The Origins of Our Dimension

We think of our universe as having certain dimensions, and we want an explanation based more or less upon the proposition that those dimension themselves made possible the origin — which must, however, have emerged from other larger dimensions of actuality than those contained in our universe itself. Ther terms of reality within our universe cannot hold or contain that vaster context in which such master events happen. Therefore, I must follow to some extent the traditional references that we use to define events to begin with.


While I am doing that I am trying to introduce intuitively at least, to a larger framework, in which events straddle the reality that we know. Nevertheless, we will begin with issues in which it is very possible that contradictions may seem to occur, since our own definitions of an event are so simple that they ignore larger ramifications in an overall greater unity of structure and action. Our imaginations will be of high value here, for they can often perceive unities that are not evident to the intellect — which we have trained to deal specifically with the evidence of the here and now.

There are phases of relatedness, rhythms and harmonies of consciousness from whose infinite swells the molecular “music” of our universe is sounded. Our place in those rhythms is highly vital. We exist in a kind of original interval — though, if you can, think of the word “interval” without the connotations of continuing time. It is as if an infinite number of orchestras were playing simultaneously, and each note sounded was also played in all of its probable positions with each other note possible, and in combination with all of the probable versions of the entire piece being played.


Between the notes sounded there would be intervals, and those unsounded interval would also be part of a nature unstated rhythm upon which the development of the entire sounded production was dependent. The unsounded intervals would also be events, of course, cues for action, triggers for response.

Our stated universe emerged out of that kind of interval, emerging from a master event whose true nature remains uncaptured by our definitions — so there will be places in our blogs where I may say that an event known to us is true and untrue at the same time, or that it is both myth and fact. And in so doing I hope to lead toward some psychic comprehension of a kind of event far too large for our usual categories of true and false. Perhaps, then, we will let our imaginations play upon the usual events of our world, and glimpse at least in part that greater brilliance that illuminates them, so that it leads us intuitively to a feeling for the source of events and the source of our world. The units of consciousness that I have blogged about. They are also in other terms entities, fragments of All That Is, if you prefer — divine fragments of power and majesty, containing all of the powers of consciousness as we think of it, concentrations without substance in our terms.


There are many other universes besides our own, each following its own intervals, its own harmony. Our ideas of historic time impede my explanations. In those terms,our world’s reality stretches back far further than we imagine, and in those terms — we need the qualifications — our ancestors have visited other stars, as our planet has been visited by others. Some such encounters intersected in space and time, but some did not. There are endless versions of life. There are, then, other species like our own, and in the vast spectrums of existence that our reality cannot contain, there have been galactic civilizations that came together when the conditions were right.

Time’s framework does not exist as we think it does. Intervals of existence are obviously not the same. In ways impossible to explain, there are what I can only call inner passageways throughout the universe. We know how one association can suddenly in our minds connect us with a past event so clearly that it almost seems to occur in the present — and indeed, a strong-enough memory is like a ghost event. So there are processes that work like associations, that can provide passageways through the universe’s otherwise time-structured ways. These passageways are simply a part of the greater nature of events that we do not perceive.


At times our species has traveled those passageways, and many of our myths represent ghost memories of those events. There is a rhythm, again, to all existence, and so in our terms our species returned to its home planet, to renew its roots, refresh its natural stock to nature, to find solace again amid the sweet ancient heritage of dusk and dawn.

The planet has seen many changes. It has appeared and disappeared many times. It flickers off and on — but because of the intervals of our attention, each “on” period seems to last for millions of years, of course, while at other levels the earth is like a firefly, flickering off and on.


I do not mean by such a description to minimize the importance of physical life, for All That Is endows each portion of its own transformed reality with a unique existences that is duplicated nowhere else, and each spark of consciousness is endowed with a divine heritage that is never extinguished — a spark that is apparent in all other corners of the universe.


In various branches of mathematics, from the works of Euclid (the Greek mathematician who flourished around 300 b.c.) to modern information theory, I have found many relationships with these ideas.

My tentative inquiries led me to the axioms of Euclidean geometry, sa, are innately valid in describing the mind’s inner reaches, or whether, in ordinary terms, those propositions represent conscious acquired interpretations of our visual experience.


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