Reason and emotion are natural counterparts

There is a kind of coincidence with all of the present points of power that exist between us and our “reincarnational” selves. There are even biological connections in terms of cellular “memory.”


Those selves are different counterparts of oneself in creaturehood, experiencing bodily reality; but at the same time our organism itself shuts out the simultaneous nature of experience.


Quite literally, the “inner” self forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts.


Now whatever we think emotionally of another person, we send out a counterpart of oneself, beneath the intensity of matter, but a definite form.


The so-called laws of our camouflage physical universe do not apply to the inner universe. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage universe. Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted in various camouflage realities.

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