Psychological structures different from the ones we know.

The structures cannot directly perceive or experience our reality in their “present” form of organization. In a manner of speaking they are in the background, from which the foreground of our experience emerges. They appear in our dreams in various ways. They are like the cloth from which we are cut. They are forces which have no need of names except for our convenience.

Those psychological structures are also great energy activities, and as such are important initiators of events. They are seldom if ever physically materialized. Yet they are very responsive to the psychic needs of the people, and so they “appear” at various times in history with certain messages, in the same way that certain dreams might recur in a private mind.


In the most cosmic and most minute ways, physical experience springs from inner reality. Events are initiated from within and then appear without.


In our dreams we often visit other such realities, but we have not learned to organize our perception, or direct it. If entities form the background of our own existence, so do entities like ourselves act as the background psychological structures in which other such organizations exist. There is always a give-and-take in all such relationships.

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