Speak to That All-embracing “You”

We have lived in a world in which we believed we must struggle to survive — and o we have struggled.


We have believed that the natural contours of nature were somehow antagonistic to our own existence, so that left in the hands of nature alone we would lose our way. We have believed that in the very framework of our psychology. In our experiences, therefore, all of these things have largely proven true.

Nothing taught that we were creatures. I have been trying to lead us into a new threshold of perception, where the old myths of evolution can be seen as outmoded, ancient of forsaken castles amid a forest of beliefs — a forest that is indeed itself a magically formed one. The forest is the world of our imagination, surely, the imagination of our minds, and yet given force and power by the innate creatively that rises up from an inner world that represents much more truly the origins of man’s and woman’s and beast. That world has been largely hidden by the camouflages shed by science and religion alike, but in our times the landscape began to appear so dark and threatening, so forbidden and alien to our own desires, that its end seemed all the more inevitable and swift.


I hope I have given in my blogs a far more gallant and true picture, that represents the origin of our life, structure and being and thought. The inner world of reality, the world of dreams, presents a model of existence in which new energy vitality, and being is everywhere apparent, ready to come forward to form new transformations, new combinations of energy and desire.

That inner psychological universe is a psychic gestalt, propelled, formed, sustained or driven by value fulfillment, love and desire, by the loving values that have no limit. The universe does not give up on itself, or on any of its creatures. It is ruled by a different set of principles, a different set of values, and by inner cooperative exuberance.


We may need some time before the old beliefs become less prominent, and finally fall into their proper decay — a decay, incidentally, that does indeed have its own kind of majesty, energy, and beauty. But the inner natural leanings of all of consciousness within the realms of our being now yearn for constructive change, clearer vision, to experience again their inherent sense of corporal spirituality, physical and psychic grace. They want to sense again the effortless motion that is their natural birthright.


I hope my blogs to some extent or another puts each reader in touch with your own inner psychological motion, your creative breath, so that we are invigorated and sense within your own minds and spirit a new promise, a new intent, and the exhilaration of earthly and spiritual strength. We dwell in a state of natural grace that is quite alive and vital whether or not science decrees that consciousness possesses its own intent. Nature is supernatural all the while, of course.

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