For the next project, The God Blog – the manuscript on All That Is. We hope to present for you an interesting and educational blog on the creative source for all of our realities. However, I believe we would do well to provide you with some of the ideas and theories we will cover in that blog, now in this current writing, so that you may better absorb and utilize these current messages from a Entity.

Obviously, because we are incessantly on the topic of Reality Creation here, the question of “who is the reality creator?” must arise just as incessantly. I do believe that it is more than a mere matter of semantics. Who is the creator of your Personal Reality? I have advised you over these many years that is is indeed YOU the blog reader of this blog who creates your Personal Reality. Now where does God and where do the concepts of the Divine fit within this cosmology of a reality-creating human? Let us discuss this for just a moment.

To begin, you Dear Blog Reader, are the epitome of All That Is. You are composed of divine energy constructs – the Conscious Units. In each and every one of the Consciousness Units you may find the holographic replica of EVERYTHING in all of our created realities. This EVERYTHING we are also referring to as All That Is. Now this metaphor of a holographic reality may serve us well here in this discussion. The simplified definition of a hologram for our purposes might be, “that which is everywhere all of the time.” This describes the fundamental nature of the Conscious Units as well as the multidimensional atoms theorized by some of our scientists. The researcher may make practical use of this theoretical construct by experimenting with experiencing the everywhere-all-the-time perspective. This perceptual vantage point is actually each and every Moment Point in space and time, so it does include past, present and future, in our terms.

This All That Is we have named to move beyond religious connotations of any kind. It is a safe generic title, is it not? Yet at the same, being All That Is, this construct would naturally hold within itself what we might call the Divine or the sacred or spiritual worlds. The visionary experience treats the researcher, or perhaps the accidental mystic, to the sensory extravaganza that is multidimensional existence. How does one then define this experience in retrospect? Invariably the human bows to authority in these matters, and again as we discussed in these blogs, hands over their powers of Reality Creation to another higher, perhaps “more worthy” entity. Thus the gods and goddesses are born.

We do not intend to trivialize this god-making faculty of the human being. These self-created constructs are definitely “given a life of their own” through the ongoing support of “thought energy” through the prayers and other spiritual observances of countless Souls over the millennia. The personality aspects of the human are constellated “out” onto the physical world from “within.” Each of the separate Earthly cultures, then, creates their individual divinities according to the needs of their particular group. So that the Nordic peoples, for example, developed an entirely different pantheon than did the Indonesian Islanders. Different Divine beings evolve from the different cultural needs of the people who live in the collective. Now let us relate this to the individual researcher living in our current timeframe.

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