The slightest perception alters every atom within the body

There are changes in the positive and negative atomic charges, alterations of movement inside the atoms in the smaller particles, a change in pulsation rate. The activity of atoms is actually caused by perceptive qualities. To begin with, atoms do not just move with themselves because they are atoms. The constant motion within them is caused by the unending perceptive nature of any consciousness, however minute in our terms.



Each of the particles within the atom is perceptively aware of all the other particles within that same atom. They move in response to stimuli that come from other atoms. Each atom within a cell, for example, is aware of the activity of each of the other atoms there, and to some extent of the stimuli that come to the cell itself from outside of it.


Perceptions in general physical terms usually seem to involve information picked up from an arbitrarily structure, of an event seemingly occurring in another structure outside of itself. In the entire act of perception, however, there is a oneness and a unity between the seemingly objectively perceived event and the perceiver.


The entire act has its own electromagnetic reality, and the event is actually electromagnetic motion. The movement within the atoms, is therefore basically a part of the entire perceived event.


Egotistically, we make arbitrary designations of necessity, perceiving only portions of any given action, the ego attempting to separate itself from overall action, and to see itself as an entirely independent structure.


To go into modern knowledge of the components of the atom can be a very complicated task, note that such particles are regarded as actually being packets of energy, or “probability patterns”, that can also manifest themselves as waves, both the particle and the wave aspects are legitimate in space-time. An atom, then, is composed of a “heavy” positively charged nucleus orbited by “lighter” negatively charged electrons.


The electron is the lightest particle known to have mass and charge, and its internal structure – whatever it may be is unknown. The atomic nucleus is largely made up of more massive protons and neutrons, but investigation within the nucleus has either uncovered or produced many other subatomic particles as well – over 200 of these, some of them unstable, are presently known. All of the particles or probability patterns discussed here would be composed of the much , much smaller “units of consciousness”.


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