Subconscious Layers of Precognitive Dreams

We will discover definite correlations that exists between the incidence of precognitive dreams and data having to do with the temperature and weather. I don’t believe it is possible for us to carry our dream experiments far enough to discover certain other factors that exist between various layers of subconscious and falling temperature rates in the body; therefore, I mention it here.


It would be necessary to take our temperature many times during the night and to correlate the findings with the levels of the subconscious as they showed themselves within the dream series. It should be noted, however, that with the exception of several other circumstances, these various subconscious levels fall within definite temperature ranges. To some extent, this can be ascertained through hypnosis. However, suggestion to the effect that the subject’s temperature rise and fall would tend to obscure the effect.


This correlation is observable only when the personality is in an inactive state. Suggestions of motion or excitement would change and affect the temperature reading, so that this characteristic temperature range would go unnoticed. Illness can also obscure the effect.



If we can see future events in dreams, does this mean that the theory of free will is a myth? Not at all. Consider this question along with the nature of time and probable events.



Sometimes precognitive information will appear to be wrong. In some cases, this is because a different probable event has been chosen by the self for physical materialization. To me our past, present and future merge into one.



On the other hand, as I have told , our past itself continually changes. It does not appear to change to us, for we change with it. The question of precognition, however, is not at issue with information concerning the past. Our future changes as the past does. Since precognition deals with future events, it is here that the issue of changing time shows itself.


In such cases, it is necessary that the correct channel of probable events be perceived; ‘correct’ meaning the channel which will ultimately be chosen in our terms. The choice is dependent upon our choices in both past and present. These choices, however, are based upon our changing perceptions of past and present. When we have a greater scope of perception , we can predict what may happen with better facility. But this is still dependent upon our prediction of a choice we will make.


Predictions, per se, do not contradict the theory of free will, though free will is dependent upon much more than the freedom of the ego alone. If the ego were allowed to make all the choices, with no veto power from other layers of the self, we would all be in a sad position, indeed.


The probable system and its connections here.

The field of probabilities is quite as real as our physical universe. The experiences encountered there by other portions of the self are used by the whole self. The knowledge gained there is invaluable, not only in terms of overall experience, but as a means of training the ego and subconscious to choose between various activities.


All of this data is instantly available; only the ego is unaware of this field of reality. It would be snowed under. From this field of probabilities we choose patterns of thought which we will weave into the physical matter of our universe. The dreaming self sees both fields and operates in each. It should be realized that the probable self also has its own dreams.


This probable field seeds many other systems beside our own. It is composed of thought images, not physically materialized in our terms, but vivid storehouses of energy. Here is the material from which all pasts, presents and futures are made. It is far from a closed system. Not only does it feed the physical universe, but in it, many aspects of our own dreams become actual. Do we dream of an apple? The apple appears in the field of probability.

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