Only Human Beings, With Their Ideas of ‘Progress” and “Development Change.

Over very long spans of time the earth and all of its creatures stay the same, relatively speaking. Human beings haven’t changed, really, our more complicated mental processes only make it seem that we have. Coupled with this is the idea that magic, as we call it, reflects a basic part of our natural mental equipment and abilities, but that our present course of action, our focusing upon the material and the intellectual — the ‘reasonable” portions of quite ‘unreasonable’ or unreal. Actually, our need for magic is a very real, vital, and integral portion of our psyches.

The conscious idea of  magic, then, is a mask, or contrived version, of the psyche’s innate clairvoyant, telepathic, and precognitive abilities. We permit distorted versions of those attributes to surface as magic, as entertainment — which thus relieves us of the need to take them seriously. That’s the course our species has chosen during much of our recorded history, so far, and for many reasons.

I think that it’s frustrating for us that we cannot perceive the fascinating facets of any event. We still do not feel the unsurpassable force that thoughts have. We do not understand that they do form events, that to change events we must first change thoughts. We get what we concentrate upon.

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