The contract with God and learning from Loss

We are on our planet to learn and evolve. When we have finished learning one incarnational group of experiences we will move on to another incarnational group of learning experiences until such time as we have mastered the Earth experience and can free ourselves of its limitations. All souls need to move on with their evolution. When we allow our life to be severely affected by the transition of another soul, we do not allow that soul to enjoy the peaceful existence it is now capable of experiencing. The constant longing for the soul to return to the Earth plane by its loved ones can have serious effects on the soul. For then instead of seeking the light and accepting the transition, the soul becomes absorbed with feeling the need to return to an Earth-life existence without the proper amount of rest time needed in its home dimension prior to the next incarnation. Their energy becomes trapped on the Astral Planes, not making it through to their home dimension. Some of these souls, because of the pull from their loved ones still experiencing a life on Earth, will hover in the Astral Planes for many years wanting desperately to return. Try to realize that by holding onto them we are not allowing them to be set free and move on with their soul’s evolution. We will meet these souls again. In most cases we have spent many lives incarnating with them. They are part of our soul group that may contain a large number of entities or just a few. We play various roles within the family hierarchies, each time experiencing different elements of life within these structures for the greater learning of soul.

The scripts or contracts that were made by us and the rest of the members of our soul group were set into place long before we incarnated into this life with the understanding that we would each play a role in the learning experiences of each other. Some may play perceived negative roles, others perceived positive roles, but it is all agreed upon for us to learn from the experience.

Now, the souls who have moved on or also moving on with their evolution but the lessons still remain for the Earth souls who are in the process of experiencing their chosen lives. We are to gain a valuable learning experience from this loss, as agreed upon by us before we incarnated into this life. It is our responsibility to continue with our contract until it is completed and we are able to make the transition ourselves.

Of course we feel sad at our loss, but it is really not a loss unless we see it that way and this becomes an ego perception. We create our own ideas about how we feel with our thoughts. The impetus behind thoughts is generally ego-motivated in this phase of our evolutionary path. If we choose to be happy then we will be happy. If we choose to be depressed and fearful, then that is what we will get. It does no good to dwell on the loss, for as I said earlier, it is not a loss but a transition from one state of energy to another. Allow the departed souls to move on by creating loving thoughts of joy for them that they are able to return home to where we all have come from. As we release them into their new existence, do it with an abundance of love and support. Know that we were not left alone so that we could wallow in our own misery but that we ourselves are now entering into a different learning path for our own soul’s evolution. The love light of the Creator will surround us and will never abandon us, for we are not separated from it. All we have to do is focus on the Divine energy of The Creator and we will be helped immensely in evolving our soul’s experience. All we have to do is ask. we can do this in either prayer or meditation, whatever is comfortable for us within our spiritual belief system.

I am going to deal with another subject right now, and this is related to suicide with 9/11. It is important to understand that our body is a gift. Some of us may feel the pain of our loss is unbearable. Please know that the souls involved in 9/11 chose to experience this probable death not only for themselves – for their own soul’s growth – but for ours. The rules are very clear about suicide. We my not take our life. It is a violation of Universal Law. Some of us may feel we cannot go on. We must stay to finish out our life and learn the lessons that we were brought to the Earth plane to learn.

The suicide mission entities have already been returned to incarnate in the bodies of babies in relatively the same conditions and circumstances. They will be returned into the same mass belief system of the nations from which they came and will have to try again to move towards the light. When a soul sheds its body, if the soul has created death for others or committed suicide, it is not allowed to re-enter its home dimension. The energy guides will escort the soul to Council where the soul entity will be advised by the Elders of the Council to return. A suicide can only be justified on an individual basis with the members of the Council and the soul present. There are only a few situations where it is acceptable. I will further elaborate. If we are terminally ill and our vehicle was in the final stages of the death process we will be allowed to re-enter our home dimension. If we have abused our life with drugs, alcohol or whatever, this is also considered a suicide and we will be returned to do it over again. The Council is the only force on the Astral Plane that makes these decisions when there is a borderline situation. Otherwise, it is fairly clear, we will not be permitted to enter our home dimension.

I may clarify what the home dimension is here. The home dimension of the Astral level is where most souls go to commune with each other and study. There are many home dimensions all based on various stages of evolution completed. As I said before, it is where we spend most of our time in-between incarnations on the Earth physical plane. The soul there will make their decisions as to whether they wish to transfer portions of their energy again or not and what planets they choose to go to although most will remain in Earth incarnations until the Earth experiences are completed.

Where we choose to incarnate and in what form is predicated on our spiritual evolution. There are certain experiences that one must master before moving on into the higher dimensions. All beings joyfully choose the type of body they wish to inhabit based on what experiences they wish to have while in that vehicle. Vehicles whether physical or etheric are tailored to the dynamics of the atmospheres in which they reside. Many life forms are simply not perceived by third-dimensional vibrations, therefore we would be unable to see them but they still exist and will be experienced by the soul at some point as part of its evolution.

For this next section I want to touch upon the perceived feelings of guilt. Perceived is exactly what they are for they are manifestations of our own mind experience. It is not a good practice to use guilt to blame oneself for the events that cause us to perceive our discomfort. If a choice was made that did not achieve the desired results, then so be it. It was a learning experience and most likely we will have learned from it. Then one moves on. By allowing ourselves to feel guilty about a situation, you are again setting up a chain reaction within the framework of our body consciousness to receive more than just guilt. These thoughts express themselves into many forms of illness whether mental or physical. They will begin to manifest because we have taken away the free will or our cells and injected into them our ideas and thoughts, thus changing the healthy and happy path that we were on in creating a whole and healthy being – oneself. Thoughts of this nature alter the consciousness of our cells, which in turn will affect the abilities of our body consciousness to keep our physical vehicle healthy.

Effectively it does no good to linger in thoughts of guilt, for essentially there is no such thing anyway. Guilt is a manufactured production of our own mind/thought energy. Guilt has no purpose. Punishing oneself with guilt only locks the doors on forgiveness of self and shuts out The Creator’s light. Realize that by letting go of the feelings of guilt and changing our conscious thoughts, we will have done more good than we are aware of. The thoughts that we harbor, when inter-playing in the negative arena, only serve to suppress our own soul’s growth.

I know some of us are saying as we read this that it all sounds well and true but how can I make myself stop those ideas from manifesting themselves? Be consciously aware of them. Look at and examine the underlying reasons that we have those thoughts and feelings. examine the physical sensations within the structure of the thought and analyze it. Are there other feelings and thoughts that have also participated in the creation of these sensations? We will see that there are indeed and perhaps many of them. Much can be said about the nature of our personal thoughts since they make up the nature of our very being. Without them we would not exist. When we can examine our thoughts on an honest level we will see that we have created not only the guilt that we have been speaking about, but also a host of other feelings that in some cases are interfering with our soul’s evolution. I will be including several exercise within this blog that will help us with analyzing our thoughts and realigning our beliefs.

Our physical vehicle is a marvelous thing, a very wondrous and ingenious invention. It is for our enjoyment, for us to experience all that the Earth plane has to offer. It is not meant to be locked-up in some closet of guilt or hidden under veils of fabric. Now I’m not saying that all of us should run out and strip off all our clothes and run willy-nilly into the streets, because of our society’s rules we would probably be arrested. Use this as a metaphor to release your ego’s energy from the bondage of its perceived beliefs and open up our powers of creativity. Learn to look at your fellow man/woman with a renewed interest in his/her being. We are all part of the same Divine energy source. As we observe our behaviors we send much love to us. It is the desire of all essences of the Divine energy of The Creator to live harmoniously with each other. Enough said on this subject of guilt for now. The messages that I have brought forth here can be applied to any situation where a perceived negative emotion surfaces and we have the desire to eliminate it from our perceived reality.

All of the souls who made the energy transition in 9/11 knew before coming into this life that they were going to be part of a mass awakening of consciousness on the planet be experiencing that event. Their transition from their Earth existence was worked out long before they were born. These brave souls knew that this event would realign the consciousness of mankind and start the process once again of moving us forward in our stagnant evolution. Their efforts were not in vain. Many of us came into an awareness of self and our relationship with the rest of humanity after this event. Our thoughts and ideas in our present reality are manifesting into actions now that are greatly affecting our future reality. As we move further into this material I will be stressing the importance of our thoughts on our reality and what we can do to change our world for the better.

Oftentimes when mass societies fall upon times of great stress, events will take place to redirect the consciousness back towards a peaceful existence. As with plagues and wars, these events orchestrated for the evolution of mankind/womankind. Many beings must learn from these events in order to maintain an equilibrium that is beneficial to the social order of their societies. The souls of 9/11, prior to incarnating into their lives, were aware that these events were probable reality and could lead to their probable deaths although they were not consciously aware of it as they lived out their daily lives. All probable reality is based on the actualized thought forms and free will of mankind/womankind. There were many, many others that for whatever reasons did not participate in the event, even though it was a probable reality for them as well.

The terrorists as we see them, for they do terrorize humanity with their beliefs, are no different than us or  in their soul’s essence. They are still part of The Creator’s energy source, however misdirected the ego-perceptive thoughts and actions of their physical vehicles are and have been. We are all connected as one within the many Universes. I realize this is hard for many of us to accept. Anyone who terrorizes individuals or nations is under the influence of negative forces and this should be apparent to most of us what we are witnessing. This event was a wake-up call to humanity and is one of many that are still to come until the leaders of our countries can put down their nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and start to help the people of the world out if their grip of poverty, fear and suffering.

If we will only stop and look at the information that we hold as true and see that for the most part we have unconsciously and consciously accepted them as being the norm. We have become complacent with the ideas of others and that all of society is evil and out to get us. When individuals are under the influence of the negative ego energies it would appear to be so. This is only an illusion, a temporary situation in which an individual has been caught in the web of these influences. With the realization that these forces exist, one can become more aware and thus begin to keep them from clinging to our light.

In this moment of our history we are witnessing the breakdown of many institutions that we thought were untouchable and indestructible. We are being awakened to the atrocities of our world and in doing so we will be in direct confrontation with many of the darkest forces of our planet. We will see more of this crumbling of our belief systems in the near future. This is is part of the process of the evolution of Earth and its citizens. There will be many more breakdowns in society;s firmest beliefs, for many of these beliefs do not hold any truths.

All souls have a built in desire to evolve, but because they have allowed outside forces to take over they are not sure how they will accomplish this. Many of us walk around in fear and despair because we have allowed our perception of the events around us to undermine our soul’s purpose on our great Earth. I will give a very simple exercise to remove negative forces from influencing us. It is important for us to learn how filter through and remove information that comes to us. Most of us take everything we hear from our leaders and media as truth. These truths that we believe to be truths are not what they appear. We can examine all data that comes into our mind and purge out what does not give us a positive approach to life.

When we find ourselves fearful and thinking negative thoughts or begin bombarded by them through the dialogue of others, when we are unable to break free of the situation, I would ask, do the following: I should you create a small box, an imaginary box. You will carry this box with you wherever you go. when besieged with negative information, take the thoughts, open the box, put them in and close the lid. You may envision yourself wearing a small box around your neck or carrying it in your pocket, but each time you become aware of an onslaught of negativity and you cannot get away from it, put it in the box. Put them in there and consciously remove them from your thoughts. This works quite well with not only thoughts, but people too. You may out the image of a whole person in there to be cleansed and returned whole back into the Universe. Each time you do this, you are helping to clean up the negativity of others even though they are not consciously aware of it. Put them in there with an abundance of love, no matter what they have done to you as you see it. When this is done with love, it will transmute back into love and back to you. Now, if you find the negative thoughts or people coming back into your head or life, simply open the box and out them in again until you get good at this. It will be routine. Now the thoughts may be hatred, greed, prejudice or anything that’s coming your way. If you’re driving your car and you suddenly create a hateful or a negative thought against another stop yourself, grab the thought and put it into the box. So you see this works both ways, incoming and outgoing.

The thoughts of mankind/womankind are neutralized by the higher-dimensional beings as they float into the Universe. We do not allow our negative thoughts to interfere with the lives of other beings in other solar systems. Since thought is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, there are very effective methods of neutralizing your negative energy through the use of crystals and then returning it in the form of love-energy back to our planet. When we put our thoughts of negativity into the box we are doing the same thing. Picture the box as a deep well lined with crystals at the bottom that will capture the negative thoughts as they fall in and neutralize them. when putting a person into the box, imagine them being surrounded by the healing energies of the crystals. If we do this often enough, you will begin to notice a positive change in yourself and others.

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