Reincarnational, counterparts, and probable selves, and families of consciousness, suggest the varied complicated structure of human personality.

Also hints of the invisible psychological thickness that fills out the physical event of the self in time.


Following an intuitive and inner organization rather than a linear one, would arouse the creative revelatory characteristics of the psyche. The psyche’s deep resources evolve into timeless material. Like being reckless in the pursuit of the ideal.


No one, whether that individual is a psychic, a mystic, a writer, a poet, or even if he/she combines all of those qualities, can encompass all of the incredible differences within the human species. It’s up to the multidimensional, multitudinous, over for billion multinational individuals on this planet to follow their own intuitions and seek answers in their personal ways.


We have much to learn about our inner and outer worlds that once an attempt is made to discuss those large issues, a host of questions arise.


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