The realities of a distorted world

Now , I want to discuss the mentality and belief system behind the terrorists and their followers. Whenever a society has allowed their beliefs to be predicted on the beliefs of one individual it is a recipe for disaster. Under conditions of hopelessness and despair it is easy for many individuals to look for hope in the promises of others. Many individuals are fearful of experiencing themselves and feel that they have no power over their own being. They suffer from extreme feelings of guilt and unrest. Often they become so paranoid and delusional that their reality seems only marginal at best. When the mass beliefs systems of many appear to be norm, these individuals subscribe to the reality of their leaders instead. They have essentially given up on their own power and handed it over to their leaders. Oftentimes, as is the case with the guise of religion. The religious indoctrination in the Eastern cultures starts at a very young age and is accepted by all. Many atrocities have been perpetrated under the auspices of religion.

The leaders themselves are often quite paranoid and their reality straddles between the dream state and the physical waking state. It is often difficult for them to decipher between two. They are usually individuals with a sense of grandeur and cannot relate to the rest of society. It is their greatest satisfaction to remake their reality into one in which they are the leaders. They will go to whatever lengths they have to at the expense of others if needed to get their point across, all the while feeling completely justified in doing so. In their attempt to project their beliefs on the rest of the world they have attracted the powerless ones as followers. The reality of the leaders then becomes the reality of the followers all sharing the same distorted set of beliefs. The paranoid leaders then systematically undertake the process of eliminating everything that does not conform to their beliefs. The leaders then often turn into raging fanatics. Since they have now gained a certain amount of momentum it becomes easier for them to reinforce their delusional beliefs. Their followers all along are reinforcing these beliefs. They are indeed frightened of the nature of their existence. They will go along with whatever their leaders have in store for them since they are under the belief that they cannot exist on their own. They are caught between different conflicting sets of beliefs and have decided that they must turn over the responsibility for their state of being to someone else. They are looking for anyone they can to take over the job of making decisions for them.

It is easy to see the fanatic leaders can gain such momentum. Usually the “evil ones” are perceived as the ones who will not conform to the fanatic leader’s system of beliefs. In order to rid the the world of these disruptive individuals, in their minds, they must resort to violence and mass deaths, again using religion as the justification behind the cause. I will say this again, “Killing of any kind is a violation of Universal Law.” It is not tolerated and when these souls make the transition of their energy upon their physical death, they will most assuredly see what I mean. The followers eventually succumbed to the madness of their leaders, since they feel they have no voice with that of their leaders. To these followers death is their final statement. Some cultures believe that a martyr’s death is a holy thing. In fighting for their distorted religious beliefs and the mass beliefs of the members of their organizations, they perpetrate their madness upon the rest of the world, again feeling fully justified in doing so. An effective brainwashing indeed to allow for the leaders to fully carry out their plans of attempting to make the world conform to their beliefs, all in the name of God.

We have a natural response to the thoughts of others though and generally speaking have built-in protections from becoming entranced in another’s beliefs. It is only those who feel that they have no power of their own who fall prey to the belief systems of others. Those are the ones who would rather give the responsibility of their thinking to someone else rather than confront their own conflicting sets of beliefs. Oftentimes as these individuals move away from the mainstream religious indoctrination they get caught up in fanatic cults that our societies have been experiencing in recent years. Their ideas and thoughts attempt to move as many minds into the realm of their thinking, thus removing them from the mainstream of society. Once removed from the mainstream the leaders then have complete control over the ideas and movements of their followers.

Fear is the primary tool that these leaders use to keep their followers in the group. The other is rewards, rewards they they believe and are convinced of by their leaders, that they will most assuredly obtain when they give up their lives for the movement. Most often the followers will abandon everything in pursuit of these new sets of beliefs. As the followers grow in numbers, the beliefs are then reinforced stronger until the point when the rest of the world is perceived as the enemy, the enemy that does not understand their perceived enlightened state of being, because this is how most if not all see this new revelation of experience. Since it is not the norm for the rest of society, then it must be something new for only the chosen to experience. These individuals perceive themselves as the new leaders of the pack, out to manifest the ideas of their leaders as good little soldiers would do.They become so entwined in these new sets of beliefs and often they will fight to the death to get the distorted point of their idealistic leaders, and now themselves, across.

As governments will do, they go in and blow the perceived enemy up, thinking that killing them off will solve the problem. The belief systems of the people have not been changed though and many more will spawn and continue the movement unless the beliefs of these fanatic individuals can be realigned. If left unchecked and to their own devises these fanatic groups will wreak havoc on the rest of the world’s societies. They fully believe that they are justified in using whatever means available to them to get their point across. Hitler was another example of a paranoid fanatic gone awry and the projected mass belief system that was able to sway so many individuals into the realms of his thinking.

Humanity is on the verge of making giant leaps in the further evolution of its souls and is starting to awaken to the systematic indoctrination of beliefs that they have for so long accepted. We can make a difference in this world by telepathically sending messages of love to these individuals. We can surround them and their nations with a ray of The Creator’s healing light. As we surround oneself with love light and use our own positive intuitions and abilities, motivated by love for our fellow man/woman to send our messages, we are then making a difference in changing the world for the betterment of mankind/womankind. The exercise below can be used whenever we wish to bring some positive healing energy to another.

This is simple to do and quite effective. Whenever you choose, envision a ray of The Creator’s healing bright light beaming down directly on another. You may envision the ray on one individual or many. For instance: when driving in one’s car, if you experience a driver under the control of negative energies, envision a ray of this light descending down upon them. Focus all of your energies on sending loving thoughts to that person and surrounding them with a protective shield of light. Ask that The Creator remove the negative energies away from their soul and heal their thoughts. You may then keep the ray on them for the rest of their day if you wish. Just ask that it remain and it will.

Let us give some thought here to idealism and fanaticism. In a way each being on Earth is an idealist to some extent. Most individuals devote a good portion of their daily lives actualizing their idealized goals. It is most important to be aware of your actions and monitor them on a daily basis to ensure that you’re realizing your ideals and that they are in line with the soul aspects of self. It is when your idealism turns into the negative and controlling arena that problems arise. If you are willing to express your idealism at any price to others no matter what, then you have engaged in fanaticism. This can be seen with the leaders of the terrorist’s organizations, political leaders, politicians, corporations and religious groups and cults. Anywhere you see a select group of individuals trying to control the masses you will find idealists in some form or another.

Fanatics are inverted idealists with visions of grandeur and an obsessive desire for power. Anyone or thing is dispensable in order to achieve their distorted version of the world. They do not tolerate dissent or opposition to their perceived vision of reality. Oftentimes money is the driving force behind these unscrupulous beings. They perceive money as power, so the more they amass, the more power they feel that they have. All the while, these individuals have had issues with their own lack of power for the majority of their lives. They have decided that mankind/womankind is evil and that they are going to take what they can get by whatever means necessary, always justifying their actions in pursuit of their perceived ideals. Ideally there is nothing wrong in wanting to change the world for the better, but when “for the better” comes with unrealistic visions that create fear and cultivate greed and ignore the desire for mankind/womankind to experience his/her soul’s essence in a peaceful way, then we have stepped into the role of fanatic.

If we are willing to violate Universal Law and kill one another in the pursuit of peace or our distorted version of reality then we have only perfected the art of killing, not just physical killing, but killing the spirits in the minds and hearts of mankind/womankind and animals. There is more than one way to kill, and all of it is a violation. Anytime humanity is willing to sacrifice the lives of beings whether animals, plants of other humans it is a violation. They have lost respect for life of any kind and that is itself is a step towards the further erosion of our environment and our societies. Only when humanity can demonstrate with their actions that all life is sacred and that all living things are part of the Divine energy of The Creator, can we begin to evolve our consciousness.

Our perceived beliefs are what get us into so many wars, unnecessary wars, as all are, for they have no value. We have only succeeded in identifying oneself with a defensive illusion. Both sides are fanatical about their perceived sets of beliefs and are unwilling to tolerate the perceived beliefs of the other. Now, the terrorist organizations that our world is currently experiencing are a matter of great concern to Beings of Light, for they are truly influenced by negative energies and must be dealt with for the peaceful survival of the planet. In our world presently, because of this threat, war has been projected to the masses as the only answer that our governments can undertake. There are other alternatives, though our leaders are unwilling to entertain them. Killing for the sake of peace leaves humanity with a true lack of understanding of peace.

I will give you just a small, belief synopsis about one of the terrorist leaders. He often was overindulged, living within the confines of his family “palaces” as he liked to think of them. He maintained much power over the rest of his siblings, often in a very negative light. He realized early on in his adulthood that her was able to manipulate anybody he chose to by virtue of his charm. He set himself out to be very charming for he realized that he had much more control over others using this tactic. He was quite powerful within those structures in his own right; however this was not enough to satisfy his/her enormous appetite for power and ego-gratification.

The unfortunate thing about this individual is that he so easily manipulates others with his/her charm and leads others down this same path of self-destruction. He was not pleased to be exiled from his home base and took on a vengeance that he swore he would make others pay. He is an idealist and a fanatic, caught up in his own version of reality the way he has created it and envisioned it. He has been ostracized by most of his family and that further enrages this being. He is now so obsessed with power of getting his point across and regaining the power that he feels that he lost, that he will use whatever means necessary at whomever’s expense to justify the means. He has assumed a self-righteous attitude now, masquerading behind the guise of religion and convincing his followers that he is the right hand of Allah. Because of the great wealth of this individual, he has latched himself onto a nation of people in turmoil with false promises under a religious mask.

Understand, his followers were in and are in a situation where they feel helpless and any answer to the current plight of the peoples is going to be a welcome one even if it entails mass killings. Since the people of this nation do not trust the leaders of the Western world along with other nations of power, and rightfully so, they will turn to one of their own for answers whatever those answers may be. The Middle East has been known by all in the Universe as one of the vortexes of the negative entities. It is going to be a great struggle to release these nations from the grips of this reality and change their way of thinking. No matter how many bombs our nations drop, the ideas and the movement have infiltrated all aspects of society in all nations to some degree or another. When the belief systems are aligned with the will and plan of The Creator, we will have peace.

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