Consecutive Positive Assessments-2

EXPERIMENT – Consecutive Positive Assessments

HYPOTHESIS: Positive assessing all that you experience creates the positive future.

In addition to enacting your Ritual of Sanctuary before you go out into your world, I suggest you practice positively assessing everything that comes your way in your existence. Practice until it becomes a matter of fact – a positive habit that you practice ongoing throughout each and every day. Perhaps an experiment is in order here. Again, this build upon exercises in previous blogs.

Let us say that you are about to begin your day. You have awakened from sleep, you have opened your eyes and you are perhaps walking to the bathroom.

This may be habitual for you now. It should only take a few seconds to perform your ritual. Then here is where you immediately intervene between the Moment Points of you waking life. In between the moments of remembering and forgetting… you intervene. “It’s easy to find the good in each sequential perception.” This is your idea for the day.

Remembering to conduct your Ritual of Sanctuary; remembering that you create your reality out of your perceived beliefs, ideas and images about your world; remembering to positively assess each sequential perception. Then do you see how the positive perceptions create the positive future, moment-to-moment? You are rolling out your positive moments before you to create the positive path of your future.

(Thought afterwards – this experiment is a especially useful for when you can’t avoid the negative media. The blog reader hopefully will choose not to watch negative TV, violent movies etc.)

FINDINGS – Remember to write down your findings from worthwhile experiment.

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