one universe alone is basically nonsensical

Our reality must be seen in its relationship to others. Otherwise we are always caught in question like ‘How did the universe begin?’ or ‘When will it end?’ All systems are constantly being created.  There is no closed systems and the backward and forward, inward and outward motion of time are real.

“Camouflage” refers not only to our physical world as one of the forms( or camouflages) taken by basic reality, but to another kind ot time as well–the medium of successive moments the outer ego is used to, and in which our ordinary world exists.


“Electromagnetic Energy” units, exist just below the range of physical matter, and accrete in response to emotional intensity; eventually, they form physical objects.

“Conscious units” or ‘units of consciousness” Are not units of particles. There is a basic unit of consciousness that, expressed, will not be broken down.


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