures speak of great fires and catastrophes, and indeed these will occur if humankind does not change its ways. In these same traditions there are writings on how to avoid the cataclysms brought on by greed, ignorance, fear and anger. In a way, my teaching is similar to these ancient – in our terms – Blogs.

Please understand that humans at all points of our Earth are being brought up closer to the light in these current years. The people are being educated in their own tongues and with images from their own spiritual and religious teachings.

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