The mind cannot be detected by our instruments

The mind does not take up space, and yet the mind is the value that gives power to the brain. The mind expands continuously both in individual terms and in terms of the species as a whole, and yet the mind takes up neither more nor less space, whether it be the mind of a flea or a man.


The universe has no more to do with space in our terms than does the dream world.

Our ideas of space is some completely erroneous conception of an emptiness to be filled. Things–planets, stars, nebulae–come into being in this physical [camouflage] universe of ours, according to our latest theories, and this universe expands–pushed so that its sides bulge, so to speak the outer galaxies literally bursting into nowhere. True inner space is to the contrary vital energy, itself alive, possessing abilities of transformation, forming all existences, even the camouflage reality with which we are familiar, and which we attempt to probe so ineffectively.


This basic universe of which I speak expands constantly in terms of intensity and quality and value, in a way that has nothing to do with our idea of space. The basic universe beneath all camouflage does not have an existence in space at all, as we envision it. Space is a camouflage. This tinge of time is an attribute of the physical camouflage form only, and even then the relationship between time and ideas, and time and dreams, is a nebulous one, although in some instances parts of the inner universe may be glimpsed from the camouflage perspective of time; only, however, a small portion.


If the dream world, the mind, and inner universe do exist, but not in space, and if they do not exist basically in time, though they may be glimpsed through time, then our question will be: In what medium or in what manner do they exist, and without time, how can they be said to exist in duration? The basic universe exists behind all camouflage universes in the same manner, and taking up no space, that the mind exists behind the brain. The brain is a camouflage pattern. It takes up space. It exists in time, but the mind takes up no space and does not have its basic existence in time. Our camouflage universe, on the other hand, takes up space and exists in time.

Nevertheless the dream world, the mind, and the basic inner universe do exist, in what we can call the value climate of psychological reality. This is the medium. This takes the place of what we call space. It is a quality which makes all existences and consciousness possible. It is one of the most powerful principles behind or within the vitality that itself composes form itself all other phenomena.


One of the main attributes of this value climate is spontaneity, which shows itself in the existence of the only sort of time that has any real meaning–that of the spacious present.

The spacious present does  not contradict the existence of a future as we conceive it. Now this may appear contradictory, but later I hope that we will understand this more clearly. The spacious present, while existing spontaneously, while happening simultaneously, still contains within it qualities of duration.


Growth in our camouflage universe often involves the taking up of more space. Actually, in our inner universe, growth exists in terms of value or quality expansion, and does not–Imply any sort of space expansion. Nor does it imply, as growth does in our camouflage universe, a sort of projection into time.

If growth is one of the most necessary laws of our camouflage universe, value fulfillment corresponds to it in the inner-reality universe.


The so-called laws of our camouflage universe do not apply to the inner universe. They do not ever apply to other camouflage planes. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage realities. Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted in various camouflage realities. There are diverse manifestations of them, and names given to them.

These fundamental laws are followed on many levels in our own universe. So far the one given is value fulfillment. In our physical universe this rule is followed as physical growth. The entity follows it through the cycle of [simultaneous] reincarnations. The species of mankind, and all other species in our universe on our particular horizontal plane, follow this law [value fulfillment] under the auspices of evolution. In other camouflage realities, this law is carried through in different manners, and it is never ignored.


The second law of the inner universe is energy transformation. This occurs constantly. Energy transformation and value fulfillment, both existing within the spacious present [or at once], add up to a durability that is at the same time spontaneous, and simultaneous.


Our third law is spontaneity, and despite all appearances of beginning and end, of death and decay, all consciousness exist in the spacious present, in a spontaneous manner, in simultaneous harmony; and yet within the spacious present there is also durability.


Durability if our fourth law. Durability within the framework of the spacious present would not exist were it not for the laws of value fulfillment and energy transformation. These make duration within the spacious present not only possible but necessary.





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