WE EXPERIENCE DIRECT KNOWLEDGE, When We are In Touch With Our Psyche.

Direct knowledge is comprehension. When we are dreaming, we are experiencing direct knowledge about ourselves of about the world. We are comprehending our own being in a different way. When we are reading a book, we are experiencing indirect knowledge that may or may not lead to comprehension. Comprehension itself exists whether or not we have words– or even thoughts– to express it. We may comprehend the meaning of a dream without understanding it at all in verbal terms. Our ordinary thoughts may falter, or slip and slide around our inner comprehension without ever really coming close to expressing it.


Dreams deal with associations and with emotional validities that often do not seem to make sense in the usual world. No one can really give you a definition of the psyche. It must be experienced. Since its activities, wisdom and perception rise largely from another kind of reference, then we must often learn to interpret our encounter with the psyche to our usual self. One of the largest difficulties here is the issue of organization. In regular life, we organize our experience very neatly and push it into accepted patterns or channels, into preconceived ideas and beliefs. We tailor it to fit time sequences. The psyche’s organization follows no such learned predisposition. Its products can often appear chaotic simply because they splash over our accepted ideas about what experience is.


Hints, that would increase practical, spiritual, and physical enjoyment and fulfillment in daily life. Experiences of the psyche splash outward into daylight. We can see the greater dimensions that touch ordinary living, and sense the psyche’s magic. The psyche’s events are very difficult to pin down in time. Some events could hardly be so pinpointed, and indeed seem to have no beginning or end.


Because we tie our experience so directly to time, we rarely allow ourselves any experiences, except in dreams, that seem to defy it. The psyche must be directly experienced.


Each of our experiences, however, demonstrates the ways in which the psyche’s direct experiences defy our prosaic concepts of time, reality. And the orderly sequence of events. They serve to point up the differences between knowledge and comprehension, and emphasize the importance of desire and of the emotions.

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