An excellent question in these matters be, “if negative thoughts and images lead to the creation of negative events, and these events are painful, why do people continue in the creation of negative thoughts?” I have covered this before and I now will elaborate on this paradox. Why would a human continue to think and imagine the negative and create negative Reality Constructs and thus feel the negative emotions that come with the negative manifestation?

In a way, the reason for this unusual behavior is that many of the negative reality creators are so accustomed to creating from their negative, repetitive thoughts and beliefs that they essentially know of no other way to think and feel. The creation of their negative personal realities has become “a force of nature,” to coin one of our phrases. The force is quite powerful and has become personalized over time so that the human is entranced with these thoughts and behaviors, thinking these is absolutely no other possible way to think and behave.

Sometimes under these circumstances of entranced negativity, the only way out is through a reincarnational drama or lesson. The Higher Self of the individual creates a life-or-death struggle to divert the attention always from the increasingly negative and self-defeating manifestations.

The human, then, is often quite relieved to enter into a different creative opportunity, even though it might entail a serious illness, accident, mental crisis and so on. The diversion has the effect of waking up the individual from the trance of negativity. They then see the world with a new-found clarity. They have a sudden appreciation and sense of gratitude for life where before they were living a robotic existence.

These creative opportunities may result in the death of the physical form. Still, the Soul experiences that result as a success, for the human has encountered and met the challenge in their own way. This is the Lesson they were to learn, and whatever was learned is now part of the knowledge of the individual Soul, The Entity and All That IS.

Of course, there is the probability we may avoid the life-or-death drama by approaching our lessons “head on,” and not avoiding them – learning what we have come to Earth to learn. The free will choice is always ours.

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