To a molecule of DNA the conventional notion of evolution

Could such an entity grasp that idea, or even want to-might be hilarious indeed, given its own enhanced time scheme. Actually it would be more to the point if perhaps with the aid of hypnosis and or visualization, we tried from our giant-sized viewpoints to touch such minute consciousnesses with our own, and so extend our knowledge in unexpected ways. Some probable realities might be reached–potential conscious achievements that I think are already within the reach of certain gifted individuals. We each create our own reality, with all that that implies.


Our real challenge is knowing our own species, and others, may lie in our cultivating the ability to understand the interacting consciousnesses involved, rather than to search only for physical relationships supposedly created through evolutionary processes. The challenge is profound. The consciousnesses of numerous other species may be so different from ours, and miss the essences of others entirely. To give just two examples, at this time we are surely opaque to the seemingly endless search for value fulfillment that consciousness displays through the  “lowly” lung fish and the “unattractive” cockroach. Yet those entities are quite immune to our notions of evolution, and they explore time contexts in ways far beyond our current human comprehension. As far as science knows, both have existed with very little change for over 300 million years.

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