Sumari family have the capacity to reach out emotionally to others and empathize.

To some extent this feeling for humanity often deserves as an impetus for creative work.  Many of them also have a mystical sense of connection with nature. At the same time they can be relative isolationists, wanting to work in solitude.


Various kinds of seemingly contradictory characteristics may appear, then. One Sumari may have many deeply rewarding personal relationships. Another might find friends a distraction. One Sumari might enjoy performing in front of an audience, while another might not even be able to bear the thought. Since each person is unique, the various Sumari characteristics will then appear quite differently. Some live in cities, basking in the emotional nearness of others, content with a few flowerpots for a reminder of nature’s beauty. Another might have a farm. In most cases, however, the slant of consciousness is primarily creative.



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