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The Lessons of negativity can be faced now. We have the tools to deal with these Lessons. Now this is the way that it works for us with all types of behaviors: whatever elicits the perception of satisfaction or happiness is pursued relentlessly. Whatever seems to create the Negative Emotions is most usually avoided. There, of course, exceptions to this rule in every life. We have noted previously in this material the tendency for the “depressed” person to create Reality Constructs that perpetuate the state of depression, as though there were a certain muted satisfaction in depression.

Generally, however, the negative states are avoided by lost of us. For example: this is particularly true in the developed nations as we call ourselves. We are certainly “developed” in so far as access to material wealth is concerned. However, it is the rest of the world’s peoples who have the edge in matters of spiritual understanding, spiritual wealth. In the developed countries we are easily diverted from spiritual considerations by the many objects of mass consumption made available to us through our shopping centers, for example, through our mass media, and so on.

You Dear Blog Reader, are easily diverted in the moment by these requests from our creators of ” shiny things.” We are easily distracted for we are “waiting for an excuse” to avoid our Lessons. As we have suggested in these Blogs, like children, many of us would rather not consider our Lessons in physical or psychological pain, we buy something to “make ourselves feel better.”

As we know, it is the adrenaline and other substances released in our body that creates this “feeling better” state of consciousness. Over time we become dependent on this satisfied emotional state and you may find oneself purchasing more than we need or can afford to keep “happy.” The Lessons of Negativity are thus avoided.


Harsh Conditions

Those that are experiencing these harsh conditions – that they have chosen these lives. Also, we are reminding that they may be on the end of their incarnational trajectories, and may be headed for the higher realms. This may be a good motivation for some to begin using our techniques to transform the negativity they are experiencing into Courage and Loving Understanding. This Soul work is necessary before one may progress to the higher-dimensional realms.


HYPOTHESIS: You may use the advice of your guides in games of chance.

With regards to availing yourself of the assistance of your Guides in matters of prosperity, monetary increase and the like, I must present to you this fact of existence: although you may certainly ask your guides for “divine guidance” as to what are the winning lottery numbers, or what are the winning machines at the casino, and so on, you still remain within the matrix of probabilities in your Reality Creation activities. This matrix includes the casino itself, if I may use this example, and everything in the casino.

Now let us use an example in a particular form of gambling here, to further this disclaimer. In this example, the subject is accessing their Guides while they are engaged in placing bets on the numbers of a roulette wheel game in a normal casino somewhere, in one of our gambling capitals in the U.S.A., in Europe or elsewhere. Let us say that the Guides are doing their best in assisting the student’s experiment in Prosperity-Creation and they are presenting possible winning numbers into the mental environment of the student telepathically.

As you know, there are innumerable probable permutations of events possible within each successive moment of the existence of this theoretical student. Additionally, the outcome of any roll of the dice or spin of the ball in these matters is not known and identified in “bedrock reality,” as we say, until the very last microsecond of the activity of the dice, the ball or the card in any particular instance. The outcome of any gambling event, then, is a cooperative effort human, every machine, every cubic foot of space, every piece of furniture within that casino.

Also, it is important to remember that each of us in physical reality, in whatever Reality Creation activities are involved, are doing so for the learning of particular Lessons. Our Guides are not allowed to present information to us that would interfere with the learning of these Lessons. Let me say that if you are to attempt these experiments in Prosperity Creation, that you first examine your issues with regards to prosperity – the monetary Lessons that you are to learn while in your current body in your current timeframe.

Now if you are to conduct your Prosperity Creation experiments in the field, you will have previously committed the particulars of this experiment to memory. You will also have done your belief work and your “homework” regarding Lessons for this lifetime concerning abundance. Because you will be out in the world conducting your research, it will be necessary to have perfected conducting the Ritual Sanctuary and the creation of the Trance State while in public.

This experiment is concerned with prophecy. You shall be predicting the momentary actives of the elements in a game of chance. Let us assume you are in a public setting somewhere, engaged in this game.


Enter your relaxed state and enter your Trance State. Now conduct your experiment of calling in your Guides. All of these preparatory activities can be an internal process for you, without any outward signs. As in our experiments, it may be wise to assume the playful attitude of a child in these endeavors. And overly-serious attitude may short-circuit the intuitive processes.

Now call upon your Inner senses, if entirely appropriate, to reveal that information you may require to “win.” To accomplish this, you might project your Auric Vision out onto the gaming table and allow your Inner Senses to create a visual representation of the winning numbers, cards, and so on. If you are oriented to sound, perhaps you could ask your Guides to whisper to you the information required. Whatever sensory input you are comfortable with, arrange for your Prosperity Guides and perhaps your Energy Personality to feed to you this information at the appropriate times.

The researcher may expect varying levels of good fortune – positive Reality Creation – to be made manifest in this experiment. You are challenging the “laws” of chance. Any wins beyond these laws, therefore, are an indication that you are on the right track. When you are successful, remember the state of consciousness you embodied immediately prior to the win and reproduce that state as best you can toward future wins. This game of chance is indeed a game. Have fun with it, just as I have suggested you have fun also in the creation of your life in the other domains.

FINDINGS – Remember for future reference the feeling tones and states of consciousness that signal a winning game.


HYPOTHESIS: You can receive advice from your future and probable selves.

Let us assume that you currently experiencing lack in some area of your life. Now the idea of lack is tied to a veritable field of multidimensional negative experiencing. Not only are you experiencing lack in your current Reincarnational Existence, then you are connected to these other lives so that each of the personalities experiencing these lives will sense their negative states of consciousness within yours

Fortunately, within your Simultaneous Lives, including your probable existences, there are also those who are experiencing the opposite of lack – abundance. You shall attempt to contact these lives in your meditations in order to gather information on how you may also create abundance within your own current life. It is a form of sharing within a family, in a manner of speaking, a family of consciousness. And just as you might in your current existence ask for and receive advice from an uncle or cousin on how to invest your money wisely, you may inquire on the subtle levels what your other lives are doing to create abundance.

If you have been with us in these Blogs of ours, trying out some of the exercises and at least attempting some of the experiments, by now you will have gained some glimpses into the unknown reality – the world inhabited by your Multidimensional Counterparts throughout space and time. For you this experiment may reveal information that will quicken your journey, as you look to expand your vistas of perception. If you are just joining us in these esoteric pursuits, this experiment may strike you as rather preposterous, entirely too farfetched to even consider attempting. I urge you to make the effort in spite of your doubt, in spite of your inexperience. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Relax your body and enter a fairly deep Trance State. The object in this experiment is to seek contact with your Simultaneous Lives and probable existences that are experiencing abundance. With this goal as the focus of your intent – your Divine Will – simply reflect on these words as you go deeper and deeper in your meditation. Now you are guided by your Intent here. The consciousness will naturally make those changes necessary to allow contact with the Souls experiencing abundance. It may be best not to force the issue. Trying too hard – attempting to direct the flow of energy – may be counterproductive. Let the mind wander, in other words. Remember, there is an assumption in these investigations that you are being watched over by nonphysical beings. You will be guided to your destination of you will only “go with the flow” of consciousness.

You know what an abundant feeling “feels like.” As you perceive with your Inner Senses the mental environments of your lives as they express these positive emotions, go toward these emotional expressions. Feelings of Courage and Loving Understanding may arise here. Confidence and self-assurance my be readily discernible. If you are sensing these emotional tones, you may be assured that you are on the right track. If you wish to go further with this exploration, ask for names and dates of these other lives. Go as far as you wish in your investigations seeking “proof” that you are making these connections. Return to full sensory awareness when you sense that you are done.

The information you requested in Trance may come to you in the form of impulses, as you go about your waking reality, just as we have suggested in our previous blog series. might I suggest that the emotional tones that “carry” these impulses into your awareness are of the abundant, prosperous variety? That is how you will be able to identify their origin. A always, use your free will to either ignore or act on these impulses.

FINDINGS – Document impulses you have received from your other lives as a result of these enquiries.


HYPOTHESIS: Positive suggestions help to create prosperous realities.

As you may now be well advanced in your achieving of the Trance State, through participating in the exercises in this blog, we will simply present this experiment as one of self-conditioning or self-hypnosis through reading positive affirmative statements or listening to recorded positive suggestions while in Trance. As we have discussed earlier in this blog series, your beliefs and their emotional underpinnings may be more readily accessible than you might think. After all, your beliefs are busy nonstop creating (on a subconscious level) your perceived reality. With the approach that this is not hard to do, it is possible to expect the Idea Constructs supporting your beliefs to be there in your mental environment, observable indeed, without attending years of therapy.


The preliminary work entails an exploration of the consciousness, seeking out those thoughts, images and emotional content that support the beliefs. Enter alight Trance and with pen and paper or through talking into a recorder, you might spontaneously have a discussion with yourself on what are the problematic beliefs. Document what first comes to your mind and go from there. There is an underlying assumption here that your Inner Self is primed to reveal this information to you. Your Soul Self is well aware of this voyage of yours and is undoubtedly waiting to assist you. Simply take down what this aspect of your consciousness is trying to tell you. Document without censoring. You may analyze later.

Come Back To Full Sensory Awareness.

After this initial stage of information gathering is complete, consider the opposites of the problematic beliefs or a positive adaptation of the beliefs and write them down or record these suggestions for playback. Enter your Trance State again and either read the suggestions to yourself or listen to the playback on your recorder.

For example: In your belief work you may have discovered that you have a circular inner comment that is consistently voicing the opinion of someone from your past: “You are stupid. You will never succeed.” Using our technique for revising this unfortunate comment without any true conviction behind it, you see – we might create the following; “You have a strong natural intelligence. A successful life awaits you.” You could then inscribe several different permutations of this message on a paper to read while in a light Trance. Or you could read the various suggestions into your recorder for playback while in a deeper Trance. The object here, which may seem obvious to you now, is to instill the positive suggestions into the mental awareness over time, until the historical comment is supplanted by the improved positive suggestions.

FINDINGS – Document in some form your belief work and your attempts to supplant problematic beliefs with positive suggestions.


Your beliefs have created the precise level of lack that you are experiencing. Your existence is a direct result of your Reality Creation activities according to beliefs that you hold. Any example of poverty or lack within your Personal Reality, therefore, can be traced back to a specific Idea Construct that you perceive as being quite true. In The Healing Regimen we presented an experiment in belief adaptation. In this new regimen we will present a similar experiment with a different focus.


Assume your Trance State through your referred method. Now you are relaxed. Now you are focused on searching for “causes” within your mental environment for the lack you are experiencing. These causes are your beliefs, however you may wish to visualize this concept. What does a belief represent to you, in so far as symbols, feelings, sensations of various types are concerned? Again, it is often the case that the first thing that comes to mind may hold the most information. Your Inner Self is attempting to tell you something, you see, to reveal something of value to you. The information may be quite complex in construction, as in a profound revelation – an epiphany – or quite simple, as in a fleeting emotion of some kind.

For example: suppose that your first thought within the Trance State was the statement, “This is not going to work,” and what if this statement operates as a powerful loop – a rumination – within your consciousness. If this were the case, do you see how difficult it might be for you to approach these studies and experimentation and be successful to any degree? Now this is an extremely common first discovery for the explorer of nonphysical reality. This simple Idea Construct is quite powerful in its simplicity, when it is looped, you see, when it is repeated incessantly within the mental environment. It has the power to adversely affect the Reality Creation activities on all levels, not merely the financial.

Now what if you were to revise the phrase somewhat: “That may work.” Now there is hope. Now there is the opportunity for change. Here in this experiment, using your Intent, what we are referring to as Divine Will, you alter the negative rumination – the substance of negative belief – to make room for hope and opportunity. “This may work. This Spiritual Prosperity Program may work.” This is a positive rumination that may assist you in the creation of positive realities. As you witness your improving reality, your beliefs about what is possible are changed. You are opening up. You are accepting the possiblity of positive change in you world.


HYPOTHESIS: The emotional body displays the causes and remedies of lack.

In this experiment you will use your Inner Sense of sight, your Auric Vision, to perceive the emotional elements within your consciousness that prevent you from experiencing The Abundant Universe. This vision of your emotional issues relative to prosperity may take the form of a dramatic vignette displayed for you as you close your eyes to relax.

Within this dramatic presentation you may witness, for example, a replay of an event from your perceived past, in which you experienced disempowerment in some form. Perhaps you were robbed by a bully when you were a child. Perhaps as adult had suggested to you that you would never be successful in your life, that you were “not good with money” or “irresponsible.”

The communication stream from your inner world may take the form of a narrative, perhaps a rumination of a series of words or sentences. The focus here is on “causes” of present lack in your reality, and so you may remember words and phrases that portray you as, in some way, incompetent or unable to ever succeed. You may have a sudden feeling of distaste, or fear, or other Negative Emotion that acts as a catalyst, allowing you to go deeper in your exploration to the roots of your current less-than-satisfactory life condition.

As in our previous investigations in this Research Project, the vision may have elements other than sight, i.e. smell, taste, hearing. And again, please be prepared to face some difficult material – ideas and images you may have kept undercover for many years.


Relax your physical body in the way that most pleases you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few moments. Remember that the vision of the emotional issues may be perceived as existing within the torso of your body, within the heart region. The focus here is on causes, most probably from your past, of present financial insecurity. These are emotional injuries sustained during difficult Lessons learned usually in childhood in your current and your other lives. In your current life, these Negative Emotions have sustained themselves over time, preventing you from experiencing The Abundant Universe that is your birthright.

You may re-experience a specific event that occurred in your perceived past that represented a break from your innocent childhood experiencing and marked a new trajectory of development for you as a maturing “socialized” human. Perhaps you may view that point where you gave up some of your Reality Creation energies to authority figures: parent, teacher, relative. The feeling tone of your experiences will help you to determine where to go with this experiment. Ask for direction from your Guides. Use your Inner Senses as a compass. Your intuition will guide you if you are clear and persistent.

FINDINGS – Immediately document in some way your experiences with reading The Emotional Body.


Hypothesis: You may manage soul family relationships in the Trance State.

We have stated before in these new Blogs series, that each and every human being that you meet – including the delivery person and the teller at the local bank – is in your life at the moment to teach you something. Many of the more intense relationships you create with these humans are Soul Family connections. Of this broad group of humans who are within your field of experiencing to interact with you in the learning of Lessons regarding the acquisition of money and the perception of the Abundant Universe.

This statement may bring to mind events from your own life in which you were quite intrigued with the good fortune that came your way, at hands of one of these mysterious extended family members. Or perhaps you were “taken for a ride” by one of your acquaintances, and relieved of some of your hard-earned money. Either way, you were learning Lessons from Soul Family members. These interactions often have an element of Fate attached to them, as though they were “meant to be,” to coin a phrase from our New Agers. However, as you know, you and your colleagues are making it happen. You are just currently unaware of the intricacies of this cooperative effort.

The perspective of experiencing Lessons from within a broad collective called the Soul Family can be learned. I suggest you conduct the following experiment with the idea that you are already embodying this perspective.


The first step here would be to identify those Soul Family members who may act as partners in the realization of abundance you require. Using your Inner Senses you may home-in on these personalities in your times of meditation. Some you may have already identified within your field of experiencing as potential allies. This is a form of communicating with the Energy Personality of another. You will be identifying specific characteristics of personality and Soul that will assist you in creating good fortune within the lives of all of you, everyone benefits, you see.

Now this group may be small in number or it may be quite Large. Either way, you will be working with these humans on the subtle levels. You might think of yourself as the business manager of this assembly, and you are working with their High Selves for mutually beneficial purposes. This is you Intent. You are grounded in your sense of Divine Will to communicate your interests to these humans via their Spirit Guides – their Energy Personalities. If EP of the Soul Family member resists, do not press further. You are not to force yourself on others in any way. This is a sacred form of communication. If you meet with resistance, move on to another potential partner. In the mundane world, there may be no signs that you are interacting with these people in any special fashion. “Business as usual,” as we say. However, do note the attainment of group goals that could have never been realized had these secret connections not been made.

FINDINGS – Document the establishment of connections with Soul Family members and the realization of Soul Family goal in matters of abundance.


Hypothesis: We may tune-in the abundant universe

Perception creates reality in the Third Dimension. When you visualize and embody The Abundant Universe, you are CREATING and SUSTAINING this Gestalt of Consciousness. You are withdrawing from this template of creation, the highly personalized elements in the form of Conscious Units that you require to create the reality of abundance within your Personal Reality Field. You can’t help yourself, you see. Your thoughts are composed of Conscious Units. All Consciousness seeks manifestation of itself. By simply thinking of something you lend your efforts towards creating it.

Now we each have our idealized view of the perfect world. You know quite well what objects, what types of people, and what behaviors would exist in this world. For your own reasons, however, you choose not to put your energies towards manifesting The Abundant Universe. As I have said to you, your “reasons” for doing something or not doing something in your life – the denials. The intellectualization – serve to aid you in encountering and experiencing your Lessons.

For example: consider a human that finds themselves within a precious financial situation. All is lost financially for whatever reasons in physical reality. Additionally, this human makes matters worse by continually blaming themselves for the financial loss. It is a personal issue. They feel as though they have failed personally as well as financially.

Now this negative assessment of the Personal Reality, as you may remember, serves to perpetuate it. The person is trying all of the domains of existence into one know. They are in effect saying, “I have failed financially because I am a failure personally. I am a bad person, an undeserving person.” The entire existence is colored with this negative assessment.

How does this person perceive and create The Abundant Universe under these drastic conditions? Remember, this is an unconscious process. If you wish to this Gestalt of Consciousness that is your personalized Abundant Universe, then you must go to the unconscious and explore. It would be wise to use the emotionally neutral state of Trance. In the Trance State the subject may gain a broader view of the life and the conditions of existence. The Agenda of negative Reality Creation is easily interrupted by the Trance. The opportunity for introducing changes into the reality creation strategies is made available.


Attain your Trance State. If you are in your quiet meditation area, relax your body, breathe deeply, rest upon the floor or do whatever behaviors assist you in creating the Trance. If you are out in the world, you may, as we have suggested in the last blog, tie the attainment of the Trance State to a gesture such as snapping the fingers, rubbing a good-luck piece or whatever suits you.

In this experiment we will assist the researcher in withdrawing from the negative reality of lack and “waking up” in The Abundant Universe. This has a distinctly magical quality to it.

As you are resting comfortably, out in the world or in your meditation area in your home, within your Trance State, embody the perception of entering the Gestalt of Consciousness we are calling The Abundant Universe in this Blog. A playful approach here may be best. As child would, imagine yourself in your inner world, coming into a kingdom, perhaps, in which all of the desired Reality Constructs that populate your personalized Abundant Universe are displayed. You are venturing out and away from your normal world to visit this inner world where the outer world is created.

As we have suggested in our other experiments in using the Trance State, the information stream may be sensed in various ways. The Gestalt of Consciousness may present itself to you “full blown” as in an intense, multisensory visionary experience. Or you may get your “glimpse” of this idealized state as though you were receiving a Holographic Insert or other inspirational missive from the nonphysical world. You may hear sounds and voices that represent abundance and good fortune for you personally. You may also simply experience a “good feeling,” a pervasive sensation of grace, a feeling that all is well with you in your world.

As you receive you data, note the information for documenting later, then proceed to go deeper into you relaxed state and uncover more Findings. Typically, because the emotions experienced in perceiving The Abundant Universe are so positive, you will be motivated to continue your explorations. When you feel as though you have enough information from the session, return to full sensory awareness of Third Dimensional Reality, bringing with you The Abundant Universe that you have perceived/created into existence on the subtle levels. If you are out and about, on a park bench let us say, snap your fingers, rub your good-luck piece. If you are indoors in your meditation area, give yourself the suggestion that you will return to your normal awareness with the full memories of The Abundant Universe intact.

FINDINGS – Document your findings.


Of course you may use all of the Metaphorical Tools we have described in our series of new Blogs. An Important addition you might consider is the creation of The Well of Good Fortune, or some other metaphor tailored to your own sensitive. Here the object is to call your symbols of wealth, good fortune, havingness, and combine them into one powerful image, phrase, song, object or what have you.

Give the Metaphorical Tool a fitting name. Empower it with your thoughts and your limitless energies. In my example, you might empower with your energies a visualized well, perhaps somewhere in a beautiful forest. Within this well is the abundance and good fortune you desire. Going to The Well of Good Fortune, then, might be a simple matter of imagining yourself entering a forest, observing The Well, and visualizing the desired Reality Constructs coming up and out of the well, perhaps as you turn the crank. The Metaphorical Tools are easy to create. They are most effective when you can feed them your divine energy. Personalize these tools and make them your own.

The Radio Dial Metaphor may also be ably used in Spiritual Prosperity. Just as you perhaps used this tool to tune-in the healing elements and tune-out the disease-producing Gestalts of Consciousnesses in The Healing Regimen, here you may use your Radio Dial to tune-in on the impulses from your Simultaneous Lives, for example, that seek to direct your vision toward The Abundant Universe. You would then, at the same time, tune-out the impulses and influences from Negative Entities, other existences that are experiencing lack and those Negative Emotions that hamper your attainment of Spiritual Prosperity.

Now for some experimentation in Spiritual Prosperity.


The technique of suspending disbelief will assist you in creating further moments of prosperity after you are successful in creating a “glimpse” of The Abundant Universe. For example: suppose you have completed your investigative work, you have gone within to examine your personal conceptualization of The Abundant Universe. Your idea of abundance, for the time being, might involve, perhaps, receiving an unexpected windfall, a sum of money, several hundred dollars let us say, in the mail. Now you have done your work here. You have attached Love to all of your though-forms. You have magically anticipated this gift and now you are witnessing the manifestation.

At the moment of realization, when you connect the windfall to your Spiritual Prosperity behaviors and thoughts depending on your “issues” – self-image. Experiencing of Negative Emotions – you may find it difficult or quite easy TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for this creative work. If you have doubts and ascribe the gift to coincidence, you diminish your power in the moment. However, if you confidently express your gratitude, Loving Understanding and Courage in that moment, you are adding to your powers of manifestation. You are suspending disbelief – the negative assessment of the act of manifestation – for just the moment. Then you would successively suspend disbelief in your growing powers, moment-to-moment in the “future.”

Suspending disbelief is a form of silencing the internal censor – that aspect of your consciousness that wishes to keep you entranced in the certain of status quo realities. Over time, this voice will be replaced by the encouraging message from Beings of Light – your Guides who seek to assist you in expanding your awareness.