The excitement of living must come from each of us.

We come here to know ourselves, and that should always be our purpose. We are the people we search for. The dimensions of our reality are the important points.


In certain terms, and in certain terms only, and speaking now as the psychological bridge personality, then what we perceive is a portion of the human mind, as we understand it, goes beyond the threshold of itself into other dimensions of actuality; then, as best it can, it translates what it learns, sees, and experiences. It goes out of itself– it launches itself on paths that it does not understand, taking journeys. One portion of each human personality is that free.

It is important in terms of our own understanding of ourselves and the nature of time.


Triggers are needed to initiate emergence into other worlds through the personality.The practical impetus of our need at the time, operates as the final emotional trigger–then we recall the circumstances.


Each physical person operates as a particleized being, and particularly in terms of a wave. But identity, being itself inviolate, is on the other hand everchanging–and there is, in the larger framework of reality, no contradiction.

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