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The question of why did the religions grow from particular regions on our Earth. Now the Niamennon are simply one identified tribe of our early settlers of the Middle Eastern parts of the planet. As is the case with all of us, however, these peoples have their origins on other planets. The Arcturus system and the planets surrounding this body, was the originating point for all of what we would call the Middle Eastern peoples.

Remember now my comments that linear time does not exist in the Soul’s perception? Consider then a Soul, an Entity, a Gestalt of Consciousness existing within this Arcturian system, that KNOWS it will have a direct hand in seeding the Earth with the sparks of Soul, the essence of itself, for a “future,” in our terms, Reincarnational Drama enacted within the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. These types of activities are conceived outside of times as we know it. In this way the Entity is allowed to witness the future manifestation upon the Earth, of the growth of a tribal collective from their original contribution.

This entity knew, therefore, that they were to contribute to the gestation of what would become several religious movements. This is delicate and difficult information that I am attempting to transmit. In the inception of Spirit into the babies being born in the initial transmission of energies from the Arcturian system, each human grew to adulthood, they knew that they were to be involved, either in the first incarnation or later ones, in the growth of these religious movements.

These Souls choose to incarnate on our Earth at that time SPECIFICALLY to become involved in these movements. If we can think of the The Christ figure, as I have represented this Energy Gestalt in my Blog writings, as being a part of an extended family, a Soul family, if you will, simply think of these sojourners to Earth as members of The Christ Entity. They were keeping appointments with one another on the physical plane to engage in the world of establishing movements.


Let me continue with “MU“. The citizens of this extensive network of city-states were avia dreamers and visionaries. This psychic aspect of consciousness was stressed over the practical application of physical energy and planning of real life amenities in the AHMNA culture As we know, realities are created in just this way. Reality constructs are “considered” into manifestation, beginning in the dream state, and then fleshed out in detail in the waking state. It was of course the same with the people of Ahmna with a critical difference. These humans were so entirely adverse to the feeling of emotions such as pain, frustration, anger and the like, that they almost completely neglected the creation of the vision – the idealized culture – within physical reality and sought to, as a group now, simply focus on the Astral template of an idealized culture. This idealized culture exists as a holographic entity in time within our collective awareness.

Again, the real life physical reality of the Ahmna civilization was quite mundane and unremarkable. There was a strict caste system. There was no slavery, as we know it, but “human capital,” to coin one of our humorous terms, was certainly employed by the ruling class. They were quite mystic, most of them – philosopher kings and queens, you see.

Now the idealized vision of this almost feudal system, we can easily imagine. The members of the lower castes would dream of an egalitarian political and social system, perhaps something of a true democracy. So this was entered into the mix. The philosopher king/queen rulers, in their moments of positive reverie, contributed to the vision with dreams of themselves as benevolent masters, loved and cherished by their subjects.

As for physical descriptions of these people, I may tell that they were similar in facial features to the Eskimo. The faces were quite darker, however, with flat cheeks small noses, large almond-shaped eyes. The hair was thick and black for the most part. Both men and women enjoyed adorning the hair with clay ornaments, jeweled barrettes and leather ties of various colors. They were a strikingly beautiful people. We may see the vestiges in, as I said, the Eskimo and the far northern Native American tribes


Mu is one of those lost civilizations that we as a race have created from several different civilizations. This Mystery Civilization existed as a prototypical culture within the collective of humanity’s imagination.

Now, every collective of humans, of animals, of insects and even of inanimate materials as we call them, every amalgam of Consciousness Units has a collective “vision” of itself. Of course, every conceivable vision of Mu exists within probable realities. For our purposes here in this explanation, let us think of the vision as just two fold: There is the “real time” vision, the idea on which is built the CURRENT “bedrock reality” that is experienced by the inhabitants, in this case, the humans of Mu. But it could as easily be the reality as experienced by the atoms that compose a rock upon our lawn. Anything and everything has consciousness and everything exists at once.

Now secondly, each collective, each Gestalt of Consciousness if you prefer, has a vision of the future – an idealized dream or vision of where they would like to be in a future manifestation of their present culture. This future vision or vision of the future is fed by the best case scenarios entertained within the mental environments of all participants in the collective.

Our Mu Civilization was just such an idealized society created on the mental plane of existence by the members of a civilization that existed in certainly a far less idealized manner, if I may say so.


Now let us assume for a moment that it is your fervent desire to connect with this ancient civilization. Perhaps it is a long-standing dream for you to make contact in some way. You have read stories in our history books and in our media about the civilization and the material resonates with you; perhaps it even evokes momentary bleed throughs that allow you to witness the activities within that civilization. If this is the case, we might also assume that you have lived one of several of your Simultaneous Existences within this period of history in this civilization.

You have an interest in the Mayan Civilization, then, because it is personal: you have experienced lives in that era and you wish to remember what you learned in that era. Perhaps you are responding to a call from the past life existence, therefore, to go back and relive some of your experiences. This is a common occurrence both forward and backward in perceived time. In this case, you could say that you are keeping an appointment, made perhaps in this lifetime of long ago, to meet up, and perhaps, in a sense, compare notes as to Lessons learned, or avoided, and so on.

Additionally, this civilization has effectively “seeded” our world culture with the elements necessary to experience the required sensory effects to get the message across to us, in a manner of speaking. This is The Shift that has been foreseen by our visionaries. Many books of material have been written on this civilization and the 2012 phenomenon. Our media had proclaimed the importance of 2012 to the world. The stage was set, therefore, within the world consciousness, for this reincarnational drama of humanity to unfold.

This Shift has been foretold in other practices, such as the Hopi way, and so on, such that the time is now right. The mass consciousness is tuned at this time for this particular presentation of the Ancient Wisdom to be remembered and endorsed by millions of awakening humans.

Now you may receive information on this culture and The Shift for yourself in the Trance State. This is a way to avoid the fear and sensationalism that follow these concepts in our modern media.

EXPERIMENT – Exploring the Mayan Civilization and The Shift of 2012

Hypothesis: You may experience in the Trance State what the Shift holds for you personally.


It is best to let go of any preconceived notions of the Mayan Civilization and what The Shift may mean for you. Material that may have come from harrowing accounts of catastrophes that are “destined” to occur, should be intentionally blocked from your consciousness. One way to do this is to allow the negative images to float to the t”top” of your consciousness where they can be sifted out, or in some other way, visualized away from your ritual proceedings,

As you may know, we maintain in our new books that The Shift will bring a realization to the individual human of ALL of their Simultaneous Existences. Consciousness is becoming known to itself with The Shift. As that occurs, the individual explorer will begin to experience their other lives with a growing frequency. This exercise, therefore, may be one in which you may explore your personal stake in The Shift. You will be using your Intent here, to direct your consciousness to that divine perspective in which you may see, hear, touch, and so on, the activities within your other exietences.

There is a high probability that at least one of your lives was lived within this Mayan Civilization. However, be prepared to experience bleed-throughs into multiple existences that you are living in, while you, at the same time, live within your current existence, in this current timeframe.

The process for returning to normal wakefulness is the same as in all of your experimentations. Direct your consciousness to gently let go of your sensory experiencing within the Trance State. Direct you consciousness to come fully up to surface awareness. Document your Findings.



The bleed-throughs may be anticipated through a form of meditation or Trance. Simply, the researcher “takes hold” of their current Moment Point, creating a Point of Power as I have described it elsewhere. In this moment, the Inner Senses are activated to draw-in data of a visual, auditory, tactile nature, you see, to the Personal Reality Field. This anticipation, as we call it, sets the stage for a bleed-through event to occur.

Incidentally, this is the exact mental state of the archaeological researcher who makes tremendous discoveries intuitively. They are so engrossed in their studies that they are quite naturally activating the bleed-through “mechanism” and do indeed obtain the valuable insights into the culture being studied.


Here with the Mayan civilization, we again have a society that has been studied fairly thoroughly by our scientists. More is certainly revealed as our archaeologists discover new sites where religious observances were held, and so on. Yet from my perspective, again, as we so often remind the Blog reader, YOU would be better off to use our own Inner Senses to explore this civilization.

Therefore, I would ask you, Dear Blog Reader, to consider our concept of bleed throughs in this analysis. A bleedthrough is a momentary piercing of the dimensional-veil, that allows the human in our time frame to briefly observe the going-on in another time period, most usually for us, from within Past Timeframes. Remember however, that the future is just as easily accessible through the use of our innate perceptual lenses, these Inner Senses.


Now in so far as the development over time of the Lemurian expression is concerned, we must go back to the formative years of our world civilizations. As, for example, the European civilization developed from distinct, small tribal collectives into larger groups of humans, what we calling the Ancient Wisdom we kept alive and transferred to succeeding generations through myths, legends, song, and other social media. Each separate tribe, then, had their own particular expression within the mythological world, for the precepts of the Ancient Wisdom.

It must be said, that in these days of long ago, the mythological realm and the activities of the gods and goddesses, Spirits, and what have you, were quite well-known to the average citizen. The spiritual world was just a gesture away for most people, and all members of the group were steeped in the traditions, rituals, and other paraphernalia of their respective religious traditions.

Now compare this with our modern experience. The Divine is quite far removed from our everyday life. Indeed, the spiritual is divorced from our mundane existence. We are only allowed to practice our spiritual traditions on Sundays, for the most part, while setting aside the majority of our waking hours for work. It is often only during the dreamstate in sleep that we are allowed our explorations of the spiritual realms.

Fortunately for us in this exploration, it is to the altered state of the dream that we will turn to explore this non-physical Mystery Civilization. For this exercise, you would best be prepared by having mastered the Trance State, as we have presented it to you in our Blog Series. For what you are doing in the deep Trance State, is in fact, bringing to you the sleeping-dreaming state of consciousness. This is the “foot in both worlds” phenomenon we speak of in the previous Blogs.

There is a peculiarity in the manifestation of this underworld for the individual. Often what you may find in your investigations is the appearance of the spiritual heritage of your lives. For example: if you are living a life within a mainstream religion currently, you may be presented with the symbols and other material of the religion’s history. If you are experiencing one of your other lives within another religion’s context, elements of the spiritual material may come to you through bleed-throughs.

The truth of manifestation in the physical world is apparent in the spiritual practices and imagery of the religious practices. The Ancient Wisdom, in other words, is there for you to observe and gain benefit from, if you can look beyond the additions and elaborations out upon it. Having said that, let us present our experiment:

EXPERIMENTLemuria is the underworld of the world civilizations

HYPOTHESIS: The repository of the mythological and religious practices of humanity may be accessed in the trance state.


Your are emulating your tribal ancestors here in this experiment. The seeker of visions travels to the underworld through contact rituals enacted time-and-time-again, With your Intent, you simply direct your consciousness to travel in what you might call the non-physical vehicle, down into the Earth. You may visualize openings in the Earth that lead you to your desired destination. Using your Intent, simply means that you keep a simple focus on your destination within your consciousness.

Now you are of good, positive, divine Intent here. We have called this perspective the Divine Will in our blogs. It is a state of consciousness that is developed over time. Your intentions are good, in that, you are exploring the underworld of world consciousness, with a reverence for the beings that inhabit that dimension. You will find your own way with practice.

When you sense that you have gained sufficient information from this experiment, direct your Intent to take you up to surface awareness. Please document your findings.



And now a sideroad: If you were to think of the World Civilization as you are experiencing it now, what would come to mind for you? Many thoughts and images come to mind, I am sure. Now to get a feeling for Lemuria, simply consider the underside, the unspoken reality of our progressed modern culture. In other words, for every remarkable technological advance, let us say, in our modern world, there is a corresponding remarkable advance in this underworld with regards to the natural, non-synthesized, expressions of technological improvement.

You would have, for example, the proliferation of advanced forms of communication in this exterior world of the modern Earth, and on the interior, in the land of Lemuria, you might see the counterpart to this technological advance in form of superior expressions of telepathy, natural communications, you see, that do not require the sophisticated instruments developed by the modern human. This is a science of mind as compared to a science of machine, here. Another way we have described this is that what we see in the Third Dimension as the Underworld or non-physical reality, is in Lemuria, the ongoing physical reality: the only thing there is, you see. The outer world or 3D Reality is expressed inwardly in the non-physical world of Lemuria in every way, shape, and instance.

These are difficult concepts to express, however, I believe it would help if you would let go of the idea that the non-physical worlds or dimensions look exactly like the myths and other stories of the imagination expressed in our movies and other media. You might even have an advantage if you were to dispense completely with the name Lemuria, for this name is not the one accepted currently.



We maintain that this Mystery Civilization is one that exists as a “proving ground,” so to speak, for the mythological concepts and personalities of our world’s cultures. It does exist in the same sense that ALL, supposed, theorized, or visualized societies exist, in so far as they are given consistent thought energy by humans and other forms. This disclaimer applies to all of the theorized collectives we discuss in this Blog Series. The civilizations exist first in the imagination, and then “fleshed out” with the manifesting energies of people everywhere.

We also referred to Lemuria as the “place” where the seekers of visions and meetings with the non physical beings go in their ritual journeys. The shamans, visionaries, and other seekers throughout our perceived past, journey to these uncharted territories of consciousness. Each journey to this underground of the imagination by human visionaries, adds to the storyline and the character development, you might say, of the Lemuria Legend.


May we now return to the Hunza to complete this essay? Certainly at about the same time – two thousand years ago in the Himalayas – the residents gave out a call to All That Is requesting a different system of thought, a different essence, you see, that would assist them in guiding their people down a more progressive avenue of creation.

Another aside here… In previous Blogs, I spoke of the Tibetan Buddhism concepts as being the nearest description to the way reality is created by consciousness. The emissaries of The Christ incarnating within these collectives of the mountain peoples were successful, in that the concepts of Reality Creation were taken in as truth and embodied by the human practitioners “whole,” so to speak, without embellishments by priests and others. Because the people practiced in isolation, for the most part, from their colleagues in other parts of Asia, they were able to keep the teaching intact. You could say that the Tibetan Buddhist concepts are closer to the truth of the matter, therefore, than the practices of the mainland Buddhists. It was true then and it is true now.

Certainly the student may explore the Tibetan Buddhist path and see for themselves the obvious correlations between my theory over several decades and the concepts and practices espoused by this group, and kept without alteration over the centuries. That is as much as I will say on this matter for now.


During this time, the Earth was in upheaval in a social, religious, and political sense. The old ways were failing in all institutions, including remember, the basic structures within small tribal units. The cycle of development of humans upon the Earth was at a point in which more “information” was necessary from the Logos, you might say. A new energy, a new system of thought was required to take the place of the crumbling systems of order.

Because evolutionary consciousness – All That Is – does not seek its own annihilation, but rather a continuous development to all points of probability within all dimensions, these divine emissaries were sent into physical incarnation to “save” the planet, to save humanity. These rescue efforts of All That Is survive within our spiritual traditions in the documented mythological adventures of the rescuing gods and goddesses of the pantheons of the Greeks and Romans, for example, but also you see, within virtually ANY world religion from ANY of the thousands of collectives of humans throughout time.

As an aside, we are currently at just such a crossroad in our development, when we as a race are calling out to the Divine to be “saved;” saved from our own negative manifestations.