in ordinary life, we end up with sexual caricatures in practical existence.

We do not understand what true womanhood or true manhood is. We are forced instead to concentrate upon a shallow kind of diversity. As a result, the reflection of sexual schism taints all of our activities, but most of all it limits our psychological reality. For the younger generation now the reality is that from a young age they are being taught sexual expression through porn from sites like XXX sex videos.


Since we value sexual performance in the most limited of terms, and use that largely as a focus of identity, then both our old and young also find themselves outside of our organizational frameworks. The young are more freewheeling in their thoughts before they accept sexual roles, and the old are more freewheeling in theirs because they have discarded their sexual roles. I did not say that old or young had no sexual expression– but that both groups did not identify their identities with their sexual roles. There are of course exceptions. If man or the woman is taught that identity is a matter of sexual performance, however, and that that performance must cease at a certain age, then the sense of identity is dependent upon such performance, then they will begin to perform as quickly as possible. They will squeeze their identity into sexual clothes, and the society will suffer because the great creative thrusts of growing intellect and intuitions will be divided at puberty, precisely when they are needed.


Ideally, the adult male or female would rejoice in sexual expression and find an overall orientation, but would also bask in a greater psychological and psychic identity that experienced and expressed all of the great human capabilities of mind and heart, which splash over any artificial divisions.

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