The Particular variations that one person might play are endless.

You cannot consciously begin to alter the framework of our life, unless we realize first of all that we form it.. The melody is our own. It is not inevitable, nor is it only tune that we can play.

To some extent we can actualize portions of our own unknown reality, and draw them into the experienced area of our life. There is an obvious relationship between one note and another in a musical composition. Now in terms of physical families and in larger terms of countries, there is a relationship between realities, which constantly change as the notes do. To some extent our reality is picked up by our contemporaries. they accept it or not according to the particular theme or focus of their lives.


In those terms, we are not a part of any reality that is not our own. If we share it with others, it is because others are concerned with variations of the same theme. This applies in terms of world goals “at any given time.”

In certain terms, we are working with the challenge of how best to use the world’s resources. Some countries will overproduce. Others will underproduce. Contradictions seem to occur. Some people will be overfed while others starve; some sated with material conveniences, others relatively ignorant of them. These are variation of the same theme, we see. In overall terms contemporaries are working on the same group of challenges, though either oversupply or great lack might show itself at any particular place. Perhaps, however, the challenges could not be clearly delineated without those extravagances of degree.


As contemporaries, counterparts choose a particular time framework. The time format alone makes certain focuses clear, that in our terms could not be made in another context. What we learn in our present about industry–“progress”–and the equitable sharing of the earth’s products, could only be learned in a context in which industrialism was experienced as going too far, where technology was seen and known as a growing jeopardy.

In terms that are difficult to describe, the creative solutions will change the course of history in the past, so that variations are taken, and technology does not progress in the same way that it “has” in our experience.


We can change our past from the present. The same applies to civilizations.


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