Let me begin, in the transition from one form of energy to another, for each life lesson that is completed, a symbol is chosen by us. This symbol is a reminder of the life experienced and generally it relates to the lesson or contract theme as it was completed. For instance, if we came into our life to perfect the experience of humility, and that experience was perfected, then the symbol would be chosen. The symbol is chosen by the individual, for you and is personal to one’s soul development.

The Council members for example have quite an elaborate array of symbols all together on one piece, which they wear around their necks. Since these beings have had many experiences, they are quite intricate. The same applies to you. Your symbol is your reminder. Now, when meditating often you will see these symbols, you may wonder what they are. If you look further, you will see that they have to do with the lessons learned in previous, past or future lives, since all lives are simultaneous. Now let me make this clear, that the present life as you see it is your current focus, however in meditation you are fully capable of focusing on lives that you deem to be past or future. Often when reviewing one’s life before entering into another, the soul will bring forth to the meeting with The Council the symbols of the previous life or lives, as a reminder of lessons learned.

All communication being telepathic, the Council will know what the symbols mean and will be better able to advise on a new life experience based on those symbols. The Council is always available to help in these matters in choosing the next group of lessons that are for you to learn. One life is not automatically predetermined to be the life following the previous. In other words, you may choose whatever lessons you are slated to learn in any order in which you want to learn them. Some lessons being very difficult. Other lessons may come in the form of an easy existence, thus explaining why some entities feel they are overwhelmed and have too much on their plate while others seem to skate through life without hardly a bruise.

It is all a matter if when you choose to participate in these lessons and their level of difficulty for your spiritual evolution. If you have had many seemingly trying lifetimes, you may then decide the next incarnation will be more peaceful to you. Now, keep in mind, not all incarnate on a variety of other existences. Solar systems and planets, however most of us will come back to Earth for this phase of our spiritual growth as most of our chosen experiences are part of Earth’s solar system and we are part of that Creator’s plan. The lessons that you have choose to learn and the stage of your soul evolution will determine the place in which you will manifest your energy.

The Earth’s third dimension encompasses your physical type of body which is usually chosen for the experience needed to evolve at the level. That is not to say that those on other planets do not have a physical body for they do. They are just different than ours because of some of the atmosphere conditions. Regardless, the symbols are many and there are multitudes of them.

When referring to the Council for guidance as to what group of lessons you wish to learn in your next incarnation (if you choose to do so) you will refer to your symbols. The more incarnations one takes on and the more lessons completed the more complex your symbols become. It begins to take on a complex personality of its own so to speak because it contains all your life lessons. It is worn as a medallion would be worn.

It is up to the individual as to how the soul makes the correlation between the lesson that was learned and the symbol that it chooses to associate that lesson with. For instance, you may have a tree or symbol of a tree if that reminds you of something that you learned in the previous existence. This is left up to you because it will make the most sense to you.

However we are very familiar with each other’s symbols as we see them because telepathically we are able to understand the evolution of each soul based on his/her symbols. When communing with other souls in our home dimension, as we recognize each other and identify with each other, we also know what each other has learned in our evolution based on our symbols. We visually can see these as if they were draped around our neck as in a large circular medallion.

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