We Are Born With The Inclination Towards Language

Language is implied in our physical structure. We are born with the inclination to learn and to explore. When we are conceived, there is already a complete pattern for our own physical body — a pattern that is definite enough to give us the recognizable kind of adult form, while variable enough to allow for literally infinite variations.


It would be idiotic of us to say that we were forced to become an adult, however. For one thing, at any given time we could end the process — and many do. In other words, because the pattern for development exists in our terms, this does not mean that each such development is not unique.


In our terms again, then, at any one earth time many such patterns exist. In greater respects however, all time is simultaneous, and so all such physical patterns exist at once.

In the psychic areas all patterns for knowledge, cultures, civilizations, personal and mass accomplishments, sciences, religions, technologies and arts, exist in the same fashion.


The private psyche, the part of us that we do not recognize, is aware of those patterns even as it is aware of private physical biological patterns about which it forms our image. Certain leanings, inclinations, and probabilities are present then in our biological structure, to be triggered or not according to our purposes and intents. We may personally have the ability to be a fine athlete, for example. Yet our inclinations and intents may carry us in a different direction, so that the necessary triggers are not activated. Each individual is gifted in a variety of ways. His or her own desires and beliefs activate certain abilities and ignore others.


The human species has built into it all the knowledge, information, and “data” that it can possibly need under any and all conditions. This heritage must be triggered psychically, however, as a physical mechanism such as a music is triggered through desire or intent.


This does not mean that we learn what in larger terms we already know; as for example, if we learn a skill. Without the triggering desire, the skill would not be developed; but even when we do learn a skill, we use it in our own unique way. Still, the knowledge of mathematics and the arts is a much within us as our genes are within us. We usually believe that all such information must come from outside of our self, however. Certainly mathematics formulas are not imprinted in the brain, yet they are inherent in the structure of the brain, and implied within its existence. Our own focus determines the information that is available to us.


The information, however, is extremely valuable, and knowledge on any kind of subject is available in just such a manner– but it is attained through desire and through intent.

This does not mean that any person, spontaneously, with no instruction, can suddenly become a great artist or writer or scientist. Even becoming a proofreader requires huge amounts of study and dedication. Whether you work for a large corporation, or if you work from home on a freelance basis, you still need plenty of talent and a passion for words. It does mean, however, that the species possesses within itself those inclinations which will flower. It means also that we are limiting the range of our knowledge by not taking advantage of such methods. It does not mean that in our terms all knowledge already exists, either, for knowledge automatically becomes individualized as we receive it, and hence, new.


Our desire automatically attracts the kind of information we require, though we may or may not be aware of it.


If we are gifted, and want to be a musician, for example, then we may literally learn while we are asleep, tuning in to the world views of other musicians, both alive and dead in our terms. When we are awake, we will receive inner hints, nudges or inspirations. We may still need to practice, but our practice will be largely in joy, and will not take as long as it might others. The reception of such information facilitates skill, and operates basically outside of time’s sequences.


It seems almost heresy to suppose that such knowledge is available, for then what use is education? Yet education should serve to introduce a student to as many fields of endeavor as possible, so that he or she might recognize those that serve as natural triggers, opening skills or furthering development. The student will, then pick and choose. There are, or course, probable futures from the standpoint of our past. Future information is theoretically available there, just as the body’s future pattern of development was at our birth– and that certainly was practical.

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