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First Scientists

The Scientist of Consciousness is the magician of old. The magician, the shaman, the witch: these forbearers of humanity’s spiritual traditions were our world’s first scientists. It was only later, when the outer senses replaced the Inner Sense as a means of investigation and exploration – the accumulation of “facts” for their own sake, the acquiring of knowledge without meaning – that the scientist’s role became de-spiritualized, secularized and developed

The work at hand is to spiritualize and make scared the experiences of humans on Earth at this time, though collaborations with Beings of Light. Now I do not mean to offend when I exclude organized religions from this discussion. If we are getting what we need from our religion, by all means continue. That is my advice to you.

However, if you feel that your evolution as a Soul is stagnant and you are not getting what you need from your religion to see you through the coming transformation, then I would advise to try the methods in my blog. Keep affiliation and use these ideas as an adjunct to our practice.

There is much good in the mainstream religions and there are opportunities in all of them to achieve the enlightened state necessary to make the transition into the Fourth Dimension. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often hidden under the great weight of dogma and misconception that clouds meaning and disempowers the individual.

This is why I counsel my blog reader, to accept nothing into your heart that goes against your very nature as a child born in love out of the creative power of All That Is. Make up your own mind. Think for your own self. Accept no ideas, including the ideas in this blog, if your intuitive voice tells you they are not right for You-the-Soul.

The Energy Personality as Self Observer

HYPOTHESIS: Your energy Personality can monitor your conscious state and give you valuable feedback.

You are gods studying your manifestations. I make this statement once again, reminding you of your status as creators of worlds. AS humans, we are endowed with the virtually unlimited powers of creation to manifest our desires into physical constructs. This happens naturally, all by itself. It may be somewhat difficult to study this manifestation phenomenon, for you yourself are part of your creation.

Therefore, in this experiment, you may attempt to inhabit an alternate perspective in order to study this creation activity you do in tandem with All That Is. It is somewhat like taking snapshots of moments in linear time – the perceptual illusion – for consideration at a “later” date. Let us label this aspect of the Energy Personality the “Self Observer.” This aspect of consciousness has the power to “recall” elapsed Moment Points for purposes of inquiry into the nature of events in physical reality. This observing self has the attributes that you endow it with by virtue of your god-like powers of creativity.

The purpose of this experiment is have your Energy Personality witness and “document” for you, notable excursions into the unknown reality while you are awake. Your energy Personality will recall instances of Astral Travel, communications with Simultaneous Lives, and other phenomena for review at a later date. This is your Self Observer aspect that you may use to remind you of what you have experienced throughout any given day.

Now create your relaxed mental and physical environment. Then simply assign the task of self-observation to your energy Personality, much as you would assign a task to a personal assistant. For example: you might say, “Please document as memories today, my voyages into other dimensions, for review this evening.”

Then mark out time in the evening for review. At that time, ask your Energy Personality to release those memories into you consciousness sequentially for your review. Now obviously you may have your review at other parts of the day or immediately after the notable event. This protocol is simply one of convenience for those of you who have busy daytime working lives.

As you continue with your regimen of self-observation, you may notice that inter-dimensional travel is the rule rather than the exception. You are subject to frequent “mental vacations” of this type throughout your waking and especially your sleeping times. In fact, the great majority of your day-to-day life is spent within these alternate dimensions.

FINDINGS – Documents your findings with successfully eliciting information from your Energy Personality on events which have transpired.

Know Your Guides

We can access the constellation of Guides we have watching over us. It is possible for any one human, with determination and insight, to cultivate communications with many Beings of Light. The only limitations to these explorations are the ones we put on them.

Documenting our explorations in the finest detail seems to be imperative for these voyages within: asking for the names of the various entities, feeling them out for what services they offer, keeping everything organized in the physical arena, and so on. Now let us proceed with some experimentation.

Contacting the Energy Personality II

HYPOTHESIS: Our spirit guide is awaiting contact.

I hope you blog reader will become proficient as you go along, practicing in sequence as much as you can.

I would like you the blog reader, just for a few moments, to relax and to close your eyes. This is easy to do. Quiet your mind. Think of a relaxing scene. Now Imagine that you have contact with that part of you that is all-knowing – for indeed you do. Ask for its name and you will receive it. It may take a few moments to achieve contact. It may take a few more minutes for the name of your Guide to come to you. Be patient.

The important thing is to have the expectation that we will achieve contact. And working from the loving aspect of consciousness always, this will keep you moving in the right direction. When you receive the name of your Energy Personality, you may sense that you are rekindling a past relationship, possibly dating back to you childhood or even beyond that into what you may term “past lives.”

This remembrance, along with the loving aspect, is a firm indication that we are indeed engaging your Spirit Guide. The excitement that comes with contact may throw you out of trance. Simply try it again after performing the Ritual of Sanctuary. This experiment can be done on a daily basis to strengthen the connection to your Energy Personality.

FINDINGS – Immediately document your findings.

Cultivating Synchronicity

HYPOTHESIS: You may anticipate, create and sustain coincidental events within your personal reality field.

In this experiment you will attempt to intentionally create coincidental events within your Personal Reality Field. This experiment is most easily conducted when you are experiencing the coincidental events in your current Moment Point. As you gain experience in observing your consciousness and the synchronous events you participate in, it will become easier to anticipate coincidental events. You will be able to sense them coming to you from the future.

Now you are creating these future events from your current moment, you see. As you are experiencing the wonder, awe and amusement that comes with this type of experience, you will be pleasantly motivated to continue with your research. Remember that you may use your powers of intent to extend these feelings and these events for some time.

Pick out anything in your field of perception. For example: say to yourself that the bird in the tree in front of you will now be a part of a coincidental event with something else in your Personal Reality Field. Quite soon after this inner declaration, watch your environment closely for the coincidental experience.

You are using your imagination to create a synchronous event, you see, that will then be fabricated out of Conscious Units for your viewing within your Personal Reality. You may then “expect” a third synchronous event to materialize, and so on. This is very much like child’s play, and is quite a fun way to spend a few minutes of your day.

FINDINGS- Document your findings

Gentle Persistence

I would like to emphasize that in these matters of Soul exploration, you can be quite successful with a gentle, yet persistent effort. Your initial experiments in accessing your Inner Senses are an exercise in subtlety. Approach these activities with any eye on gradual results over time. The clouds, in most instances, do not part and reveal the Etheric Visions to us, after only a few attempts in your experience in the field.

I realize that this subtle route to discovery may be difficult for those of us who have expectation of immediate results. Some of us may be of mind that, like everything else in our Western world of mass-consumption, if it is not forthcoming immediately, on our schedule, because we have so much “to do,” that it might not be worth attempting.

To these blog readers I say, take the time necessary to accomplish your goals in this Soul Work. One of our sayings extols the virtues of waiting with patience for the truly beneficial aspects of our life to materialize.

And honestly, the days of instantaneous manifestation are still in our perceived future. These experiments will give us an advantage for the time when we will be experienced enough to use our Inner Senses appropriately for the instantaneous manifestation of Reality Constructs.

Now once again I would remind that all of these experiments are designed to lead to the uncovering and practical use of our Inner Senses. And these Inner Senses are what we may broadly term “Intuition.”

In past blog writings I have lectured on how the intuition can be divided into separate senses and I did indeed name them. I sense that it may have been a mistake to do so, for it is now I waiting for my blog readers to make practical use of the Inner Senses and allow each blog reader to do whatever delineation they may, as they discover the attributes of these senses for themselves – again, learning by doing, and perhaps creating their own names for their experiences.

Moment Point

We can share our ancestor’s Point of Power experiences as one is working with the written material, organizing it on a computer and so on. this is a literal fact. Astounding as it may be to some blog readers, this type of things goes on continuously in our own private lives.

We “leave the body,” to coin a phrase, and travel inter-dimensionally to participate in these activities. Often we can do so while carrying on a conversation with one of our fellow humans and appear quite normal. Our eyes may glaze over a bit; an indication that we are traveling and experiencing other time-frames.

Now, our scientists may characterize this as pathological, dissociation, fantasy, escape; completely missing the importance of what is occurring.

I don’t want to go off on one of my critiques here, but let me say this: until our scientists can learn to turn their empirical noses inwardly, they will not be able to sniff out one iota of truth regarding human consciousness, or the human condition or the human Soul.

Your Simultaneous Lives

Simultaneous Lives are engage in this continuous exchange of impulses and energy I am describing. As you can see, you are at the heart of this reciprocal activity. You occupy the center in your Gestalt of Consciousness: the energy network that comprises the receiving and sending of impulse energies between your current self and all of your other selves past, present and future.

This very basic activity of consciousness rests within a framework that is totally dependent on the loving and creative energies of All That Is. And the culmination of all of these energies within your individual consciousness at any one moment, can be described as “the activity of the conscious mind.”

Should you wish to consider these ideas while using the illustration as a meditation focus piece, you may perceive for yourself more intimate meanings than any of my explanations can provide.

Special Impluses

In my previous blog, I provided an illustration for you on how to send out energy – positive, loving energy – to Simultaneous Lives. In the experiment you will be “completing a circuit” by discerning with your awareness, when entering your consciousness. This is not hard to do. As I have just mentioned, in each vying for your attention. These impulses, however, the special impulses I am now discussing, are easily recognizable for what they are, by virtue of their obvious loving utility.

When one of these impulses is recognized, you have an immediate sense of rightness, as though you wonder why it took so long for the idea to come around. These ideas are also based in a truly loving aspect of consciousness that is undeniable. In essence, this loving energy is the energy of All That Is transmitted through your various Simultaneous Lives, and then captured by you as your consciousness participates in the Gestalt of Awareness that Is you and your many lives past, present and future.

These impulses may be accompanied by synchronous events and a sense of wonder and divine bemusement. Everything comes together in your life drama for the benefit of your learning experience. These synchronicities and thus the life lessons may be brought into your awareness intentionally.

So you blog reader, when engaged in this dialogue with your Simultaneous Lives, are receiving the benefits of learning experience from the personalities who are LIVING these many lives. In fact, just as I communicate to educate and inform humanity on the very, very serious issue of the survival of the species – and for the matter the planet Earth – these communiques from your Simultaneous Lives in the form of impulses serve to educate and inform the blog reader, of a personal level with regards to appropriate action you can take to improve your life.

I would like to restate my point regarding these types of messages and all messages from you Higher Self: these messages are benign  and loving in their intent and that is how you can tell they are from your Higher Self. And as always, free will is operative; you can choose to act on or ignore these impulses.


Generally, it is quite easy for those of us in this land and  some of the other industrialized nations, to think of ourselves as individuals. The pioneer influence is felt by many of us in our cultures and so we fancy ourselves as independent explorers of our personal domains.

And so it follows that we feel as though our mental life is our own, and then even though privacy in the personal and business fields of endeavor is rapidly being lost, at least our thoughts are our own, if what we define as “thoughts” are “the greater elements of human mentality.”

Yet our thoughts are not truly our own, in this pioneer sense. In the great Gestalt of Consciousness I have been describing to us, the thoughts of our Simultaneous Lives past, present and future are being received by us, as well as the thoughts and suggestions of Beings of Light, the negative transmissions of Nefarious Entities and the telepathic thoughts of our fellow humans.

Our thoughts are alive. Each of our thoughts, including the thought-forms transmitted into our consciousness by Energy Bodies and our fellow humans, has a propensity for creating itself in physical reality. And because our human thoughts have distinct properties – such as a “desire” to associate with other similar thoughts, and an energetic ability to transcend space and time – our thoughts can be considered to be the most powerful Energy Constructs in our system of reality.

However, unfortunately for most of us, we begin our lives on Earth by surrendering our powers of thought-creation and manifestation to individuals and institutions. And so we are taught to create with our powerful thoughts, the Reality Constructs of the institutions – family, church, business, country – in which we participate.

Many of us abandon our loving, altruistic visions in childhood, therefore, and it may be that you the blog reader are only now remembering the idealism of our early manifestation activities. These activities may have included collaborations with imaginary playmates.

Now I shall discuss this further, this topic of childhood Spirit Guides, in future Blogs. For now simply note that there are a host of potential relationships with “Imaginable” beings available to us within the sphere of our personal consciousness.


Impulses are indeed inspirational and creative as we recognize them and use them in the creation of our world. But as we have discussed, many in our world regard these impulses as “voices of the devil,” or at the least, untidy remnants of pathology to be surprised and ignored. To be sure, within this vast chorus of telepathic transmissions, the Negative Entities also vie for attention.

But it is a simple matter to protect oneself with our own positive affirmative thoughts when exploring these areas of consciousness. Surrounding oneself with “white light” is a very effective pre-caution to take before our explorations or meditations. In this way, we focus our attention on the positive and look, we find the positive creative impulses coming into view. This is all simple metaphysics. We get what we focus one. We create our reality