To one extent or another, each family of consciousness carries within it the characteristics inherent in all families. There is, therefore, great diversity.

The Sumari abilities are highly creative ones, however. To a large extent they have been inhibited in our society. Each person can recognize his or her degree of Sumariness. The playful, creative elements of personality can then be released.These qualities are particularly important as they add to, temper, or enhance the primary characteristics of the other families of consciousness.

If you are a “reformer,” a “reformer by nature,” then the Sumari characteristics, brought to the surface, could help you temper your seriousness with play and humor, and actually assist you in achieving your reforms far easier then otherwise. each personality carries traces of other characteristics besides those of the family of consciousness to which he or she might belong. The creative aspects of the Sumari can be particularly useful if those aspects are encouraged in any personality, simply because their inventive nature throws light on all elements of experience.

The psyche as we know it, then, is composed of a mixture of these families of consciousness. One is not superior to the others. They are just different, and they represent various ways of looking at physical life. The existence of psychic groupings, and the difference be tween probable and reincarnational selves, counterparts and families of consciousness. At times contradictions may seem to exist. We may wonder how we are us in the midst of such multitudinous psychic “variations.”

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